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Bolton’s Ian Evatt slams Shrewsbury antics as Paul Warne jokes pal Paul Hurst did Derby favour

Bolton’s Ian Evatt slams time-wasting antics by opponents Shrewsbury as Paul Warne jokes that his pal Paul Hurst did Derby a huge favour.

The Trotters went into Tuesday night’s clash needing a win, but was left frustrated after playing out a 2-2 draw against Paul Hurst’s Shrewsbury, who led on two occasions through Daniel Udoh and Jordan Shipley.

3rd place Bolton hit the woodwork as the game was coming to a close, missing out on that much needed win that would have see them go to just a point behind 2nd place Derby.

Derby will now need to pick up four points from their remaining two games to win promotion back to the Championship.

Evatt vented after the game, per Derbyshire Times: “I am so frustrated – I give up, you just can’t win. From where we were at the start of the season to where we are now is night and day. And that is just not right or correct.

“I was told four minutes for the substitutes, one for the time-wasting. If that was one minute, then I give up. They were even doing it during time added on, we had the ball on the edge of their box and as soon as the five minutes were up, he blows the whistle. It is such a frustration, but I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall.”

Derby boss Paul Warne had joked that he asked his old good friend Paul Hurst for a favour at the weekend, with the two pals since days as teammates at Rotherham.

Warne went on: “I am hoping for a favour, but I am not so sure. I am doing reverse psychology, aren’t I? He has got it in him. He is the spoil of all spoilers. He gets results out of nowhere as he did here. He got a draw off us at Pride Park, the rascal. It would be nice if he did the same to Bolton.”

Ian Evatt said via the club’s media: “It was a frustrating night really and probably the story of the season, in terms of conceding two really poor goals – sucker punches – and then at the other end, just critical, crucial chances, like Nat’s after half-time which has to be a goal.

“At that stage of the game, five minutes after half-time, getting the equaliser and having all the momentum and them hanging on, we probably go on to win it. In the key games and big games all season we’ve missed too many chances.

“It’s frustrating and I think it’s right that we all feel disappointed. But we have to let that go really quickly, finish the season strongly and carry momentum through. I still believe in these players; just re-group and make sure we win on Saturday. That’s the message.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult now for us to be automatically promoted, even though it’s not impossible. Then we have to make sure we carry momentum through and all the players are ready and fit and in optimal condition to go and win the three play-off games.

“As a club we need to take our medicine a little bit and regroup and get everyone feeling positive for the important games to come,” added the Wanderers’ boss.

“We need to rally around and get everybody feeling really positive and supportive because I still believe we can be promoted.

“That’s not changed. I still think the players are in good form, performances generally are pretty good and we’ve just got to go and get the job done.

“Frustration is fine and natural tonight but we have to park that and get ready to win five football matches. I appreciate that there’s going to be disappointment and frustration. There’ll be nobody more disappointed and frustrated than me.

“I think we’ve got to look back at where things have slipped. We’ve been so unfortunate with injuries to key players and key personnel in the spine of the team at a crucial stage. But the time for analysing that isn’t now, it’s the summer.

“We have to re-group right now and get ready for five big games and carry momentum through, get this place rocking on Saturday and make sure we do the business.”

Shrewsbury‘s Paul Hurst said post-match: “I’m delighted with the player’s commitment to what we asked them to do.

“We knew we were going to have long spells without the ball.

“They (Bolton) are an excellent team in possession, they cause you lots and lots of problems.

“But I thought the way that we set up – that’s one thing – but the players have to carry that out.

“But at the same time, certainly in the first half, I thought we also carried a threat.

“We caused them problems, we caused a bit of anxiety in the stadium which – again – is what we spoke about.

“Overall, I am delighted. Although we were ahead twice, it would be a little bit greedy to not be pleased with a point.”

On the quality of the goals: 

“We spoke about certain things. The set-play, from a personal point of view, I always enjoy them because it’s something we have identified and looked at. 

“It still takes fantastic technique don’t get me wrong, it was a great ball from Benno (Elliott Bennett) and then Shipz (Jordan Shipley) caught it a treat. 

“It helps when you have got a nice pitch and it doesn’t take an awkward bobble or bounce. 

“With Dan, again he gets in those areas and it’s a lovely finish. 

“We did get in and around the edge of their box quite a bit. 

“We had another few efforts, one in particular Chey’s header from a free-kick which, on another day, maybe goes either side of the goalkeeper. 

“And then second half, Jordan had another great chance when he put it over the bar. 

“They obviously had pressure. But I’m not sure how many – not taking anything away from Marko – how many great saves he made. 

“Morgan Feeney stayed alive and cleared one off the line. 

“It was night and day from the performance on Saturday (against Wycombe) and the performance tonight.” 

On playing a 3-5-2 formation: 

“I felt with Ando (Joe Anderson) coming in – who was excellent by the way. 

“Elliott Bennett just mentioned that in the dressing room, and I would have said it myself if not. 

“That was a reward for how he has continued to train despite hardly getting a look in. 

“Tonight, I thought he defended really well. He played some excellent balls into good spaces for people to run onto. 

“He can be really pleased with his night’s work. 

“But bringing him in, I wasn’t absolutely comfortable in terms of a back four with Chey and another. 

“And also we had looked at a lot of the teams that had got results against Bolton, and a lot of them had played a three. 

“I think doing that and playing with two centre-forwards and two holding midfielders with their two eights – the wing-backs matched up. 

