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Premier League boss reveals why he wants the Carabao Cup scrapped

One Premier League boss this week reveals why he wants the Carabao Cup scrapped, and it’s certainly caused a stir with fans online.

Manchester City‘s Pep Guardiola is the man that has called to get rid of the English cup competition in order to ease fixture congestion, which is causing plenty to get injured lately.

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Tottenham and Manchester United have lost Harry Kane (hamstring) and Marcus Rashford (back) and it could have dire effects on them preparing or even taking part at Euro 2020 this year.

The Red Devils have already played a total of six matches by the third full week of 2020 – with Spurs at five for the year so far – and the hectic schedule continues for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side who have an incredible four more games to go by the 1st of February.

Guardiola – whose’s side have to play eight times in January – believes removing a whole tournament would help the players’ fitness and overall health.

United and Spurs’ have already had to play out their third-round replays, and Man Utd also have a two-legged Carabao Cup semi-final this month.

Man City boss Pep on wanting the Carabao Cup scrapped: “I’m not surprised [by the injuries]. With that number of games, players break down. That is normal.

“Kane and Rashford are incredibly important players for England. The big administrators cannot complain because it’s normal that this happens.

“It is unsustainable. We demand a lot from the players, it’s too much. We told them when we are with the Premier League. They should reflect [on] it but all the managers complained about it and they don’t care.

“Eliminate competitions, take them out. Less games, less competitions, less teams, more quality, less quantity.

“In the Bundesliga there are 18 teams not 20, one cup not two. In Spain, they have a break.

“The fans will go to the theatre, to the cinema, restaurants. People can live without football for a while – that is not a problem. It is too much.”

Accrington Stanley owner Andy Holt took a look at the above clip and simply said “@AndyhHolt Eliminate @ChampionsLeague Pep.”

Fans took to give their views after seeing that Manchester City boss wants the Carabao Cup scrapped…

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