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Bolton boss subbed player after being attacked by Morecambe manager

The Bolton Wanderers boss was forced to have his player subbed after being allegedly attacked by the Morecambe manager, it’s claimed.

Trotters’ Ian Evatt states that the 23 year old West Ham loanee Oladapo Afolayan had to be taken off at half time after he was attacked by the Shrimps’ Derek Adams on Saturday afternoon.

Afolayan joined Bolton on a temporary deal on the 1st of February, and he has helped to inspire the League Two side to a brilliant run of results that have left them within touching distance of automatic promotion.

However, he was in the thick of the action for the wrong reasons against at the Globe Arena at the weekend after an ugly confrontation with the opposition manager in the first half, and Evatt told Bolton News the sensational reason behind Afolayan’s half-time withdrawal.

Bolton were frustrated by Morecambe’s attempts to slow down the game in the first half.

Long-serving Morecambe kit man Les Dewhirst got himself in trouble with the officials after he was spotted removing the spare balls from the periphery of the pitch, causing a short delay.

“It’s all fun and games isn’t it,” Evatt grinned after the final whistle. “You try not to embroil yourself into that kind of thing.

“You just have to maintain your focus and this game means so much for us and the three points meant so much to us, so it’s hard not to get emotional with things like that, it’s hard to control yourself and sometimes we don’t.

“But we have to learn and trust in the referee, trust in the officials to see that and spot it and make sure they stamp it out and they did that.”

Adams was handed a yellow card for ‘kicking out’ at Dapo Afolayan as he tried to collect the ball near the technical area.

“He tried to grab Dapo and then he had a little kick out at him and it’s just nonsense really,” Evatt added.

Bolton boss subbed player after being attacked by Morecambe manager

Evatt had to substitute Dapo Afolayan at half time after the West Ham youngster was also booked during the row with Adams.

“We had to sacrifice Dapo because the manager trying to fight him, which is ridiculous, and it got him booked. I’m not sure why Dapo got booked for it and then you can see people targeting him and the referee trying to even it up.

“He was upset. He was really upset and initially, no, because he’s a young player and he wanted to help the team and down to 10 Dapo would be a big player for us the way he carries the ball. But now he’s had time to think about it, he’s understood the reason why.

“To be fair to the players, they were brilliant, they all rallied around him and said it’s for the team and he’s done that for the team.”

On the fourth minute, footage of the game went viral, and it was all because of the commentary used for those watching via iFollow.

Kieran Lee fell to ground and those reporting on the game was hilariously mocked on social media with the video getting thousands of views. Have a listen…

After the game, Bolton Wanderers’ players saluted the travelling fans after beating Morecambe, taking a huge step towards promotion.

Chairman Sharon Brittan’s car was the first vehicle to get an ovation from the Whites fans.

Then prior to the players and boss Ian Evatt hopping on the bus home, they met supporters halfway, standing on a mound outside the ground to show those who had travelled to the seaside their appreciation.

Fans reacted after hearing the Bolton boss subbed his player off after being attacked by the Morecambe manager…

@valderee53: On a day when football got together against unacceptable abuse on social media, perhaps some introspection on its own abuse is required. If he kicked out at Dapo, the Morecambe manager’s conduct should be examined by the EFL. Not exactly setting a good example.

@LeytherMatt: Derek Adams in being a tit shocker

@originalbrown84: It was a tense affair till the sending off and Morecambe completely lost their heads. Credit to Evatt and the boys keeping cool heads. Still worrying that we couldn’t kill the game off, but we’re nearly there. Big game Saturday, shame the fans can’t be there. #bwfc

@olliebwfc02: Derek adams is salty because we beat them at there own gam let the team batter then and score with few chances fuck off Morecambe u shit cunts should be 6 points we take off u not 4 #bwfc

@jonny_wanderer: Cry me a fucking river Derek #bwfc #shrimps

@DonnellyJE84: Bitter

There was also reaction on the commentary as well as players and fans applauding each other after the game…

@EmteePlays: The Morecambe iFollow commentary was harping on about Bolton’s dark arts.

@stephen_calvert: I’ve never heard such childish commentary in my life! They are an absolute embarrassment to Morecambe.

@jameslee1000: It’s amazing that fans up and down the league are being charged £10 twice a week for this. Awful product.

@RnJ_Anderton: Was fucking hard work listening to them two dog nonces for 90 mins

@JakoBWFC: Haha that’s brilliant

@AndyC_88: Fuck me they sound like bar wanker types that give the look of disgust to someone they don’t know having a laugh as they talk about what’s a better plant pot… plastic or metal.

@football_models: Surely that’s the last game they’ll be allowed to do ?

@Sophthecatsmum: They really do sound like Morecambe & Wise don’t they? It was the same with the Carlisle commentary on Tues night we were subjected to. They constantly made snide comments about our players yet not once did Derek Clarke insult their players.

@ianmassey76: It’s like listening to that fan zone rubbish that Sky used to do. Absolute plums the pair of them

@LCBWFC92: I’d love to hear them when they got the man sent off

@brendanBWFC: It’s embarrassing, I mean most clubs commentary is going to be a bit bias but those 2 are a shambles, so glad they lost

@georgewalker18: Did he just say “who’s the bell end now?”

@Jarvisan247: Needs more salt P.S. Isolate that part where Ian calls the ref a bellend and inject it straight into my veins

@david4charnock: From the kids battling for there lives for the club and the fans to this . This is why we are bigger than any fucking super six club

@blakebaxter1234: Morecambe fan here that is class. 👏 proper football

@janetmarland: After a long period where I felt the connection between club and supporters had gone, this is wonderful! #bwfc #wearegoingupsaywearegoingup

@paulifa78: Well done BWFC. In a week of European super league nonsense a reminder that football is for the fans.

@sharpcircle: WHAT. A. CLUB

@rmabolton: Wow, brilliant from both fans and players

@IanEcc01: Proud of my Club for that

@PhilSchofield17: Amazing, great set of lads. So proud of em.

@weavs70: You wouldn’t get that in a super league #bwfc 👏👏👏

@RaySproston: Brilliant I think I’ve got some dust in my eyes

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