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Birmingham fooligans attack Norwich fans at Turkish restaurant after defeat at Carrow Road

Footage has surfaced showing Birmingham fooligans taking to attack Norwich fans at a Turkish restaurant after defeat at Carrow Road.

The appalling moment saw a brawl take place opposite the train station, at around 5:30pm as supporters were making their way home on Saturday evening.

Gem’s manager, James Grundy, said as per Norwich Evening News that four buses full of Birmingham fans stopped at the traffic lights on the Thorpe Road junction.

Fans then aimed rude gestures towards Norwich fans from their seats.

“They suddenly rushed over after getting off the bus and were dragging people around, hitting them, smashing up the bar and people’s glasses,” Grundy said.

“I’ve worked at Gem since it opened in 2019 and we’ve never had any problem like this before.

“It was very busy at the time,.

“There were children around and it completely ruined the evening, a lot of people were very scared.”

The report foes on to say that one person, who had been eating in the restaurant, wore a Norwich City tie, but ended up being dragged outside and punched a number of times, coming away with bruises surrounding his eyes.

The owner, Cemal Alby, also had an injured arm as he attempted to keep fans from getting into the restaurant.

Thankfully things calmed down with with normal service resuming that evening, but it was only after the culprits had left the scene that the police were called.

A Norfolk police spokeswoman said: “Officers attended a public order incident in Thorpe Road, Norwich, at around 6pm on Saturday, September 29.

“During the incident, one man sustained a slight injury to his face.”

Inquiries are continuing and anyone who witnessed the incident or has any relevant footage is asked to contact Sgt Darren Harper at Norfolk Police on 101 or via email at Darren.harper@norfolk.police.uk, quoting incident number 353.

Twitter users had their say as footage of Birmingham fooligans taking to attack Norwich fans at a Turkish restaurant after defeat at Carrow Road goes viral…

@TheWard1349: Children behave better than this when they lose.

@AFCRhys: Grown adults that act like children. We’re all laughing at you. Embarrassing.

@daveyb79: Attacking a couple of blokes in shirts and ties at the end. Real hard men there

@GAVRS83: Look at the state of this lot, I bet their wives and kids are very proud of them… Seriously! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂

@lew_clamp: Being like a 50 year old bloke and throwing up the “Z” after rushing a restaurant has to be one of the most tragic things I’ve ever seen

@obrien_BCFC: It may be the first time we don’t see a black leather flat cap down the blues this week against the Albion

@romf1985: I cannot explain how much I cringe with embarrassment when I see Birmingham fans throwing up a Z sign 😂😂😂. Actually I need a new word I cringed when they did it 20 years ago now it’s something else

@owenk98: Bunch of rat tramps beating on innocent geezas not looking for any trouble. Typical scummy lot. Then to boast about beating up people who have no intentions of fighting on social media. Bad bad tramps them lot 👍🏼

@wobblydubs: How peak must it be to be one of these grown men… their whole purpose in life is to fight at the football yet not a single one of these can throw a punch to save their lives, all belly no bite

@TheGJRichards: What the hell is wrong with some of our fanbase? #BCFC

@DrDublin1: Hardly very courageous, attacking people sitting eating a meal at a restaurant. Identify and ban them from all footy for life. #ncfc

@David_NCFC_1982: The kids/grandkids must be so proud of their dads/granddad’s – absolute state of these morons – @BCFC do yourself a favour and give these morons lifelong seasons tickets as a punishment…. #ncfc #bcfc

@RyanM11M: Time for the government to provide police forces with the power to issue permanent football bans routinely for this behaviour. Anyone involved or complicit is liable to a lifetime ban. Get these di*kneads away from our beautiful game, absolutely embarrassing. #bcfc #ncfc

@stevensizer2: Proper hard core attacking a restaurant 😂 travelled 200 yards up the road to a proper pub and you could have had a fight

@WorldCupHarper: This is actually embarrassing. Don’t give a fuck if it’s well known friends of friends. What a cringe.

@ryanmfc0: Wonder if the geeza in the blue will be giving it the big one in court 😂

@RyanPearce5: Home fan pub is 20 yards down the road so they got out of their coach and rushed the… family Mediterranean restaurant 😂

@Englander1512: State of this lot. About 10 on one, attack a restaurant then pick on an old guy. Enjoy that knock on the door at 6am 🤡

@wattomeister: What is wrong with people?!

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