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Boyzone to collaborate with Chorley and become the ‘face of the club’

Boyzone are to collaborate with National League North club Chorley and could also become the ‘face of the club’, it’s claimed.

Chorley say that they have formed a partnership with Boyzone. This exciting collaboration will involve the band’s appearance at an upcoming game and the possibility of them becoming the official representatives of the club.

Chorley will have the pleasure of hosting the band at Victory Park for their FA Trophy fifth round clash against Solihull Moors on Saturday, February 10th.

The club’s association with these them has the potential to elevate Boyzone to the status of the club’s ambassadors, although negotiations are still in progress.

The Magpies, currently positioned within the play-off spots in the National League North, have released a statement expressing surprise and enthusiasm over this.


CHORLEY FC are absolutely thrilled to share some truly exciting news that will undoubtedly ignite a wave of enthusiasm throughout Chorley Football Club and beyond.

We have just confirmed that world renowned, Boyzone, will be joining us for our upcoming home game against Solihull Moors in the Isuzu FA Trophy this weekend!

This collaboration with Boyzone is part of ongoing discussions that could potentially see them becoming the face of the football club.

This is a game-changer that has the potential to bring our town into the limelight like never before, generating a buzz and publicity that will shine a bright light on Chorley and the local area.

We are bursting with excitement and gratitude for this incredible opportunity. Boyzone’s presence at the game will undoubtedly create an electric atmosphere, filled with music, joy and a shared love for football and a close knit, family community.

Now, we need your support to make this news reach every corner of our community. Please share this incredible update with your friends, family and everyone in between so that everyone can be part of this extraordinary event.

Let’s come together, united in our passion for Chorley FC and the amazing possibilities that lie ahead.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our negotiations. We firmly believe that this partnership with Boyzone has the potential to take Chorley FC to new heights, firmly establishing our town and football club as a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you for your support and dedication to Chorley Football Club. Together, let’s make history and showcase the true spirit of our community.

We hope you will join us in welcoming Boyzone to the football club and look forward to embarking on this exciting new era at the Chorley Group Victory Park Stadium!

Explaining how he became a shareholder at Chorley, Mike Chadwick, a former paratrooper turned elite coach, said via Mail Sport: ‘We got invited down to come and have a look. There’s a connection there and the current owners basically wanted to involve a team of winners, so they invited me and a couple of other soldiers down to come and have a look and get involved and they feel that’s the best way to help them lead and win.

‘I’m a huge football fan anyway, so I’ve been following them due to close connections for a long time.

‘Ever since you could possibly imagine, we leave no stone unturned anyway, especially from my military days, so the amount of research that has gone into this, I know it inside-out already and I’m looking forward to getting to know it even better.

On Boyzone’s involvement in the project, Chadwick said: ‘They’re winners in every single right in what they’ve done as well over the years.

‘So, the exact same concept is the current owners wanted a team of winners, so they’ve hired former elite soldiers and Boyzone to come and help them out and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.’

As you would expect, fans reacted to the news that Boyzone are to collaborate with Chorley and become the ‘face of the club’…

@ToriesOut2024: Why have you done this? Everything is fine as it is currently ‘it’s not time to make a change’

@BootleFCBucks: Get Westlife tied down NOW! @Bootle_FC

@damonlufc88: I’m lost for words but no matter what, when the going gets tough all the father and son in the stands will get behind the lads

@mattlockrhodes: How is this not Fake Showbiz News?

@David_Hall1987: Announce Another Level @LancasterCityFC

@AgainstLeague3: I hope they sing Relight My Fire ♥️💪🔥🔥

@CoachMoir: Checking the calendar to see if it’s April 1st. Not only bizarre but claiming excitement about someone coming to watch a football match.

@mattlockrhodes: Will they support them no matter what their form is?

@biggaz_mac: The other shareholders are ex elite soldiers I seen too? That right?

@shauntippins: “No Matter What” “When The Going Gets Tough” “Gave It All Away” sounds more like @charliehughes97 mixer for post game music at @GCAFCofficial well we need something to replace “Things can only get better”

@tigerroarcouk: if they like what they see will they come back for good?

@Fut_Ben_: Great exposure for the club

@mattfordmusic: Christ lads

@GeeNelsss: What’s more Bizzare that we saved but didn’t send the paperwork for Duncan McGuire or Boyzone collaborating with Chorley

@ChrisHarty14: No matter what I’m going to be there ❤️. Words can’t describe how excited I am! Father & son day with Theo!

@jordandavies09: Wtf does this mean?

@DarranPearce: If it was April 1st I would have said this was an April Fools joke. The statement is an incredible read.

@Mattpie95: Sorry what now

@cricketcelt: What in the Vanarama

@PeteONeill_: Certainly wasn’t the email I was expecting this morning 🤣

@ThomasWilkinsV1: I hope they support the team….no matter what

@alishaa_marieee: I dunno why has made me laugh this morning, standard Chorley

@KitCrimes: One of the funniest football stories of the year here. “Boyzone’s presence at the game will undoubtedly create an electric atmosphere, filled with music, joy and a shared love for football and a close knit, family, community.”

@KarenFaz: Well this wasn’t on my Bingo card for today 👀

@CraigStoddart_: Read this a couple of times now as it’s hilarious! Apparently Boyzone being at their game “will undoubtedly ignite a wave of enthusiasm throughout Chorley Football Club and beyond.” Really? Boyzone? Are you sure?!

@mattlockrhodes: Am I having a fever dream?

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