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Bournemouth midfielder handed six match ban over biting Sheffield Wednesday player

A Bournemouth midfielder has been handed a six match ban over biting a Sheffield Wednesday player when the two sides met in November 2020.

Jefferson Lerma is alleged to have bitten an opposing player in the 83rd minute of Bournemouth’s 1-0 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday on the 3rd of November.

The midfielder “strenuously denies” the allegation and will request a hearing after being faced with a serious charge.

A statement released by the FA five months ago read: “AFC Bournemouth’s Jefferson Lerma has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3.

“It is alleged that the midfielder committed an act of violent conduct by biting a Sheffield Wednesday FC player during the 83rd minute of an EFL Championship game on Tuesday 3 November 2020.

“Jefferson Lerma has until Thursday 24 December 2020 to provide a response.”


AFC Bournemouth acknowledge the FA’s charge relating to Jefferson Lerma breaching FA Rule E3 during a Sky Bet Championship fixture at Sheffield Wednesday on 3rd November 2020.

Jefferson strenuously denies the allegation made against him and has cooperated fully with the FA’s initial investigations into the alleged incident. He will request a hearing over the charge.

AFC Bournemouth fully support Jefferson and will continue to do so throughout the process.

Since then, it’s confirmed that Bournemouth’s Jefferson Lerma has been banned for six matches and handed a £40,000 fine by the FA for allegedly biting Sheffield Wednesday forward Josh Windass.

An FA statement read: “AFC Bournemouth’s Jefferson Lerma has been suspended for six matches and fined £40,000 following a breach of FA Rule E3 that occurred during an EFL Championship match against Sheffield Wednesday FC on 03/11/20.”

Bournemouth said they were “surprised and disappointed” by the FA’s independent Regulatory Commission’s decision to uphold the charge of violent conduct, which Lerma had strenuously denied.

The Championship club added: “The sanction relates to an allegation that Lerma bit Sheffield Wednesday forward Josh Windass in the Sky Bet Championship fixture between the clubs on 3rd November 2020.

“Since the start of this unnecessarily long process, Jefferson has strenuously denied the charge and has been fully supported by the club in doing so. Both the club and player have fully cooperated with the FA throughout.

“As stated in the commission’s written reasons, the video footage of the incident between the players was ‘not conclusive’. In addition, there was no photographic evidence of any bite mark and Mr Windass – who is described as an ‘unappealing witness’ who ‘gave every impression of simply not caring’ – did not seek or receive any medical attention or treatment.

“Expert evidence was also presented to the commission suggesting that Jefferson was most unlikely to have intentionally bitten Mr Windass, but this appears to have been rejected without due consideration.

“The club believes there was a lack of clear and compelling evidence in finding the charge against Jefferson proven, and the player is currently considering his options regarding an appeal.

“The club will make no further comment at this time.”

Fans reacted after seeing that the Bournemouth midfielder has been handed a six match ban over biting the Sheffield Wednesday player…

@hyena4 (to Bournemouth): They have blocked replies of this as they know what image Watford fans will send 😂 Just when I thought the season couldn’t bring any more good news. Cheers @jeffersonlerma enjoy the first six games

@PFCRhys_: Turned off their comments 😂😂

@DNSYE_podcast: He’s a very naughty boy…

@scottieno7859: Classy from Bournemouth. Your player bites an opponent and you release a statement saying this.

@unhippyman: How do you spell Karma @jeffersonlerma?

@Haighy97: Surprised and disappointed? Shut up you stupid southern cunts

@paul_lbet: Local man was hungry #watfordfc

@1afcb1: If he was really at fault why have they waited 8 months to ban him?? #afcb

@Grey_I_am: Surely if he didn’t get caught he should get away with it?

@ncfcevan: haha have that one ya cheatin bastard

@tpalmer77: Just me that forgot about this it took that long. The video evidence was so poor. The witness couldn’t give a shit. The club put a good case forward but the Fa have there own agenda as seen not just here but several cases of things over past years. #afcv

@1887tyler: Hahahahaha fucking dirty prick

@Jim_AFCB: How come it took so flipping long??? I suspect it won’t affect us anyway, but still….

@jamesanthony126: Turned off comments the cowards. ‘Local man is a scumbag that bites other players.’ Non-league class by a Championship club. #afcb

@ChrisAFCB: I know someone who works as a secretary at a non league club. His club were charged with an offence they did not commit but told me it’s a kangaroo court where the accused must prove their innocence rather than the FA prove guilt

@matthewadams85: This is outrageous. Shame on the FA, they always go after the small clubs.

@AlexMetcalfe23: Jefferson Lerma is a horrible human being? Wow didn’t see that coming

@B4Z123: Unblock the replies you pussies

@chrisrumbelow1: #afcb how can this happen 9 months after the event? No evidence, no medical proof just the FA failing in their duties again. So @jeffersonlerma will have to miss 6 games nearly a year after the event. @fa still not fit for purpose.

@its_exley: They’ve actually turned replies off for this 🤣 such a finished club

@Aries1x: local man is pleased

@james12scott: Turned off comments to this tweet, you know exactly what your doing. Stay classy @afcbournemouth

@aaron_bennis10: Hope local man Lerma is still pleased x

@josephhowes77: No clue how this sanction was deemed appropriate, nor how it took seven months to come to this conclusion. #AFCB

@cxnnorg: Not allowing replies because you know he’ll get grilled by our lot 🤣🤣🤣

@FrankieHolliday: Biting someone? He’s a horrible fucker ain’t he

@bholden96_: What goes around…

@ZakGranger: Local man is hungry

@SammTuckker: Why are we surprised? He quite clearly bit him?

@_wfc: Lerma biting someone? Well I never.

@StuLevy2: Bottled out on the replies as easily as they bottled out on promotion. Slags.

@ben_forbess: local man was a bit hungry during the match

@PatMcNicholas: First local man was pleased. Now local man is full.

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