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Birmingham City left disgusted with message displayed on fans’ banner

Birmingham City have been left disgusted with a message displayed today on a group of fans’ banner in protest towards their owner.

It was well known that supporters would put up protest flags ahead of the final game of the season at Blackburn Rovers.

One displayed the message: “ Dong and Co – you’re not fit for purpose – you’ve ruined our club! Mismanagement and no trust!”

While a second read: “We’re 100% behind Bowyer and the team! As for Xuandong Ren, that’s up to them to say!”

The Blues chief executive has been the subject of numerous displays of opposition from fans disgruntled at his management of the club.

Blues have been in regular relegation battles, seen a succession of managers, had points deducted and sold their stadium in a tumultuous few years at the club.

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As a result banners have become a regular sight at Blues games – including one that was flown over Watford’s Vicarage Road during Lee Bowyer’s second game in charge in March.

One displayed the message: “ Dong and Co – you’re not fit for purpose – you’ve ruined our club! Mismanagement and no trust!”

While a second read: “We’re 100% behind Bowyer and the team! As for Xuandong Ren, that’s up to them to say!”

Another flag in the vicinity of the stadium carried the message: “We’re 100% behind the men’s and women’s teams! In it together- we’ll still be here when Xuandong Ren and Co are not!”


It’s been brought to the Club’s attention that a number of banners were placed around the town of Blackburn ahead of today’s final Sky Bet Championship fixture.

One of these banners was undoubtedly racist.

This is unacceptable.

Whilst the Club will defend and respect supporters’ right to protest and be heard, racism in any form, directed towards anyone, will not be tolerated.

In recent weeks the Club has taken a particularly strong stance supporting the anti-racism movement in football.

Only last month, the Club staged a seven day social media blackout to fight against abuse in the game.

We then joined the rest of the Premier League and fellow EFL Clubs in a second boycott of social media platforms to reiterate our stance.

To be clear, there is no place for racism at Birmingham City Football Club.

We believe that the overwhelming majority of our supporters will share our disgust at the messaging of the banner, and those responsible for it do not represent our fan base.

The police have been notified of the incident and the Club will be offering our assistance to the authorities.


Bowyer spoke to the supporters who gathered outside St Andrew’s for the final home match of the campaign.

He said: “There were a few that turned up outside, from what I believe to show their appreciation to the players and staff for what they have done this year and get safety with two games to go,” Bowyer said.

“Myself included in that obviously.

“Because they were outside singing the right thing to do then is go and show our appreciation to them, it’s respect you know.

“It was great to hear them singing, the few that was out there. It brought back memories for me. I can’t wait until they are back in the stadium – a lot more of them.”

Fans reacted after seeing Birmingham City left disgusted with a message displayed on their fans’ banner…

@j194_: Agreed. The protests and banner should still continue. Infact they should increase ten-fold. However, I think, as can be seen on Twitter, our fans did not agree with one of those banners.

@oftenpartizan: I’m for the cause , Dong must go, but I agree the banner was poorly thought out. Never highlight a persons colour , faith, looks, language and sexuality and you can’t go wrong.

@mickey8150: Ban all of them involved with this banner

@hollowsounds_: Well in lads 💙 disgraceful stuff that has no place in our club or anywhere else

@mikejen87: Divs. All the good will built up with protests to go and do that.

@nearyyyy: Terrible banner but don’t get away from the fact we want that horrible horrible disease out of our club #dongout

@Richyc89: anything to say @BluesCollective?

@DavidBrownPT: That banner may have been racist, which obviously racism in sport or anywhere isn’t condoned, but what I have to say is in the light of the ESL, fans deserve a say for clubs being ran incorrectly & mismanaged. There are a lot of concerns over the current CEO.but not in this way

@_ZigicHeader: Shame on you @BluesCollective

@blueben15002657: Dong out

@samturner1875: @BluesCollective ruined what you’ve done over the last few months

@jackil3s: @BluesCollective mudded

@DFA1875: No place for that in our club. What a penarse.

@TomTunny93: @BluesCollective well done for ruining all your hard work 🤡

@1875_KRO: Well done Blues for challenging it, disgraceful. Does not reflect our fans

@beechishere: What racist banner….. Anything but

@James_Blues1875: @BluesCollective care to explain. Not even an apology

@karankered: No need for racism, we all want him gone but this is not right, I backed you the whole time @BluesCollective but you shouldn’t of done this

@sam_birm: Embarrassed to be associated with fans who think this is okay.

@KingCorraidhin: Tell you what, take the banner down on your way out Dong. That way we’re all winners

@BH_1875: @BluesCollective should have monitored this.

@MRMAXBRADLEY_: It what world would grown men think that putting that on a banner is acceptable. Absolute helmets

@vivacb2: The one idiot with the ill judged banner doesn’t represent the fans, but the wider message of unhappiness with the board certainly does represent the fans.

@MichaelSopwith: Yet you as my club have completely ignored my 4 direct tweets to you asking why you continue to fail to acknowledge Jewish holidays while celebrating other religions. Don’t virtue signal ffs.

@markgar49697961: Absolutely nothing racist about it,anyone who thinks it is needs to get a grip.

@BluesMattyy: @BluesCollective fucking pricks

@monkeyH78: Dong should defo fuck off still.

@agent_luxe: The blokes who are putting these banners everywhere have one brain cell between them. Pure embarrassment and no place for racism either!

@BcfcLegion: Well done to @BCFC for speaking out. There is no excuse for racist remarks of any kind. We are glad that so many fans felt the same way and voiced their views in the strongest possible sense. We will not let such actions define us – We know this is unacceptable.

@AidanP93: Well in blues, don’t know what @BluesCollective were thinking, all that hard work and then a stupid racist banner has let them down massively

@GreggCollett: Such a positive few weeks for the club & then some major d*ckhedery casts a cloud over it. I love our fans but Christ I don’t see how anyone can think this wasn’t absolutely tinpot

@macca_160: Oh dear

@outofcontextbir: They just have to take it one step too far, common sense not to create a banner like that.

@joshmac90: How does this happen? How do a group of people design and pay for a banner like that and not one of them throughout the process say ‘actually lads, this might not be a good idea?’ Undone all the work they had done prior to today. #bcfc

@SHA1875_: Nothing makes me fucking prouder than this. 1 geezer takes the piss with a banner, and the whole fan base hound him out, and kick off. Fucking class. “Our fan base is notoriously anti racist”

@Kristoff1875: Totally behind the motive, but can’t get behind that banner, or the defending of it after, feel like it’s undone a lot of the hard work the guys have put in. I hope the guys behind it hold their hands up, admit the mistake and learn from it. Educate.

@SHarrison94: 100% right aswell. Think more and more people were getting on board with the fans trying to get the cancer that is dong out the club. Now this is gonna set back all the hard work they’ve done #bcfc #kro

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