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Blackpool supporter injured by own club’s fans after being mistaken as a Bolton fan

A Blackpool supporter was attacked and injured by his own club’s fans after being mistaken as a Bolton fan on Saturday afternoon.

The genuine Tangerines supporter was set on by his own who believed he was a Bolton fan in the wrong end, with security and stewards turning up to deal with the situation.

@Thereisalad wrote in his tweet: “I went to a football match today and was set-upon bythugs because they didn’t believe I was there supporting my own team.

“I genuinely never thought I would feel unsafe supporting my team, but there it is. I’m ashamed today to support @BlackpoolFC.

“Added context – we’re all Pool fans and come from here. We were accused of sitting in the wrong seats (we weren’t) by a woman in front and she shouted the stewards and pointed at us calling us Bolton fans out of nowhere. So that got the mob interested.”

The League One fixture itself saw Blackpool keep their playoff hopes alive with an impressive 4-1 win over a 10-man Bolton team.

Bolton went ahead, taking an early lead through George Thomason’s goal after just nine minutes into the game.

However, Blackpool quickly turned the scoreline around with goals from Jake Beesley and Marvin Ekpiteta before the break.

Beesley them made it 3-1 with his second goal in the 68th minute after Bolton captain Ricardo Santos was shown a red card in the 66th minute for a foul on Kyle Joseph inside the penalty area.

Jordan Lawrence-Gabriel sealed the win with a fourth goal late in the game.

Blackpool’s Neil Critchley: “It was a great advert for the division,” Critchley said.

“I’m really happy because we’ve won on the day but in general it was two teams who wanted to go and win a game of football. There were more goals than anyone anticipated before the game based on the recent games we’ve played against each other.

“It’s gone for us today and it’s been a fantastic game for the Club. It doesn’t surprise me that we came back because I know the type of character and the group that we have got, but to come back from Peterborough and Bolton in two big games and get six points from those in the league it has been good for us.

“For us to beat a team like Bolton today in the manner that we did, if that can’t give us belief for the rest of the season then nothing will.”

Jordan Gabriel, who made it 4-1, was praised by the head coach for his persistence to work his way back into the side.

“Everyone in the society we live wants everything yesterday, but you have to understand that Jordan has been out for five or six months through injury and it takes time,” Critchley added.

“It takes time for players to find their rhythm again, we’ve got a couple of players like that. Jordan has now played three games in a week which is something he hasn’t done in a long time. He’s finding his form and finding his fitness and he’s a real handful.

“He broke from our penalty box and got into their box so quickly late in the game, it was a fantastic goal.

“I think we are making progress. We see it with our work every day and the supporters only get to see the end product on a matchday.

“This Club has always been quite season-to-season in recent years and now it’s about building something that will be sustainable for the future.

“With the support I have with me and my background with developing players, it’s a good fit. We need to give that time to grow and time is a precious commodity but I have belief in what we’re doing. We’re in tomorrow, we’ve got a game on Tuesday, the lads were shouting see you Monday and I said you are joking aren’t you? See you in the morning.”

Bolton boss Ian Evatt said post-match: “Firstly, I just apologise to the fans that travelled. We let ourselves down today. Regardless of the scenarios that took place in the game, we have to own our own space and there were still things we could have avoided and things we could have done better,” said the Wanderers’ boss, whose side remains third in the table having played fewer games than the top two.

“I thought we started the game really well. We were on top, in control and got the goal with a great finish from Tommo. We looked comfortable and then from a free-kick we switch off. We know it wasn’t a foul, but it is what it is and we have to get on with it.

“Even after conceding the two goals, which were really sloppy, we’ve had two clear-cut, gilt-edged critical opportunities that have to be goals and goals change games.

“My sorrow is for the fans. We haven’t got time to feel sorry for ourselves. We have to pick ourselves up. We’ve got a huge derby match on Tuesday that we need to perform in and somehow try and put that right.

“Loads of times in my tenure here we’ve been knocked on the canvas and we just have to get up and get up fast and come out punching and swinging. When your back’s against the wall you come out punching and we have a great opportunity to somehow redeem ourselves on Tuesday with our fans.”

