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Blackpool CEO Julian Winter slammed by fans over 2024/25 season tickets and matchday prices

Blackpool CEO Julian Winter has been slammed by its own club’s fans over the 2024/25 season tickets and matchday prices.

He responded to criticism from the fanbase, speaking with the the club’s website, Blackpool Gazette and BBC Sport Lancashire this week.

There was emphasising the necessity of increasing season ticket prices in order to generate more revenue and successfully navigate the club through the current cost of living crisis.

Despite the team’s failure to get into the playoffs, meaning they’ll spend another season in League One, there has been an overall increase in ticket prices, particularly in certain categories, surpassing the rates from their previous stint in the Championship.

The early bird price for renewing an adult season ticket will now begin at £375, compared to last season’s £349.

New customers have to fork out £395. Additionally, the renewal price for an adult season ticket in the family stand has also risen by £26, amounting to £315 during the early bird period.

Julian Winter has discussed Blackpool’s season ticket prices.


Posted by Blackpool FC – Blackpool Gazette on Wednesday 22 May 2024

Talking about the price increases, he said: “The idea is we build a product on the field that people enjoy and want to be a part of. That’s the game we’re in, we put a team on the field and we’ve got to do our best to collectively have success- so we’re hoping that brings renewed enthusiasm from the fans rather than the opposite.

“My job as CEO and the other staff members in the executive team have to try to increase revenue for the club across everything we do and manage costs effectively so we’re not wholly reliant on Simon (Sadler) writing a big cheque at the end of the year. If we produce the right product it’ll still be a value for money purchase.

“We run what I describe as a benefactor model where the owner writes a cheque, as he’s done so for a number of years, and it’s important that we work out how to drive additional revenue so we’re not constantly asking him for more money – the whole season ticket increase programme was brought about by that thought process.

“We can’t lose sight of the fact that this club costs a lot of money to run, so we’re looking at all the additional elements of revenue, different concepts and different ideas to drive more money.

“Like everyone else, the additional cost of living is applied to the football club in a big way. Gas, electric and utilities have all gone up, so we’re all affected by the same things- we need to find a way to navigate that difficult time.”

V2 ST 24-25 Early Bird - Renewal.jpg

V2 ST 24-25 Early Bird - New.jpg

V2 ST 24-25 Post Early Bird.jpg

Explaining the changes in the criteria, Winter explained: “We had a bit of a problem where parents have to come with anyone under 14. We were offering 12s as well as 14s, so synergising that to say you can’t come into this building under regulations on your own if you’re under 14 meant there was no point having a 12s and a 14s.

“When you’re putting prices up someone will be unhappy, that’s the reality of it. There’s not that many in the (5-11) window, we’ve just got to make the best of it. It’s still a product that will provide value.

“Everyone’s circumstances are different, but ultimately we can’t provide everything for free and our pricing was very cheap. If you look at what it costs to take families out in Blackpool and do other things, it’s not an unreasonable situation. Admittedly the increase is a large one, but I don’t think it’s an unreasonable cost in the scheme of things.

“When any football club applies an increase, you get a backlash. It’s universally accepted that people won’t be happy with any increase, but we can’t just sit here and continue to do nothing when all of our costs are increasing and our revenue doesn’t grow.”

V2 ST 24-25 Match Category 1.jpg

V2 ST 24-25 Match Category 2.jpg

He also said to The Gazette that he’s still got faith in manager Neil Critchley and will continue to back the manager.

“We set off with a top six target, and there was a moment in the final game where we were actually there. It was disappointing not to get there, so it’s important we all refocus and make sure we do next time.

“Like in anything you do, you’ve got to learn along the way. Everyone would agree the main disappointment was the away form, and we have to find a way to improve that through player acquisitions and our approach to those games, but that’s down to Neil (Critchley) and the players.

“The commitment is we’re continuing with Critch (Neil Critchley), the staff and the players. We want to improve and develop it, and it’s important that we do.”

As mentioned, Blackpool CEO Julian Winter has been slammed by fans over the 2024/25 season tickets and matchday prices…

@Onehand72: Wow, surely the media team should have briefed him to handle the tricky questions. Almost antagonist in replies. The logic that there arent that many 5-11 is the very point at least keeping them low will have modest impact on ticket revenue, but a burger and pop will! No charisma

@Chrisharrison2: The blokes a clown 🤡 constantly avoiding the questions.

@PJCrisps: There’s a great alternative up the M55 – cheap tickets AND Championship level football. So win win.

@MisterP_innit: Out of his depth, doing the easiest and most obvious thing to make up the shortfall of Sadler saying he’s not prepared to fund the club adequately. And yes, all football club owners lose money; he knew that before he took over

@RobFielding: “product” 🤡

@sharonschofiel2: Wow I’m flabbergasted goes on about minimum wage most of the fans are on minimum wage also. My grandsons have told us it’s to much money to pay out grandma. They have decided to forgo their tickets. So now the quality time we had with them at football has now gone. Greedy 🥺

@andycw619: Wow, I couldn’t get to the end of this. Outrageous attitude to football fans, especially families with kids. Arrogance with no regard to fans. I don’t subscribe to ownership that doesn’t think about the town, the families in it and allow us to bring our kids to watch Blackpool.

@kirkyy89: Car crash

@megs1706: Well that interview isn’t going to help things. Complete lack of understanding for the fans and how they feel about the increases.I was told last season when my son wasn’t allowed in with a bag of chips… ’it’s a business’ and that’s all it is. It’s money and not fans that matters.

