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Birmingham fan apologises for horrifying tweet about Aston Villa

A Birmingham fan apologises for a horrifying tweet he posted about Aston Villa and Dean Smith on Thursday, which has ended up going viral.

It was sadly confirmed by Aston Villa on Wednesday that Dean Smith’s father passed away after getting coronavirus.

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One user, to which we won’t name, but according to his bio is ex-army, tweeted: “As a Birmingham City fan I am delighted that Dean Smith’s father has died from coronavirus! Hate Aston Villa and all associated with them, now is NOT the time for false sympathy. Hope all the players get it.”

He took it down, but it was up long enough for people to remind him of what he said as well as putting it in Facebook groups and other social media apps.

On user had replied to him that he had been reported and the police had been contacted, something which he laughed back at.

He said: “Disappointing to see all the Villa fans ganging up against me. Apparently standing by your club is a crime now?”.

That was followed up with a retweet of Birmingham’s tweet of condolence to Villa.

Throughout Thursday, his mocking soon turned to apologies, saying: “Look I am sorry for what I said ok? Stop with all the negative views now please I have had enough.”

Then he added: “I have let many people down once again with my online comments. I am very sorry, do not wish death on anybody. To my brother – I am sorry mate” and “anyone fancy a chat? I am not feeling happy at all.”

There has been no comment from Birmingham City investigating the matter or banning the supporter.

We have since given him the link to the Samaritans website, so he can get some sort of help.

We advice any person who comes across trolling or is in fact trolling others themselves to do the same. Be kind.

If you need it or know anyone that should get help, please click HERE or call 116 123 for free.

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