Bolton intend to appeal the red card given to Santos.

“Whether you give a penalty or not, nobody can argue that he didn’t go for the ball,” added Evatt. “There’s not a man in here that could argue that. He’s clearly gone for the ball. He’s not looked at the opposition once. He was goal-side and it’s a baffling decision.

“We have to appeal that. Even if he gives it a penalty it’s a yellow card. The double jeopardy rule was brought in for that reason and it (playing on with 11 men) still gives us a chance because I still think we were going to create chances, but that just kills the game.

“This doesn’t define our season. It just makes our job tougher. We know the points we are going to need to accrue and we know what we need to do to make sure that happens.

“If we get promoted at the end of this season I’m sure the fans will forget this and let us off with this one and e have a great opportunity to try and put it right on Tuesday.”

Twitter users reacted having seen Blackpool supporter injured by his own club’s fans after being mistaken as a Bolton fan…

@pridgway65: @BlackpoolFC why do the stewards all walk around looking lost when clearly this is happening, they should be taught to spot unrest, and intervene in numbers, not just turn up to watch the match for free. Not saying they need to fight, just make a barrier and escort.

@TrevorGWilliams: I’ve known this guy for nearly 20 years he is most definitely a Blackpool fan. Trust me I get enough stick the odd time they beat cov!

@KateEastham9: No one should be subject to this supporting their own team. Awful to see some of the comments saying you must have provoked this reaction. It’s unacceptable and I hope @BlackpoolFC investigates and identifies the people responsible. #UTP

@Treacle1975: This is awful, I’m so sorry this happened to you. You should be able to go to a game without this kind of bullshit. I hope it doesn’t put you off going to games, and that the mental and physical scars heal soon. Xx

@lettej8994: What role models for the young boys in that video. Shameful.

@smith_ingham: Even if he isn’t a Blackpool fan doesn’t mean he should be attacked. So pathetic by the Blackpool mob. I have been in plenty of opposition fans as a Leeds fan and never had any problems. Why can’t it be like rugby where fans can mix without issue.

@camsoft2000: Everybody questioning whether he is actually a Blackpool fan like even if he wasn’t it wouldn’t justify assault. It’s really sad that people find this acceptable. It’s a sport. No justification for violence either way.

@woza_warren: Absolutely disgusting! Hope the club make it right for you. Gotta be a lifetime ban to the people involved.

@_TMsteve: I’m hope those thugs are held to account!

@harrybwfc446: They’ve only gone and battered one of their own Jesus ahhahaha idiots

@chris_lomas14: Our fanbase once again not doing us any favours in making us look like tools. Was sat at the top and had a clear view of the bloke being punched by loads of different people. Pretty sure someone’s phone got grabbed too off them. More context needed

@Corey_The_Cod: Absolute scum, poor fellas missed probably their biggest win of the season because he couldn’t prove he was a Blackpool fan! Cunts the lot of them 😬

@HarikaMarlow: I’m sorry this has happened to you! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully the police/club do the right thing and all those involved get a stadium ban for life. There should 100% be a no violence policy and lifetime ban if violent conduct is used. Shameful behaviour.

@mitson16: Wtf so sorry to hear that my mate. Should never happen to any fan while watching a game.

@hxterrier: There is a nasty element creeping back into footy. Whether you were Blackpool or not, this is wrong. I’ve noticed in our fan base it’s kids in the main, that think they are sommat. Grim times

@governator99: It shouldn’t matter where you come from. Going to a match shouldn’t be dangerous regardless. The fact that it’s a problem for Football for opposing fans to sit together says a lot

@CiaranBWFC2002: Just can’t laugh at that can you? Couldn’t imagine going to the game and getting slapped by the bloke next to you. Dunno about anyone else but that would seriously put me off going back. Hope the rats are banned and he doesn’t stop going to watch his team. Out of order

@Custardboy2: @BlackpoolFC you need to sort this out.

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