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Bolton’s Ian Evatt issues strong verdict on Plymouth pitch before slamming his own side

Bolton’s Ian Evatt issues a strong verdict on the Plymouth pitch which got everyone talking, before slamming his own side for the defeat.

The Trotters boss labelled the conditions at Home Park as ‘farcical’, before then feeling frustrated at his ‘naive’ side for not recognising that.

Bolton fell behind in the first half to a quickfire double from the hosts scored by Brendan Galloway and Conor Grant.

Then the away side tried to find a way back into the encounter, but in increasingly treacherous weather conditions as the rain flooded the pitch, Ryan Broom scored the Pilgrims’ third as full time approached, causing some incredible scenes from the stands as well as the players’ celebrations.

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Leading up to the late goal, Bolton keeper Joel Dixon had misjudged the conditions as Danny Mayor got to the ball before him, before he played in Ryan Hardie, who then played in Broom, but the wet pitch surface slowed the ball down and the Argyle man went on to buried the ball in.

Evatt labelled the dreadful conditions as ‘farcical’ and ‘appalling’ but also thought the Pilgrims adapted better to the situation than his side did.

He adds that his side were naive for not doing so and continuing with their passing philosophy despite the conditions suiting a more long approach.

He said: “It’s farcical but what’s frustrating from my perspective is we’re still trying to play short on a pitch where the ball’s not even moving or rolling and I can’t for the life of me think why we’re not communicating to play longer and recognise that.

“That’s down to naivety, but as I said, it’s been a tough week/10 days of really difficult results and performances, but that doesn’t make us a bad team.

“We’ve got a lot to work for, a lot to play for and we’ll stick together and keep fighting.

“You have to remember the conditions. I think the conditions first half were appalling and second half really for them. The difference being that they scored with two set plays, we had chances again but didn’t take them again and I’m sick of talking about it.

“The time for words has finished, it’s actions, and we have to start taking those opportunities and being braver in the box. We talk about bravery in possession and the way we play, but you have to be brave enough in the box to take a risk, take a chance, shoot on goal.

“We talk about moments, well moments aren’t enough. We need shots on goals, we need goals, we need to work the opposition goalkeeper and we haven’t done that enough.”

“I have let my team down tonight because I wasn’t able to be on the side to help them,” he continued to say after the game. “It was really frustrating and something I need to improve on.

“Sitting among the home fans is not ideal for me either, to be honest, I don’t want to do that again. Lesson learned.”

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Plymouth Argyle’s manager Ryan Lowe has hailed the club’s ground staff for ensuring his side’s 3-0 win over Bolton Wanderers went ahead.

“That’s why we’ve invested in a good pitch and invested in good groundsmen because they’re top draw,” he said.

“It’s not just us and the team and the staff, we’ve got teams behind the team and the ground staff are a team, they deserve the three points as well tonight and they’ll be happy that they’ve given us a pitch to play on for 95 minutes.”

The result extended Argyle’s unbeaten run to 13 matches and they are a point clear of second-placed Sunderland who have two games in hand on the Devon side in League One.

“First half I thought we were well worthy of the two goals, I’d have liked one more at least, we had some fantastic chances,” Lowe told BBC Radio Devon.

“Second half we could have had another one or two maybe, fair play to Bolton, they got at us and had a go.

“I thought all round the pitch they were fantastic and they took it off their own back to see the game through they way they did, and I’m really pleased with that as that shows you’ve got leadership qualities on the pitch.”

Fans reacted as Bolton’s Ian Evatt issues a strong verdict on that Plymouth pitch before slamming his own side…

@Paulmci2207: He’s a young manager he’s learning all the time ,I think he has the potential to be the best manager we’ve had

@AndyWanderers: I like what he’s brought to the club, the style of play, but he needs to wind his neck in on the touchline where he’s needed. Shouting abuse at officials never changes their minds.

@BlackrodKris: In Evatt we trust. We had far worse times than this… Parkinson/Hill days are far gloomier. Up the whites #bwfc

@SBBWFC: In 7 of our last 10 games we have failed to score. As he says, a real cause for concern. As big a concern is 23 goals conceded in 14 games. Extrapolated over 46 games that would be 75 conceded and almost certainly a huge danger of relegation. Evatt has problems to solve here.

