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Birmingham City staff member three times over limit in motorway crash

One member of the Birmingham City staff is found to have been three times over the limit when involved in a motorway crash.

A report has emerged this week revealing that it was the Championship club’s groundsman who caused the accident with another vehicle.

Dale Hayward was taken to hospital after witnesses at the scene called police to tell them of the two-car collision on the M69 shortly after 5pm on Friday the 3rd of April last year.

(Image: Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service)

A blood sample revealed that he had 274mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood with the legal limit at 80mg, the Leicestershire Live report.

Hayward appeared in court recently, and admitted a charge of drink-driving in relation to the two-vehicle incident on the M69 motorway near Burbage in Leicestershire.

He has since been banned from driving after he was found to be three times over the limit and is now said to be recovering from many issues that he had been dealing with.

Hayward, based in Hinckley, appeared at Leicester Magistrates’ Court, who heard that the 26-year-old was dealt with by another court for a similar offence in 2014.

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Prosecutor Robert Carr said: “Police officers were called to the M69 near Burbage to a two-vehicle collision.

“The vehicles were in the carriageway and debris had been thrown across the opposing carriageway, such was the impact.

“One driver was being treated in an ambulance. That was Mr Hayward.

“He gave his details and an officer suspected he was intoxicated. There was a strong smell on his breath and he was slurring his speech.

“He failed a roadside breath test and was taken to Leicester Royal Infirmary by ambulance.”

No details were given to the court about the condition of the other driver or individuals who were in the second vehicle of the crash.

Hinesh Bhayani, representing Dale Hayward, said: “He tells me he has been sober for the past 10 months and was suffering mental health issues at the time of the offence.”

Hayward is said to be receiving medication for his mental health problems, with his punishment for the crash including a 40 month driving ban and has been ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work.

He was also ordered to pay prosecution costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £90.

Fans reacted after reading that the Birmingham staff member was three times over limit in the motorway crash…

@palmerloyal1872: They’ll do anything for points

@mutley4659: I think I’d be an alcoholic if I had to work there every day

@b16blue: No wonder the pitch is fucked he’s watering it with whisky the barmy cunt

@villatid135: Where are the bluenoses that slagged Jack off?? #avfc

@jonnydiamond2: You have to feel for him. He works his balls off 7 days a week to look after the pitch and then they pour shit on it every fortnight. No wonder he has drink problem

@luke1874_: must have had lessons off greasy, ay lads #bcfc #kro

@AVFC196: Retire the hi viz

@NatJPeters: Comes to something when the Groundsman nearly has as many points as the first team #bcfc

@remzzzo: oh dear lock him up #bcfc #kro

@Rivster4: Not just jack it seems…..

@ConorAVFC1874: Maybe it was the fumes from the cesspit that is Small Heath’s stadium

As you can see, many Aston Villa fans are taking the mick after Birmingham fans mocked Jack Grealish for his car accident last year.

The 25-year-old Aston Villa and England player was handed a nine-month driving ban and hit with a £82,000 fine at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court after he pleaded guilty to two offences.

Grealish smashed into three parked vehicles in Solihull on the 29th of March before getting into trouble on the 18th of October after travelling at speeds of up to 98mph on a 70mph limit motorway of the M42.

He smelt of alcohol and was slurring his words and unsteady on his feet after the crash in March, it is claimed.

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