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Birmingham unsuccessful after appealing controversial red card for Dion Sanderson

Birmingham City have been unsuccessful after appealing the controversial red card for Dion Sanderson in their defeat to Southampton.

Dion Sanderson was sent off in the 62nd minute for a challenge on Will Smallbone, who was left with a cut on his leg following the defender’s challenge.

Saints boss Russell Martin and Birmingham’s Mark Venus disagreed on whether Dion Sanderson should have been sent off on Saturday afternoon. Take a look at footage of the incident below and make your own opinion of it…

Birmingham City said in a statement: “An appeal against Dion Sanderson’s red card has been unsuccessful.

“Blues’ Men’s First Team Captain was dismissed in the 62nd minute of the Sky Bet Championship game against Southampton at St. Andrew’s @ Knighthead Park on Saturday afternoon.

“An appeal against the decision was issued following the match, however, the red card and resultant three-game suspension have been upheld.

“The Skipper will miss the upcoming league matches against Hull City on Tuesday 5 March, kick-off 7.45pm, Millwall on Saturday 9 March, kick-off 3pm, and Middlesbrough on Tuesday 12 March, kick-off 7.45pm.”

Assistant head coach Mark Venus felt that Birmingham City captain Dion Sanderson should never have seen red, struggling to understand why Sanderson was given his marching ordersin the 62nd minute by referee James Bell when the score was 3-2 to Southampton.

“Listen, football is all about everybody having an opinion on everything but for me, I don’t think it was a red card,” Venus said during the post-match press conference, per Birmingham World. “I don’t think there was any intent, I don’t think there was any malice, I don’t think he tried to hurt him.

“I think if you send people off every time they put their studs above the ball, then we could all sit here and watch the television to give a lot of red cards. Personally, I don’t think there was any physical movement in his contact.

“He didn’t drive into him and move his leg into him, he just turned his body and put his foot into it to try and make contact with the ball. Again, we fall foul of an opinion that probably is in the minority of all the people in the crowd.”

Meanwhile, Blues midfielder Juninho Bacuna, agreed with Venus. “No,” Bacuna said when questioned if Sanderson deserved the red. “It wasn’t a nasty challenge.”

Southampton manager Russell Martin said his backroom team told him that Bell made the correct call. Martin added that he hadn’t seen the incident back before arriving for his post-match press conference.

“I haven’t seen it, the analysts all said it was a red card,” said Martin, per Birmingham Mail. “I’m also told their first goal was handball but I’m not going to come out here and moan because a decision has obviously gone our way. I was surprised at the time because I wanted him to play an advantage because I thought we had a three-v-one attack. I’ve been told it’s the right decision but I haven’t seen it back.”

Twitter users reacted with Birmingham unsuccessful after appealing the controversial red card for Dion Sanderson…

@Bentson87: Am I missing something? Straight red? #bcfc

@1875cal: Wellll you knew that was gonna happen

@BertStanley: Struggling to see any issues with that !?

@Jon_1875: I’m convinced we get something out of that if we had 11 men. Disgraceful decision

@JerryThe_Berry: I’ve by no means been Sanderson’s biggest fan since JE left, the captaincy has weighed heavy on him, however the decision not to overturn this is just complete nonsense. Total incompetence in both refereeing and the powers that be in upholding this as a red #BCFC

@Whispyjoe: That’s honestly insane, ever a red card in a million years and they’re still backing it…..I get mistakes can be made but Christ, officials and the EFL are corrupt and not fit for purpose

@carolbradycpcm: Who on earth makes these decisions?? There is no consistency which is so frustrating. Far worse tackles in our game and others where there were no cards given at all. EFL are past their use by that’s for sure

@Jam3s_34: The EFL and officials in this country once again refuse to admit error. They’re always going to get decisions wrong- VAR or not- but what’s most unbearable about the standard of officiating is their absolute refusal to say they got it wrong. Shocking decision once more. #BCFC

@Sandycal999: Ridiculous decision by the EFL but not surprised, they hate us 🤦🏻‍♀️

@antbcfc4812: What a shock, corrupt organisation backing corrupt officials. Was a complaint made about the ref?

@OptaGaz: #efl an actual joke of an organisation and you want us to respect the refs.

@JackKRO93: Was even any point bothering, I can’t remember the last time we had a successful one.

@SouthBrumBlue: That’s a joke of a decision but not surprising is it

@9_Hendo: Couldn’t possibly reverse it because it would affect their 80% success stats…

@kjlawrence97: Absolute fucking disgrace. The second time they’ve absolutely shafted us when not a single person on the planet thought it was a red card @EFL_Comms corrupt bastards

@LucasGr98722285: EFL wankers. They are worse than the referees

@LukeForward95: What do they look at when viewing this? Absolute nonsense.

@callloyd21: Shock, EFL are corrupt

@BXN434: Only unsuccessful because they know that card cost us points and if they rescind it then they will just look stupid so they wont admit they’re mistake

@Bilybond: How the fuck was that not turned over,

@_NotoriousBigC: In what world is that deemed as a Straight Red Card?! The officiating in this league is a complete joke. The @EFL are ruining football

@BigJackBCFC: Wasn’t a red. Good to know the ref just wanted Saints to win so bad 👍🏻

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