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Birmingham fans baffled at officials missing Ozan Tufan scoring for Hull with his arm

Birmingham fans were left baffled at officials missing Ozan Tufan scoring for Hull with his arm as clearer footage emerges of the incident.

The Championship fixture ended with Hull and Birmingham playing out a 1-1 draw at the MKM Stadium on Tuesday with Lukas Jutkiewicz earning the Blues a point after Tufan’s controversial opener for the Tigers.

Ozan Tufan thought his goal had consigned Birmingham to a 13th away defeat when he headed home in the first half, however Lukas Jutkiewicz’s firm header sees 19th place Birmingham move a point above the drop zone.

Hull, still in the playoffs and now unbeaten in six, just couldn’t make the most of their chances in front of goal.

Hull boss Liam Rosenior said: “It feels like a loss. This is the most angry I’ve been because we’re throwing points away.

“I’m really disappointed with the result because we should have been out of sight at half-time – the game should have been put to bed.

“There was a lack of ruthlessness from the positions we got into and this isn’t the first time. We have to become more ruthless. We have to.

“Even against Southampton, we played so well and should have been 4-0 up at half-time. We go into Preston and there was a lack of killer instinct from good positions around the box.

“People are going to say about a striker but the players that were on the pitch should be scoring goals from the positions we’re getting into.

“We shouldn’t be having to win a game 1-0 when we have that much dominance and control in a game.

“There needs to be a bit more belief, a little bit more devilment in what we do and a little bit more accountability to finish chances, to make the right decision, to make the right pass, to make the right shot or the right cross.

“We get into the position so many times. Twenty-two shots, five on target – it should have been 10 on target. That’s not even counting when we made the wrong decision not to shoot or made the wrong decision on a final pass when a player was on his own in the box.

“That’s what cost us. It’s not they were the better team, not a lack of tactical information, not a lack of effort, spirit or desire, it was a lack of ruthlessness – and that’s the only thing that’s going to cost us getting to where we want to be.”

Birmingham’s Mark Venus said, per Birmingham Mail: “Hull are a very good team and they are, of course, not in the top six after 35 games for no good reason.

“But we stuck at it and kept going, which was great to see.

“They obviously had a lot of possession, which we expected, but we also caused them a few problems and I felt we deserved a point in the end.

“I think it has to be a springboard. We have had some real tough fixtures and they have stretched us to the limit. To come away and get a point here late in the season when these teams seem to win, hopefully we can build on it and move forward.

“We are going to another difficult place on Saturday so we need all of our experienced players. You saw the difference that Lukas and Alex made when they came onto the pitch tonight. We need everybody with us. We have a big task ahead.

“We have five games in 16 days if you count Saturday. It’s a lot of physical exertion for these players and we need to nurture them through. I’m pleased they came on and made an impact.

“If anyone was at the game on Saturday they will see how hard (Stansfield) worked and how much effort he put in for the football team. Was giving him 30 minutes better than utilising him for 70, 80 minutes and wearing him out? That’s what we said tonight and that’s what we did.”

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As mentioned, Birmingham fans were left baffled at officials missing Ozan Tufan scoring for Hull with his arm…

@NeilPouney: And the EFL will do nothing. No apologies, nothing.

@DozzaKRO: #efl 2 matches , 2 piss poor referees. Where do you find them? Down the dog and bone pub? The standard of refereeing in this league is a lot lower than Sunday league.

@JerryThe_Berry: When decisions go against a club as often as they do against Blues, it’s entirely understandable the reaction is strong. Saturday’s refereeing was atrocious, therefore any future error against us is under more scrutiny. Even the staunchest of Hull fans admit that’s handball #BCFC

@mickyh01: To be fair the player should a retrospective 3 game ban for cheating. Its the only way to stop this kind of stuff. How they are in the playoffs is crazy, just shows how close this league is. They were bang average

@SeanFuery: I know goals change the way games go but hard not to think we’ve been robbed of two points watching this. 😡

@DempsterTony: In have two words for you…. Keith Stroud!

@stuartbrereton: @FA_PGMOL @EFL thoughts or comments please on this?

@Barnaby_Scarff: The @EFL are really not our biggest fans are they! Absolute joke, I see better refs on a Sunday in u8 games 🤷🏻‍♂️

@realloach: Have you seen the view where the linesman is just looking at it aswell @EFL they really need to address this

@anthonyeaton744: Tell me there’s no agenda against birmingham city fc this is shocking #EFL

@monkeyH78: You could forgive it if it’s just hit his arm and gone in. It’s a free kick and a yellow card what he’s done there.

@NiallMu24178883: Don’t care what anyone says, I’m in favour of VAR in the championship. The amount of wrong decisions refs make is insane

@ChrisCOB_OB: Less than 48 hours before The EFL decided not rescind Dion Sanderson’ incorrect dismal and now us as fans travel up to Hull on a Tuesday night, stand behind that in goal shock that the EFL officials let this goal stand. Ridiculous!!!! Incompetent again!!!

@Kieranbcfc2: Prem fans moan about Var but I’d have it in the Champ without a second thought

@ToweringZigic: They can’t change the outcome of the game now obviously, but this should warrant a 3 match ban for me. Players would soon stop doing it #BCFC

@spence_ross1: I personally think Birmingham should win this game 0-1, anyone else think the same after seeing this??? @EFL you know what to do please thank you. #PUSB

@LeeAHinton95: Pfft this makes it even worse, officiating is getting worse week by week 🤯

@MrBrightside_32: Nothing can change the result… However, this is blatant cheating! I assume @EFL will be handing out a 3 match ban…. I mean, considering he actually makes contact unlike Dion #BCFC

@BluesAnalytics_: The officials getting plenty of grief (Rightly so) but what about the player in question. Has the audacity to wheel off in celebration as well. I’m amazed players don’t get retrospective bans for this, it could’ve been a huge goal in the playoff/relegation picture. #bcfc

@badgers_back: Hi @FA_PGMOL and @EFL it’s me again. What’s the excuse for this one? Liam Rosenior saw it was a handball 55 yards away but the myopic idiots you have in charge of games combine to ‘miss it’. Absolute fucking shambles the lot of you #bcfc

@_jackhaycock: #BCFC This last night, Sanderson red card, Bielik red card at Plymouth, Burke non-penalty Vs Southampton. Many more – The EFL hate us!

@bcfcburke: If you don’t laugh you’ll cry 😂😂😂 super Keith Stroud at it again then useless cunt. #bcfc

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