@mizzleas: What a shocking interview. In short, let’s just rinse the fans. The less said about our CEO the better.

@josh_worthy91: Shocking

@T4ngerine4rmy: Tv money, revenue from food and drinks isn’t enough ? Haha.. absolute farce our own club using living crisis as an excuse and with added sponsors and investors still mock us. Also states to fund us a team to drive us forward we’ll still sign loans or has beens

@Jonty72FY1: At first glance I thought it was Sean Ryder. Twisting my Tangerines 🍊 Man. He’s twisting more than that ffs.

@BfcCtn: Shameless behaviour hitting the youngest fans the hardest and then young adults as well. Then putting out a press release saying we are making it easier for young fans to come and watch…… Cynical. The lifeblood of the club’s future who are also the least able to afford it.

@captain88669655: These are the sort of price increases you’d have expected had we gone into the Championship. Lg1 football for £35 a ticket is way too expensive.

@bfcandproud: Absolutely so far from the real world and with him anywhere near the top, we are fucked with a capital F. Seriously thinking to not bother renewing

@pnefc1973: @AndyBayes great interview & highlighted the fact the CEO of @BlackpoolFC didn’t really have any idea. He came across as heatless & utterly clueless @pnefc fans should be thankful for our benefactors & CEO. #pnefc #utmp

@Emmabfcnelson: You’re a disgrace, the 18-22 prices are utterly ridiculous, you wont make any money from these young adults, most are students, some just leaving college just turning 18, how in gods earth do they afford £325

@nt1212__: Let’s absolutely rinse young people and parents’ pockets in one of the poorest areas of the country, and they claim it’s a community club. Absolutely fed up of this Winter after 2 interviews, and Sadler should be ashamed of employing him, as well as his arrogance backing this.

@BFCsummers26: So my sons ST has doubled in price, and you’re still going to be expecting another 10er to be a “junior Seasider”. Clubs getting beyond a joke now, have to be held accountable for these decisions, it’s just TAKE TAKE TAKE. @BlackpoolFC

@TonyFretwell: Didn’t get to the end of this. Too annoyed. Driving revenue with children is to get another child in the empty seat, not charging the child already there double. The comparisons were horrendous . Frighteningly detached from the fans #utmp @BlackpoolST

@BH2211FC: Fantastic questioning from Andy but the answers from our CEO is a load of sh**e. It’s just a shame that the upcoming fans forum is not live streamed because if the board are doing things on the cheap and half arsing things again then this is going to get nasty quickly. 😔

@powellBFC93: Shambles of an interview. Using the excuse of everyone facing rising costs so the increase is fine, but failing to mention the increase in TV money the club will receive this season. Not a single ounce of empathy towards the supporters in any of his answers. Very worrying.

@MozzMeister: Basically says yes we are going to screw fans out of more money and shows no empathy whatsoever! This is not what Blackpool Football Club stands for

@_TomMayne: I’ve re-watched this and I’m even more shocked. What an utterly horrendous way to alienate one of the most passionate and caring fan bases in the footballing pyramid. So many shitty lines to pick out it’s unreal.

@dannybfc53: From £30 to £51 for me and my two boys and they are in the cheapest seats. There is a line and the club have crossed it. This could be the first season in my life where I don’t attend one single match.

@Jonty72FY1: Initiatives for young people my arse. They’ve literally just come up with this on the back of the backlash. Clueless. Driving revenue, STs will be down and I suspect the difference in that number increase won’t make up the shortfall.

@Jonty72FY1: Bring back MaNSFORD ffs 😂. This end product must be something t that gonna be special coz it was dull as last year. This bloke doesn’t give a shit about local folk.

@Nxozane_: He’s out of touch with reality

@nt1212__: Didn’t bother doing any initiatives last season, reeks of incompetence, never any effort by the club to increase the fanbase. Always remember the half arsed effort they did for that Forest replay.

@MountainKingUK: Dodging and misdirecting and stupid comparisions. How many local pool fans would go pleasure beach each week? Needs to give his head a wobble, getting off too lightly imo! Not expecting any proud ST sales posts going up this season.

@Iandeacon5: Clueless best part of £60 for me ,8 year old an a 14 year old to get bored for 90 mins il pass. Seems a bit of a prick him must be pissed watching games if he thinks it’s a good product!! No good feel factor around the club at miniute

@nt1212__: Comes across like a right tosser.

@moz_analyst: Save money for a multimillionaire who earns £15 mill a year … ?? Your a Wanker Winter .. get out of our yes OUR ! Club

@dseddon2: Not sure I recognise my club. They are so out of touch. PR the last couple of years has been horrendous. Zero engagement with supporters & zero interest in attracting the next generation of fans. The football product is not what I’d associate with a true Blackpool side either

@kaffy78: This man is paid a six figure salary to be utterly clueless about the towns demographics, and to have zero creativity or innovation. Can say stuff like “drive revenue” and call football a “product” though 🤡 He doesn’t give two shits about any of this as it doesn’t affect him.

@TvTangerine: How as a club have we got to this. Complete lack of respect towards the fans. Driving revenue from kids! He even said the number of U11 ST holders is low, which makes the price increase even more sickening. Very arrogant & a toxic culture is beginning to form. Embarrassing.

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