@garysjackson: Don’t think we’re anywhere near relegation but we certainly need to tighten things up. We sometimes try to force play with the risky ball and refuse to play long and simple even when the conditions dictate it.

@macauleyrobert1: Evatt out brigade will be in full force tonight. We need to trust the process Onto Saturday COYWM

@IanEcc01: Wise words Mr Evatt. Trust the process

@jacksmallman11: Spot on Evatt

@mechlandscape: Has the penny finally dropped with him that you can’t play it short all the time and that we need a plan B sometimes? At least we’re playing a team nearer the bottom of the league than the top on Saturday, let’s see what they do then.

@macauleyrobert1: I have to agree with evatt here. Despite the bad form atm I still believe in the team love everyone of them we have to trust the process as hard as it maybe. Bottom line is we still have a club players to get behind gaffer to get behind so onto Saturday COYWM

@SeanFCanavan: It’s proven what most already knew that the first eleven can compete, but take away a number of key players, Jones, John, Santos etc and the back up quality just isn’t there.

@carlosmoz7: Only our manager can criticise his own tactics! 🤦🏻‍♂️ if we were “still trying to play out when conditions aren’t conducive to it” then change it, mr evatt, you are the manager after all

“A week ago when we beat Shrewsbury you were all saying what a really good team we were.” – Ian Evatt tonight.
Also Ian Evatt (11/10/21) – “I think we’re the best team in the league.” #BWFC

@tabsWAFC: Bolton were best team in league 1, then played against the best team in league 1 and got battered 4-0, and go to a team who are only top by 1 point with 2 games more played. Good luck Plymouth, they’re really, really bad.

@Jordan____wafc: Must have got absolutely shitfaced Saturday night and forgot he played the best team in the league already.

@IanShawWAFC: They played the best team in the division on Saturday. That went well didn’t it

@bwfcarchie: I seriously don’t get the reaction from our fans though. We’ve been mugged off by refs all season leading to Evatt being in the stands. People using him as a scapegoat when it’s obvious he didn’t tell them to play like that. We have several injuries and have played top teams #bwfc

@Joe93854993: He’s not stupid. He doesn’t tell the players to keep going short.

@JODonnell_98: How many poor starts does it take until individuals start being called out…? Seems a common occurrence to keep going behind early? Rotherham, Wigan, Plymouth, MK Dons, Charlton, Ipswich, Cambridge, Oxford, Wimbledon, need I go on? Almost every game! Not good enough!

@JaMaHaaa: We concede first every game, that’s the absolute standard this season. The worry is that coupled with this, we haven’t scored in 9 of our last 12 games. Need some quality signings in January. Teams have sussed us out and we don’t have a plan b.

@beercan75: Better opportunities in the game? Could he see from where he was sat? Cooper had 2 standard saves to make in 95 minutes of football. And the conditions were only poor in the last 10 mins of the game, delusional. No you didn’t deserve a 3-0 score line. It should of been more.

@andrewbutler99: Wigan and Plymouth looked head and shoulders above us… but we can be too downhearted… look at this time last season… look at January 18th last season. Mid table would be ok this year… and push on for next year.. be sensible

@cravopafc: Ian Evatt makes so many excuses 🤣

@Sophthecatsmum: The gaffer is the 1 who wants his teams to play out from the back tho’ I trust he said unless conditions were like they were tonight in which case, just boot it away.

@rmabolton: The conditions were there last night when he was doing his pre match team talk (or Atherton was), surely that’s the time to address that not after the match, but of throwing under the bus going on there

@Karenbwfcsimps1: Never been able to sort out set pieces out. The 3rd goal was an embarrassing to watch.

@brewman_1982: So the players don’t do as the manager instructs? However i thought possession based from the back was his style. Now he blames the players, what did he tell them before the game? A little odd 🤔

Do you agree with Bolton’s Ian Evatt as he issues a strong verdict on that Plymouth pitch before slamming his own side? Let us know via our socials.

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