“All of a sudden their spare man is one of the centre-backs. And while they are comfortable on the ball, they are a long way from our goal. 

“We also felt with the two up front, maybe when we did clear a ball, that we had a little bit more chance of putting them under pressure or holding it. 

“It’s easy stood here now saying it worked. But again the players have to make it work and sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. 

“I think as long as there is a clear plan and thought process behind what you try to do – then you have to be comfortable with that and hope it does work.” 

On results elsewhere and the table: 

“I think the Cheltenham/Burton one was a hard one in terms of I’m not entirely sure what I wanted. 

“I know some people felt Burton to make it harder for Cheltenham. But they have got some difficult games still. 

“Cambridge, I think they will be fine but they are still involved at this moment in time with a difficult game against Derby thrown in there. 

“There is an element of us taking care of ourselves and a point tonight is a great result. 

“But we want to try now and go to Charlton and take care of our business so then it is over. 

“I think I’m right in saying if we don’t get anything then we still don’t know our fate because Cheltenham play twice in the last week.”

On one last push: 

“It’s not done yet. 

“Tonight will take a lot out of the players – you can see that. 

“I think from an obvious physical point of view but also from a mental point of view. 

“But I said in there, that is how they should be feeling after near-enough every game. 

“You might get the odd one where you see our a game comfortably. 

“But against a team like Bolton who have the ball and are probing all the time, it is a case of concentration as well as the physical output. 

“We are going to have to recover. We travel on Friday to Charlton and we will face a team that hasn’t played midweek and also a team that are on a long, unbeaten, run. 

“Nathan (Jones) has gone in there – and while they have drawn quite a few games in that – it shows the difference. 

“They are one of the teams that at the start of the season would have expected to be a lot higher up the league.” 

Here’s how fans reacted after Bolton’s Ian Evatt slams Shrewsbury antics as Paul Warne jokes pal Paul Hurst did Derby favour…

@pompeanut1898: Where were all the fans that turned up to see the champions elect on Saturday? Could’ve of done with them tonight, surely?!

@wanderer_bolton: Poor Ian. The excuses don’t cut it any more. He’s not the omly one to be frustrated. I’m frustrated at the lack of motivation, the lack of urgency, the inability to hit the target… He should concentrate on doing his job i.e. managing his players to be the best they can be.

@reilly_morphet: he looks deflated. more than dropping points should make him. i do really feel for him, the players miss chance after chance that he gets them into the positions for, and he gets the blame. he cannot physically put the ball in the net for them, people!

@CashJune88: But don’t forget though boys… you’re the best team in league one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Luke313131: Banging promotion party that tbf

@Liam_bwfc: I’d feel more for Evatt if he took some of the responsibility. Sounded like he was almost going to blame the medical team there. Set-up, subs & personel all a factor tonight. Fact is that only one player in Maghoma can beat a player with the ball at his feet. Rest just pass

@MikeyJJordan: When’s your promotion party, asking for a friend

@upzepomp: He’s gunna cry in a minute!!

Evatt lost us that game.
Poor man management.
Poor decision making.
Got the game all wrong.
Onto Saturday we go.

@SamMarc_: Sorry Ian, for us to have a chance of winning the play-offs , you need to get your team up for it. THEY need to be positive. The fans will be there as they have all season. Stop looking for excuses and find a way to achieve the club’s goal.

@MrDante94871768: They wasted time because they were in a position of strength and that’s down to us not the ref. If we’re leading, they aren’t wasting time. It’s really that simple isn’t it 🤷🏾‍♂️

@PhilipShortland: There is not a manager in history who is yelling at his players to get on with it when they are leading in time added on and how many yellows has Baxter received for time-wasting? It really does cut both ways and Ian needs to find something else to whine about.

@MARKBEZBERRY: I get what he’s saying and agree their time wasting last night was an embarrassment. Frustratingly though we should be winning these games in normal time and not relying on injury time!

@JackBwin04: Play a poor squad, get a poor result. Who saw that coming? Knob

@JackWalker_99: 90 seconds in and he’s moaning about injuries. Cry me a river. You was more than happy with this squad at the start of the season and after the window.

@sbro161: He’s going to have the angriest wank on Snapchat later

@Reecedcfc: Enjoy the play offs 👍

@MarkYat52853568: Congratulations to Portsmouth….worthy champions. As for us …we gifted Derby promotion although over the season they deserved it. Once again when questions were asked we couldn’t deliver unfortunately 😕

@MatthewPendl: Autos chase over, not careful we’ll end up 4th, playing Barnsley again

@db_dcfc: Best team in the league my arse. Thanks lads, we’ll take it from here! #dcfc #dcfcfans

@aaron_bwfc: Story of the season, give ourselves a chance of putting pressure on 2nd and completely bottling it – bar Maghoma, not one of them were even close to being up for it tonight…

@superwanderer94: Same old again. Dropping points against teams we should be beating easily. Missed chances. We’re not good enough. There’s no way we’re going up this season, Evatt has to go. Nothing ever changes with this club.

@fljbradders: Where’s your promotion party lads?

@Finlay84162714: Can’t even beat Shrewsbury 🤣 but sorry you play the ‘best football in the league’

@li64588301: Get Ian Evatt out of our club

@bengreatoo: At least you’re the best team in the league and play sexy footy

@AdamDcfc6_CM19: bEsT TeAm iN tHe LEaGuE

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