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Blackpool boss slams decision to give Jordan Rhodes red card in draw against Portsmouth

Blackpool boss Neil Critchley slams the decision to give Jordan Rhodes a harsh red card in the 0-0 draw against Portsmouth.

Neil Critchley expressed his frustration with the referee at half time after Jordan Rhodes received the first red card of his 17 year professional career.

He was shown a red card for allegedly using his elbow while challenging Joe Rafferty in the air. But now Blackpool are to lodge an appeal.

Despite being down to ten men, Blackpool displayed a brave performance and managed to secure a point against the League One leaders.

“I thought the game was too much for the ref anyway- for both teams the decisions were bewildering, but as per usual it’s us who are on the end of the major decision in the game,” Critchley said, per The Gazette.

“It’s happened countless times, we’ve had three written apologies this season, but it might be four now. There’s no point speaking to them, as all I do is get myself in trouble. I made my feelings clear at half time, but that was probably letting off a bit of steam, afterwards I was concentrating on the players and supporters to make sure they feel good about themselves after an outstanding team performance.

“I couldn’t believe, I was actually shouting for a foul on Jake Beesley- it was clear, as the ball goes up and as he turns, he’s dragged to the ground. Then you see Rhodesy compete for the ball and it’s a coming together, so I’m thinking it’s just a foul, but when I turned around the ref’s got the red card in his hand- I was in shock, it’s an unbelievable decision. We shall appeal it obviously, and we expect the authorities to see sense and do the right thing.

“It was a strange decision, everyone would agree with that. If the referee had done his job properly it wouldn’t have got to that point, and he wouldn’t have contested for the ball. He got one million and one decisions wrong and that was another one.

“I don’t think Jordan could believe what happened either, I don’t think the ref knows him very well because he’s probably not been sent off too many times in his career. Joe Rafferty is a wily old campaigner, he knows exactly what he’s doing and unfortunately the referee fell for it.

“We were the better team, and I don’t think anyone would disagree with it. It’s beyond a joke, we’re on the wrong end of so many huge decisions which make such a massive difference. We were in a position where we’re on top of the game, which doesn’t mean we’re going to win- anything can happen, but he spoiled a really good match. We had to sit in with 10 men hoping to hold on, so it’s not the spectacle you want, but I’m not sure that’ll bother him.”

Portsmouth lead at the top of League One was cut to five points.

“We’re disappointed with the point,” said John Mousinho. “We wanted to come here and win the game regardless of whether we were playing 10 or 11 men.

“The context that we played against 10 men for the best part of 50-55 minutes and created plenty of chances as well, we’re gutted that we didn’t win it.

“There were a lot of pleasing points. We created quite a few openings. When you create as many chances as we have and their goalkeeper comes away with man of the match, I can’t complain too much.

“Blackpool have one of the best home records in the league. They beat Bolton here. They sit in and defend really well.”

“I thought the red card was harsh. Jordan Rhodes leads with his arm. We’d have been aggrieved if it was us,” Mousinho added.

“I thought the challenge on Callum Lang is far worse and that’s a straight red. That was the worse challenge of the two.”

Fans gave their thoughts while Blackpool boss Neil Critchley slams the decision to give Jordan Rhodes his first career red card in the draw against Portsmouth…

@HereLiesJeff: How can you elbow with a straight arm? 😅

@JsSeasider1953: How the hell is a Preston fan allowed to ref Blackpool? Outcome was so predictable, there were a couple of straight red tackles in the game, but Pompey players made them so didn’t get red. Never seen a more biased ref.

@CroasdellJosh: Shows the type of person Rhodes is. How on earth, after being so badly fucked over by an awful decision, do you manage to keep it all in, accept it and just walk off the pitch without letting all that frustration out. Anybody else would’ve stood there calling the ref all sorts

@ThatAthers: And the referees home town? Preston! Disgraceful from the @EFL

@Readingfan106: Not a red card for me and that defender definitely played for it

@TheBenChadwick: It’s outrageous! That what happens when you have BTEC refs

@DaveyChaps: Not even sure if this is a yellow 🙈🤣

@PainterMags: Poor decision from the PNE fan, sorry ref!! Absolute joke. 2 top sides so put a rookie in charge. He’d lost control after 20 mins. Just went around booking anyone for anything!! Thanks @efl for ruining my expensive day out again!

@mwwhtafc81: Never a red card, that’s shocking behaviour by the other player

@NeilSullivan7: Very harsh that

@TangerineRob: Glad Rafferty survived. Thought he wasn’t going to pull through at one point.

@WILLYHAHN71: No, even by L1 standards, this ref was below poor.

@wbaxkie: That’s harsh, very harsh imo. A lot of these referees always have to make it about themselves and make themselves centre of attention

@DanielFranks85: Can we talk about the foul before it, if the ref does his job it’s a free kick to Blackpool. End of

@mwwhtafc81: The player should be sent off for diving and rolling around

@dan_masonn01: Beyond embarrassing from Rafferty

@sedds247: It’s beyond outrageous. That was typical of this referee’s performance all game. He showed a complete lack of understanding of the game throughout – for both sides – but we did get the worst of it. How someone from Preston can be given a Blackpool game is beyond belief.

@m_p_heap: He even raises his leg to takes Rhodes out when he’s on the deck. Cheat

@mitchellsingh89: If anything it’s a free kick to Blackpool as number 20 has their player in a headlock when he tries to run passed him!

@petedix57: 1st red card in over 550 games.

@matthew_crofts: Need to introduce a rule that if you roll about like that, you have to be subbed off, blatant cheating.

@TwooterHead: Ref has had a mare there

@AshMcGough31: Refereeing standards across the whole country are a joke aren’t they! That’s not even a yellow 🤣

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