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Big update with Sunderland down to final three to be their new manager

A big update this week with Sunderland reportedly down to the final three to be their new manager according to reports.

It seems no one is any clearer on who actually could be in contention of getting the job, every day a new manager is linked, dropped out, or up for speculation.

Alan Nixon said on Thursday (6 June) the club have former AZ Alkmaar boss Pascal Jensen, St Mirren manager Stephen Robinson and Stockport’s Dave Challinor on their list.

Later that day, James Copley of Sunderland Echo reports that Dave Challinor and Stephen Robinson aren’t under consideration at this time, but there is something in talk surrounding Pascal Jansen.

Michael Graham followed up by adding ‘also told Challinor and Robinson are not under consideration for Sunderland right now. I understand Liam Rosenior is though. Hard to get accurate, up-to-date info. A LOT of agent talk out there. Just wish they’d bloody do something so all this madness can end 😡.”

And what is the latest of Will Still? The ex-Reims manager is said to have been in advanced talks with Sunderland, but then had a change of heart when RC Lens were interested in him.

Sunderland are still seeking a permanent replacement for Michael Beale, who was sacked in February 2024, and are determined to make the right choice ahead of the upcoming Championship season, but risk falling behind everyone else as they are remain managerless.

51 year old Pascal Jensen, currently out of work having departed Dutch side AZ Alkmaar earlier this year, is seriously under consideration for Sunderland.

Alan Nixon said it comes down to if he comes on terms offered and what staff he brings, but the main problem with Sunderland is due to their transfer policy, as well as apparently refusing to allow coaches to bring their own staff.

Sunderland are eager to finalise their managerial decision promptly, and face even more pressure from a fanbase grown frustrated at how long the search as dragged out.


(Sky Bet – 6 June)
Pascal Jansen – 5/2
Dave Challinor – 10/3
Stephen Robinson – 6/1

(Sky Bet – 7 June)
Pascal Jansen – 5/4
Liam Rosenior – 3/1
Paul Heckingbottom – 12/1
Frank Lampard – 14/1
Gerhard Struber – 14/1
Stephen Robinson – 14/1
Alessio Dionisi – 16/1
Dave Challinor – 16/1
Raphael Wicky – 16/1
Wouter Vrancken – 16/1

This is what fans are saying on the big update with Sunderland down to the final three to be their new manager including Stockport boss Dave Challinor…

@brettd1981: Almost 6 months to employ the Stockport or St Mirran manager , is Speakman just taking the p*ss #safc

@Brysa08: Robinson and Challinor shouldn’t be anywhere near the top 30 never mind top 3, this is what we’ve become tho. Embarrassing.

@ciffa17: Maybe they’d do a good job ultimately, but the reaction will be very Michael Beale if we’ve written off last season to appoint Challinor or Robinson.

@Philipberesfor2: Well it’s going to be the St Mirren boss, because he’s the one that’ll come with no coaching staff, fits the model.

@izzyslovenian: At this rate, the interview process should start by next March at the earliest

@JoeCarnevale11: Nice to see that they have ambition

@194514W98: Well that push for premier league didn’t last long

@bywater_paul: Absolute joke Sunderland are going down if the Stockport or st Mirren dossers get it

@lumsdon_clayton: If true fucking hell

@HullCity1975: This is embarrassing for Sunderland they’re still a big club why aren’t they attractive to managers. Might as well bring Peter Reid back

@DB_NorthEast: That genuinely can’t be the final three surely?? 😭

@allylay10: Jesus Christ

@Cogdon: If it’s one of the latter two I’m ready to get protest signs printed to drive KLD and
@krespeakman out

@JohnDawson2005: Give me Dave Challinor, 100%, someone I know what he’s about, and a very good manager

@ToonarmyNL1892: A giant of the game is potentially landing at the Stadium of Light based on this intel.

@DashSunderland: whats the rush lads ? its only 108 days without the club making a decision on who it wants to lead them. mind you, they’ve needed at least 2 strikers for over 800 days so it really puts this decision into context.

@StockoperatorX: So it’s either Robinson or Challinor. See how this works out for them. Tinpot owners with a club run on a shoe string. Have they not learned that we decide who stays or goes #SAFC

@past_sunderland: Anything other than Jensen is shite #SAFC

@Ridderz86: Imagine being Jensen and reading this list. I give it 24 hours before he rules himself out

@joel_gradwell: The magnitude of meltdown will be like something we’ve never seen before if it’s anything other than Pascal from these three 🤣 …and totally understandable.

@lee_willingale: Talk about scraping the barrel😂 only Jensen who’s a decent shout

@shanehagan24: We get either Challinor or Robinson and they can have my season ticket back. Absolutely stinks of a lack of ambition. 108+ days…for that shit. No thanks, #SAFC

@GazWilko86: Ran on a pittance.

@Andy_SAFC91: I am done if after 100+ days we end up with Robinson or Challinor

@mattyoliverr1: Please be pascal Jensen the other two fffs 🤣🤣🤣

@Bairdy26: Ya just kna its gana be challinor and not Jensen. I don’t even want to think of Stephen robinson getting the job like.

@Rob_saunders6: I honestly don’t even know how the other 2 are in the conversation with Jensen? Just know we’re going to either and either Jensen will go elsewhere or we’ll make the wrong choice

@AidanGill_98: Ready to get the bedsheets out if it’s Robinson or Challinor, 100+ days to come up with two coaches of that calibre, a complete and utter shit show from KLD and Speakman.

@EddieSAFCx: There’s only one option here. So we’ll get one of the other 2 as 8th choice

My honest reaction to getting each of these 3:
Jansen: Get him and we piss the league
Challinor: not my first choice but I can back it, plays nice stuff, good promotion record and can make something of it if we back him properly
Robinson: Kill me

@S4fcNi4ll: Pascal has got to be out top priority surely far better CV than them 2. Stephen Robinson done fuck all really. Dave Chanillor has done alright but too low of leagues #SAFC

@JamesLeeFinley: Robinson and Challinor man 😂😂if it’s either of those the club should do the right thing and just fold on the spot

@maxpalace03: Jansen at Sunderland would be absolutely insane omg

@RyanC2408: This can’t be fkn serious. Rather just give murty the job rather then Stephen Robinson or Dave challinor Jesus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@DeanoCummings85: How thoroughly depressing

@tenchylad: Has to be Jansen. Have doubts about Challinor and Robertson. Both have a Grayson, Parkinson and Beale feel for me. They would be up against it immediately

@MartinWSports: Don’t understand the negativity towards Challinor. He has a truly outstanding record as a manager and deserves a crack at a higher level. Robinson would be a desperate appointment.

@MichaelDriver24: Honestly think Dave would put an absolute rocket up Sunderland, really head strong and I think that’s the type of manager Sunderland probably needs now.

@leet1981: @SunderlandAFC we dont seem to have the gravitas/appeal we once had for a manager/head coach looking at the shortlist. Only one name stands out..

@William94161728: Challinor has 7 promotions under his belt in 14 years. His two promotions in the NL denied money bags Wrexham. His second one took Stockport from mid table to leap frog Paul Mullin and co to take the prize. Not a man to be underestimated

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