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Big claim by reporter emerges over Newcastle United which has got fans talking

A big claim issued by a reporter emerges over Newcastle United which has got fans talking with excitement over on social media.

Magpies fans flocked to a post from NUFC 360, which has relayed news from Liam Kennedy regarding Rafael Benitez and the proposed takeover of the Toon.

The Spaniard has been linked with a return to the Premier League this summer, with the Athletic claiming Benitez is a target for Everton among other clubs.

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In his column for the Telegraph, Jamie Carragher has implored Everton to consider the former Newcastle and Liverpool boss.

The Athletic have reported that Benitez would be keen on the Everton job. However, Kennedy believes he wants a different job.

The Shields Gazette reporter claimed that Benitez is waiting for Newcastle’s proposed takeover by PCP Capital Partners, PIF and the Reuben brothers to get the green light in going through; however, if he ends up taking another job, then that could be seen as an indicator of bad news for the takeover itself.

This has drawn the attention of these Toon fans, who of course don’t believe a word of this, but then again, they wouldn’t after all the hope that has crushed them over the last few years.

It’s been a long time since stadiums were left looking like this (picture below). Mike Ashley has killed fans’ hope once too many.

Benitez left Newcastle in 2019, amid a fractured relationship with the much disliked owner.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The past 12 months at St James’ Park has been dominated by takeover talk.

PCP Capital Partners agreed a deal to buy the club. However, the Public Investment Fund, who were set to own 80%, walked away in July amid a prolonged Owners’ and Directors’ test.

Nearly a year on and Newcastle are embroiled in two legal battles against the Premier League as Ashley looks to salvage the takeover.

An arbitration hearing is set to take place next month.

geordiebootboys.com gave their reaction, saying: “As it stands, a return for Benitez feels impossible. A conclusion over the takeover saga is far from close, while the 61-year-old is hardly going to hang around forever.

“There are multiple Premier League jobs available right now which would surely interest Benitez.

“He certainly has unfinished business at St James’ Park, but it’s hard to believe his immediate future will provide any clues as to whether or not a takeover is close.

“Sadly, a summer of uncertainty looms large once again for Newcastle United.”

As mentioned, a big claim issued by a reporter emerges over Newcastle United which has got fans talking, see what was said…

@Minshew_Mania: If Rafa comes back I will cry tears of joy

@GallowgateShots: Haha! What?

@Pooliemags1Ttv: The reaction for this is a bit weird from some… it’s not a secret that Rafa would love to come back under new owners he basically said that on his sky sports interview few weeks back… or is it because liam and Keith clearly get along and feel they need to call it BS? #nufc

@jchaytor16: I need this

@DarrellWatson8: Better pick one of them other jobs then because this isn’t happening is it

@NufcChalkster: It’s too good to be true.

@CoatesBowman: Id personally be gutted if he came back.

@Foxy_005: This makes perfect sense, Staveley wants Rafa, Rafa shares the same passion as the fans but of course he won’t wait forever, if the right opportunity came about elsewhere then he could take it, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the takeover is dead #nufc

@mikeyagray: He best take the job then as the takeover isn’t happening.

@FrankieeD9: He could be literally waiting this time next year or longer, he doesn’t know when. The amount of PL jobs available now and if he doesn’t accept one especially the Wolves job then he must be waiting for take over.

@toonislife: I wish he would hurry up and take a job somewhere so our fans can move the fuck on ffs

@AngelNUFC: Sounds more like an opinion over reporting something. It doesn’t make sense for Rafa to sit at home waiting for a takeover that will most likely never happen, Rafa is waiting for the right project as he has said many times. Rafa taking a job doesn’t mean the takeover is off or on

@jingo1986: Project? = £££££, If he is offered the money he will anywhere like everyone else.

@Sj00117610: Just take another premier league job … to say you would come back to nufc if the takeover happens just because there’ll be a lot of money available just shows its all about money and not how much you supposedly love our club .. me personally done want you back anyway

@TinTin_Official: I’d say the Saudis pulling out in July last year was a sign it went south. Christ 😂😂

@The_21st_Doctor: Mental take, this.

@stevenufc3: Hopefully the new owners won’t want him.

@alexparsons75: Takeover finished, it’s just all about Ashley getting what he thinks he’s lost out on & lead us down the line for another couple of years.

@BertramHoult: Maybe he’d be pissed of with waiting

@DiscoDan18: It would be amazing if he came back home to us. 🤞🤞

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