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‘Bitter’ Paul Cook and his players blank BBC radio after Solihull beat Chesterfield

‘Bitter’ Paul Cook and his players have decided to blank BBC radio after Solihull Moors beat Chesterfield on Sunday afternoon.

BBC Radio Sheffield’s Football Heaven issued a tweet following the National League playoff semi final, saying that they were able to interview any members of the team.

They wrote: “As previously stated, BBC Radio Sheffield is unable to conduct interviews with the club’s players or staff. There will be reaction from chief exec John Croot on Breakfast tomorrow [Monday] morning.

This was retweeted by BBC Radio Sheffield’s Rob Staton, with no doubt a lot of this stemming from Cook ending an interview with the reporter early over questions asked after defeat against Torquay.

His side sat 7th in the National League table at the time, three points ahead of 8th place Dagenham who sit just outside the playoffs and the Daggers faced Wrexham in their season finale, winning that but the Spireites done enough to secure a playoff place.

After losing to Torquay, Chesterfield lost three games in a row, drew 0-0 with Woking on the final day, beat Halifax in the playoff eliminator, then lost 3-1 against Solihull.

Rob Staton said after the Torquay game that he “tried to ask Chesterfield manager Paul Cook some questions today on the reasons behind their current form and the Torquay game (he didn’t give a post match interview).”

After losing at Damson Park, Paul Cook did however made the decision to speak with BT Sport, with Derbyshire Times reporting what he said.

“It is a difficult one to take,” Cook said.

“It was a game that promised so much for us.

“It probably panned out like we thought it would. Solihull are very bright in possession, but we had big moments in the game today, really big ones, but unfortunately we could not take them.

“You have got to feel pain, sport can be cruel, it can be so hurtful the pain. The play-off defeat is raw now, it is raw for our supporters, we have got another year in the National League now. We have got to embrace it and come back next year stronger.

“The reality is we are out and we have to feel that pain today.”

Cook said: “It was a really good goal but unfortunately we just have habits that keep coming back during games, they are there for all to see, habits I don’t like.

“In the second-half I felt Solihull were really there for us to maybe go and get something more out of the game, I genuinely felt that and I told the players. I am not so sure they believed that.

“I felt we worked hard, without a doubt, but some of our decision-making at times is mind-boggling.”

Reflecting on his time at Chesterfield this season, Cook told the Derbyshire Times: “It has been a difficult three-four months with the injuries especially and having to chop and change the team. You travel here today and you see the injured lads and the calibre of player not on the pitch, that is something we have got to address as a club.”

The Blues have 16 players out of contract this summer so big changes appear to be on the horizon.

“The plans (for next season) are already underway and will be set in motion tomorrow morning,” Cook went on.

“I appreciate you guys have questions to ask but I think the biggest thing is to respect we have lost a big game today and we will wait for all that other news to take care of itself.”

“We have had to dig in, Chesterfield kept asking questions,” Neal Ardley said, as per Derbyshire Times. “They had the two big men up front in the last ten minutes and we defended well and put our bodies on the line.

“At half-time we knew that Paul (Cook) was getting frustrated that they needed to be even braver with the way they passed so we knew they would try and get a more possession which they did. We talked about how to deal with that because at times I thought it was too easy for them to work their way through our midfield and get it to Calvin Miller and get him running at James Clarke. We talked about stretching the game and I thought we did that two or three times in the second-half.

“(Paul) Cook drew out of them something he had not been able to in the last four or five games in the league and that is dangerous.

“They (Chesterfield) had the nerves of Tuesday night against Halifax, they came through that test and then all of a sudden they have got their big game head on and whereas we have had two weeks without a game and had to try prepare for a big game and I thought we got it right.”

“I didn’t have to pick the team back up, they do it themselves,” he added.

“Eighty-three goals in a season tells you we know how to score goals.

“We went one-nil down and I never thought for a moment that we did not have at least two goals in us and that gives everybody confidence.

“You can look at why we conceded but it was just a case of bouncing back. We got back on the ball, played our game and the first goal we scored to equalise was sublime.

“Before they (Chesterfield) scored I thought we had two great chances to score, the keeper (Scott Loach) has made a great save from Kyle Hudlin.”

Fans reacted as ‘bitter’ Paul Cook and his players blank BBC radio after Solihull beat Chesterfield…

@deano_rufc: You only talk when you’re winning, talk when you’re winning, you only talk when you’re winning

@Joshswfc6: Paul cook is rotting that club

@killakilbane05: Hahahahahaha bitter chessie bastards

@blade806: Be honest Cook is about as handy as one legged man in an arse kicking contest. 🧐🙄

@kevjohnson77: Bitter wankers

@FootballThen: Cooky still sulking then 😞

@pocketr05106242: Cook is like a spoilt brat. Embarrassing behaviour.

@therealtbailey: Pathetic

@ChopsakaMBT: Cook is a cock !!!

@KBizz1e: Proper cry arse Paul Cook isn’t he….

@Advoftractorboy: So Paul Cook destroyed the promotion aspirations of #ITFC left mid season and destroyed the promotion aspirations of #ChesterfieldFC in the same season. That’s impressive going

@NMawson: Is that because Paul Cook’s on his way to @BarnsleyFC?

@jackdakin8: They must hate interviewing Paul Cook, seems like he has sandpaper in his throat

@IssacHuntNCFC: Somehow i dont think Paul Cook will be at Chesterfailed long

@dannybaldy1995: You love to see Paul Cook bottling the national league play offs

@HDavies1804: The fall from grace Paul Cook has had in the last 2 years is quite astonishing. Not sure where he goes from here. #itfc

@TrottersBlog: Paul Cook is a fraud pass it on.

@BFCDrinkers: Scenes when Paul Cook is sacked from non-league and still rejects a job at Oakwell (thankfully).

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