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Big news for Leeds United as Red Bull agree deal to purchase minority stake in club

There is big news for Leeds United as global soft drinks giant Red Bull agree a deal to purchase a minority stake in the club.

As per The Athletic, Red Bull has finalised an agreement to acquire a minority share and additionally, they will serve as the official sponsor for their kit in the upcoming season.

A statement has since been released and the news is going down well with their fanbase across their social media…


The deal includes branding on the front of next season’s shirt and a minority ownership stake.

Today Leeds United Football Club is proud to announce a new multi-year agreement with Red Bull, making them the club’s front of shirt partner starting next season.

Today’s announcement that Red Bull will be joining forces with Leeds United reinforces the international popularity and significance of the club. Beginning in the 2024/2025 season, Leeds United will feature Red Bull branding on the front of Leeds United men’s and women’s first team kits. Red Bull will also become the club’s Exclusive Energy Drink Partner with branding featured inside Elland Road and during the club’s official media appearances.

“I am thrilled that Red Bull is joining us to build a bright future for Leeds United and shares our deep respect for this truly special club,” said Paraag Marathe, Chairman of Leeds United. “As Chairman, our consortium of investment partners will be invaluable to me as we approach this important moment for the club, now and into the future. Red Bull’s addition is a historic milestone that will further empower the club to reach its full competitive potential.”

“We are delighted to be an important element and partner of Leeds United. A club that is certainly one of the biggest in England and has a rich and successful history. The ambition to bring Leeds United back to the Premier League and establish themselves in the best football league in the world fits very well with Red Bull. We look forward to the partnership and are optimistic and energized about the future“, said Oliver Mintzlaff, Red Bull CEO Corporate Projects and Investments.

The deal brings in new commercial revenues as well as additional capital investment for a minority ownership stake that will further enable the club to compete on and off the pitch as the club seek promotion next season. The name and logo of Leeds United Football Club will remain unchanged.

This is how fans reacted to the big news for Leeds United as Red Bull agree a deal to purchase a minority stake in club…

@My_sports_rants: With this deal, you must win the Championship next season; anything else is unacceptable. However, it’s better than being sponsored by a Chinese betting company. Just make sure you don’t sell the club to them. Leeds should remain Leeds United forever, not become RB Leeds

@samh__15: Slowly losing our soul

@EastStandL29: Is that the last time a banner on the outside of our beloved stadium will say “Elland Road”??? Too early to tell, but RB must have a plan as they’re not minority shareholders in any of their other clubs 🤦🏻‍♂️

@lufcjaack: I’m excited, f*** the haters!

@tommy_lufc: Like seeing the nursery you send your kids to proudly announcing a deal with the most notorious local pederast & that they’ve also sold a stake in the school to him. Truly appalling decision. #lufc

@United_Leeds17: As long as we sign the best players for a Championship Title Assault next season and we achieve it Idm

“Red Bull gives you wings”
…. If our players aren’t flying down that pitch, I don’t want it #lufc

@stephenaw85: I prefer monster #lufc

@Doherty7Paul: Not good. This will be the start of it and the next thing we’ll be Red Bull Leeds or playing in the Red Bull Arena 🙈🤣

@DLOB17: ‘The name and logo of Leeds United Football Club will remain unchanged’ – They knew how important that last line was

@Logxnlufc: Red Bull are gonna be switching from cans to bottles

@MarkBilly: Fuck sake. Hopefully it’s not the first step of the demise of the club. We should not be associating with this brand in any way and we are the antithesis of what they are and how they manage to be successful.

@EFCMatt1: Lucky they come in cans, because you’ve got some issues with bottle.

@mightywhitespod: The nicest way of putting it would be: “tread fucking carefully”. #lufc #MOT

@lufcMM0: Btw I think this is extremely good news. Loads of money coming in from this sponsorship (the most the championship has ever seen) & you can tell that the 49ers and Marathe are really trying to put us back on the map. Like it. #LUFC

@markydh: Oh dear. But we shouldn’t be surprised. This is what the 49ers do and was inevitable given they aren’t even the richest owners in the EFL #lufc

@Jackooo_91: Huge deal this! Massive for the club, good investment, plus with red bulls tech and know how from other sports especially with injury rehabilitation etc it’s a massive coup for the club

@jst1986: Make no mistake this is a huge deal, especially for a Championship club. Definitely doesn’t sit comfortable with me though considering what they’ve done to other clubs. The fact the club have had to clarify there’s no name change etc says it all.

@MikeMacLS9: This is how a proper board works 4 days since losing play off final and boom they’re out earning for club

@Joeh_1993: How long til they change their name ?

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