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Bolton issue club statement on ‘incident’ before pre-season friendly

Bolton Wanderers have decided to issue a club statement on an ‘incident’ which took place just before kick off in their pre-season friendly.

In the weekend’s friendly against Championship outfit Blackburn Rovers, which finished 2-2 at the University of Bolton Stadium, it appeared to be that a small number of supporters were heard booing the players’ gesture.

Taking the knee on the pitch has gone on to spread right across the sporting world as a way players, staff and athletes can promote a message of anti-racism, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Critics have claimed that the message is overtly political as the debate continues to rage on whether its effectiveness has been lost.

The Bolton News understands that the decision on whether to take the knee is discussed between the two sets of players before each game, which will continue to be the case this season.


Bolton Wanderers Football Club will always remain committed to promoting inclusion and supporting diversity.

We are also proud of our players’ stance in saying that racism and discrimination is not acceptable in both football and wider society.

​​Football is a place where people from all backgrounds come together with a common purpose and a common language.

​Whether a player, coach, volunteer or supporter, it has the power to unite people in a way that very few other things can.

​​Our actions and our support can send a powerful message across the whole country that football is united in the fight against racism and we can all take a stand.

Bolton Wanderers chairman Sharon Brittan said: “As a town Bolton is strengthened by our diverse community and at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, through our work in the community, we are proud to represent all our residents.

“The players are determined to send out a strong and positive message to show that we are all together in the fight against discrimination of any kind.

“We are One Club, One Community, One Town.”

Fans reacted as Bolton issue a club statement on the ‘incident’ which took place before the pre-season friendly…

@damonbwfc: My Club. 🤍💙 Don’t bother coming on Saturday if you’re going to boo these players because you’re not welcome. #bwfc

@JDerbyshireBWFC: What a squad 👏 will applaud them all the way

@BwfcFan4: I think if people don’t agree with it then just stay silent and don’t applaud. No need to boo.

@josharandle: @OfficialBWFC Good statement but please follow that up with actions. You will be able to find the seat numbers and names of those discriminating on Saturday. We don’t need or want them in our club! #bwfc #kickitout

@joshjenbeth: Are you suggesting those who choose to boo should be removed from the stadium ?

@josharandle: Yes. In my opinion it does not belong at the club or in football.

@richarddoxsey: Being racist should just about cover it, but the club don’t need a reason as admission is at their discretion.

@BwfcBhoy: My football club! ✊🏽✊🏿✊🏻

@WandererSmurf: 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿

@BallydehobWhite: Well said, proud of my football club, racism is disgusting

@PhilipShortland: First class response, Wanderers, proud of you.

@Farhaan_bwfc3: The Bolton fans who booed the knee on Saturday probably cheered players like Baptiste, Dapo, Anelka and Okocha back in the old days!

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@PhilipJBerry: So probably not booing based on racism and instead some other factor? Couldn’t possibly be the links to BLM who caused such unrest during riots last year? I wouldn’t boo them but clearly the kneeling isn’t moving us in a positive direction. Going round in circles.

@bwfcmax2: If you boo the knee your a mong is what they are saying in short

@langho: Get your point but you might wanna look up the history of the word mong before calling racists it. its short for Mongoloid, a pseudo-racial category for East Asian people, essentially meaning that people with Down’s syndrome look East Asian. Pretty unpleasant on every level.

@BBWWFFCC: I don’t think everyone who booed is racist, I just think most are idiots.. Personally I think taking the knee has ran its course and we need to act in different ways to battle against discrimination now. But booing our own players for something they believe in is a disgrace!

@MarcusMyrie: 😭😭😭 thank you #bwfc

@mitchj88: This club. ❤️

@TombWomble: Amen to that. 👏🏻

@SiGG231: Love what my club is becoming under these owners and this group of players.

@bwfc_: Well done @OfficialBWFC

@Bwfc12341: My club.

@mxcatt: Spot on.

@brendanBWFC: Well fucking said #bwfc

@Obertelli88: This is my club ❤️

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