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Bradford City condemn “utterly-sickening” incident that injured five year old fan

Bradford City condemn “utterly-sickening” incident that injured a five year old home fan during the game against Newport County.

The Bantams have said the person(s) found responsible for throwing a flare would face “the strongest possible action”. Chief executive Ryan Sparks was disappointed the fan behaviour which shows a complete disregard for the club’s history especially considering a warning was issued by the EFL.

He was referring to the Valley Parade fire disaster which happened in 1985 and saw 56 people lose their lives when the main stand in the ground burned down during a game against Lincoln City.

On Saturday, the incident saw a flare thrown from the upper tier of the Kop, resulting in a fan being injured in the lower section.


Bradford City AFC would like to reiterate its condemnation of the use of pyrotechnics, after a home supporter was struck by a device in yesterday’s visit of Newport County.

During the game, a flare was thrown by a spectator in the upper tier of The Kop, to the lower tier, where it hit a supporter, causing injury.about:blank

The club is seeking witnesses to help identify those responsible. We are also reviewing CCTV footage, and hope to provide West Yorkshire Police with images to further identify suspects.

The person(s) found responsible will face an indefinite suspension for all Bradford City fixtures, as will anyone connected to the incident, or trying to conceal it.

City’s chief executive officer, Ryan Sparks, said: “Given our history, and what many of our supporters have been through together, it was utterly sickening to see a pyrotechnic deployed inside Valley Parade yesterday.

“After what our club has experienced, it is abhorrent to think one of our own supporters would show such a disregard for our history, and such disrespect to fellow supporters.

“Yesterday’s events will have no doubt affected a number of people who were made to witness them. For that, on behalf of the football club, I would like to apologise.

“It is incredibly disappointing to be discussing this kind of behaviour so early into the new season, given the statement issued recently concerning misconduct on matchday and its implications – both in terms of the club’s finances and reputation.

“When we find those responsible, they will face the strongest-possible action, and we urge anyone with information to step forward and assist with our investigations.”

The club could now be subject to sanctions from the footballing authorities, as a result of yesterday’s incident, in addition to further ramifications following investigations undertaken.

Anyone who may have any further information which could be of assistance is asked to e-mail helpdesk@bradfordcityafc.com or call 01274 773355 (ext. 223).

Twitter user @RocketJonnie wrote: “If any one can give me the name of the absolute prick who threw the pyro at my 5 year old girl, I’d much appreciate it, think we need a chat! Her second ever game and she’s absolutely petrified about coming again!

“Really thinking of handing my season ticket back after today, my 5 year old girl who went to her 2nd ever @officialbantams match was caught with a flare thrown by a scumbag off of the upper tier! The poor lass is absolutely petrified and that doesn’t sit right with me.

“Thank you to everyone who has asked about Elise, she is all good, obviously maybe different on match day but we will come to that on the day. The club have been awesome, been in dialogue with them since it happened. She now thinks it’s a football bath bomb 🤣 #bcafc”


@SimonWells1991: I couldn’t get in the stadium with four aluminium cans of energy drinks and someone gets in with pyrotechnics, what has happened to the security at the stadium since I last attended and said security made me drink all four before entering

@DatCorgiMun: Security are awful with pyros. Almost every away team the back end of last season were letting them off

@nige_el_morte: Didn’t check my bag vs Hull I had to ask him if he wanted to check it. Was stood talking to other stewards at kop turnstile.

@upflung: Saw the same on the way into the kop yesterday, stewards stood gassing until their supervisor told them to start checking bags. Dunno if it’s a training issue or just a bit of apathy or what.

@GeorgeHooson: Well done Ryan Sparks 👏👏

@ASTYorks: Ban them for life. No possibility of being let back in, ever. The individual is not a City fan. No proper City fan would so recklessly risk seriously injuring another City fan. Could have been a lot worse. Could not believe it when I saw it.

@cjpoot: name and shame them 😡 #bcafc

@tommksn: Problems starts at the stewards, hearing that propels bags weren’t checked, that’s where the problem starts and things like this wouldn’t happen…

@DarrylMoulson: The culprit should man up and come forward accepting blame and taking the punishment. It was a stupid & callous act. That would help in part to right the wrong. They’ll get found anyway. Do the right thing…

@dawsonilive: I’m afraid these things could be concealed even with a thorough check which is impossible with 16k attending . To think otherwise is unrealistic. Hopefully the culprit is caught and gets the punishment he deserves

@Metalmakabre: Seems you need a word with your stadium security staff and ask them why were they tossing it off rather than working

@Seanjames344: Once identified they should be made to stand in centre circle at half-time & let them know how 99.99% of @officialbantams fans feel towards them. Then ceremonially chucked out of stadium for life!

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