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Betting suspended on next Southend manager; leaving fans underwhelmed

Betting has been suspended on the market relating to who will be the next Southend United manager and it’s leaving fans underwhelmed.

44 year old Kevin Maher is odds-on with the bookmakers to succeed Phil Brown at Roots Hall, who departed from the club 10 days ago.

He is described to be a club legend in Essex as the club’s third-longest serving player having made 455 appearances between 1998 and 2008.

Betting suspended on next Southend manager; leaving fans underwhelmed

He has leapt ahead of Darren Currie and former Gas manager Graham Coughlan in the bookmakers odds to lie at 1/2.

Mahar helped the Blues to two successive promotions and victory against Manchester United in the League Cup, before going on to play for Gillingham and Oldham Athletic, and then returned to Southend as their under 23 coach in 2015.

Maher stayed with them until 2019, before linking up with Bristol Rovers to work alongside Graham Coughlan and he remains assistant manager at the League Two side.

He has also had two spells as caretaker manager at the Memorial Ground, having also previously taken charge of Chelmsford City on a temporary basis.

Since Brown was sacked, Southend have been interviewing prospective candidates since last week with former striker Stan Collymore coming in to be part of a four-man panel to find a new manager.

“As set out last week, a large list of candidates was reduced to a smaller number who were interviewed over three days,” Collymore told the Southend Echo on Monday.

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“Every candidate had as long as they liked to set out how they would manage the team and all noted the professionalism of the process, something new to even longstanding football professionals.

“We’ve dispensed with boom and bust hires. We want Southend United to have a club football structure which decides what the club wants and its vision, which will be set out clearly to you guys in the next week or two, not the dangerous cycle of a manager who comes in, rips up the old guy’s team, buys his own, only to be sacked a year later.”

Maher has been repeatedly linked with the Southend job whenever it has been available the past few years, due to his connections with the club and the town, but has remained at Rovers throughout.

It’s unlikely that Rovers will stand in his way, and for Southend it would seem like a likely appointment as they look to rescue their season.

The Shrimpers are 20th in the National League on eight points having won just two of their opening 10 games.

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As mentioned, betting is suspended on the next Southend manager; leaving some fans underwhelmed, see that Twitter reaction below…

@samgoody23: Certainly wouldn’t have been my choice. But having read Stan’s post on SZ, I’m willing to get on board with it. The last thing the club needs is more turmoil so being united is crucial. Whoever the new manager is, be it who you wanted or not, let’s get behind them

@Sam_Hall01: What people need to remember is that if Stan went into the interviews with the idea not to hire an ex player or manager, and they have still come to the conclusion that Kevin is the man, then he must have blown them away in the interviews and can only reflect positively on him.

@Davewyatt19: If u want someone passionate for the club then it’s a good fit. It depends on his backroom team scouts etc that need to fit in too. We’ve seen many times u need more than a manager to make a club successful

@chazzyone: Please tell me why we are taking a risk at a time like this, get someone with league experience in

@dan_mays86: Although King Kev was fantastic as a player he has no idea about the NL. Does not fit the statement.

@SouthendSimply: Shocked more than anything

@ArronBenstead: I can’t see how the club don’t see the importance of going for a “non league” manager with proven success. The club needs stability, therefore go with someone who knows the league, knows players in league and leagues below and has a good network. KM will just be another circus

@sjapresley: One way of getting his long overdue testimonial 🤣

@ChairCon: Sounds like it’s a “yes man” to Stan now 😞

@si_mac83: Not liking this, a good ex player with no managerial experience. I don’t think the model of a head coach etc is what we need right now. I was excited when sir Stanley got involved but if maher is the manager I’ll be slightly disappointed

@Matt_Inne5: To be fair he has experience of working alongside Joey Barton so he’ll not be phased with the Southend Circus….

@ScottTweed: Ridiculous. We’ll be playing sideways and backward passes all day

@Bluntswood: Underwhelmed. Very underwhelmed.

@SibthorpeMark: Not sure if I like it but suppose we have to trust the process. Plus on the whole I have been working pleased when they have announced the new manager but they have turned out to be disaster, so who knows?

@Chefbradpoker: Disaster 😩😩😩😩 utter shambles

@sg10solutions: So Stan uses his network and comes up with a guy who captained us for a decade …

@terrykeating: Sorry, anything other than a seasoned manager with experience of EXACTLY what the National League is all about would be a REALLY BAD move, no matter how highly he’s thought of at the club.

@_JamesWood_: He’ll certainly have my full support and want for him to do very well. I’m optimistic with him as Head Coach and a good structure of roles and individuals built around him and brought to the club, in general. Plus he’s likeable and a club legend. Up the Shrimpers.

@Sam_Hall01: If this is to be, after the process of interviewing and presenting ideas then I am 100% behind this! This isn’t a Bond, Brown or Sol appointment, this is someone who wants the job and is clearly the man that blew the panel away the most, therefore Kevin Maher has my full support!

@Jaimundo_ESX: Kevin Maher should never have been allowed to leave Southend United. The club has lost its way and needs people with SUFC in their heart to guide it back to where it should be. I’d be delighted to see him back.

@J0E0007: Personally, I don’t think it’s the right time to be appointing a manager with no experience. Hope he proves me wrong! 👍🏻

@BNEShrimper: Don’t get me wrong, I loved Kevin Maher as a player and captain and maybe he interviewed very well and set out a plan that will bring us success. Just isn’t what I was expecting if that’s how it turns out.

@tommyharris57: Right now we need someone who is experienced at this level and with a decent track record. We can’t gamble on anyone who may have been a former great player & servant to the club, but who has zero experience at this level or indeed, and as a manager.

@NHanshaw8: Given every Tom dick & Brown a go why not try someone who knows the club worked with Youths and more importantly has my seal of approval which no manager has had since Sturrock. Also Saturday gonna have same buzz as Orient away when Alan Little took over.

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