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Bernd Leno gets criticised after shoving young ball boy before referee and stewards step in

Bernd Leno gets criticised after shoving young ball boy before the referee and stewards step in to deal with the situation.

Video footage has emerged showing what happened, with Fulham goalkeeper Bernd Leno trying to retrieve the ball from the lad.

At the time, the Cherries had been winning 2-0, causing Leno to rush taking a goal kick. but wasn’t happy with how long it was taking for the ballboy to give him the ball back.

This led to Leno grabbing it from his arms and proceeded to push him, risking a second yellow, but managed to escape punishment.

Leno, who got the first yellow for attempting to delay Dominic Solanke from taking a spot kick, was confronted by the Cherries striker as fans in the stand behind the goal became angry.

Referee Tim Robinson played on while instructing steward to talk to the ballboy, who was asked if he was alright.

During the next break in play, Leno could be seen approaching the boy to say sorry and gave him a hug.

However, supporters were still far from happy, to which Tim Robinson then spoke with a member of the Bournemouth security and the ballboy was made to sit in a seat in the stands.

Fulham boss Marco Silva defended his goalkeeper after the Premier League clash, insisting that although Leno “touched” the boy, it wasn’t sufficient to call it a “push.”

And he suggested that the ballboys were instructed to take their time so Bournemouth could keep their two-goal lead.

Silva said: “I spoke with Bernd about it. It’s clear he spoke to the boy after the moment. Top professional he is, he wanted to play quick but the ball boys were holding the ball.

“I don’t know who give them the instructions to hold it. He touched the ball boy, not pushed him – they are different things. I’m not English but I know the difference. He touched him.

“The fourth official was clear the ball boys were delaying the game. We wanted to play quick. The ball boys did their job with instructions to delay the game. At that moment the referee decided to end the multi-ball.”

But Bournemouth boss Andoni Iraola, who was watching on from the stands due to a one-match suspension, said no instructions were given to the ballboys.

He said: “I don’t want to make anything because I’ve not seen it repeated.

“I don’t know what happened exactly but everyone has to be careful because they are boys who are trying to help everyone, not only Bournemouth, all parties involved.”

Kevin Campbell, said on BBC Radio 5 Live: “Bernd Leno is out of order. He shouldn’t put his hand on the ballboy. The ballboys are told if their team is winning, you slow the game down. We all know this.

“Just go and grab the ball, you don’t need to put your hand on his chest.”

This is how fans reacted as Bernd Leno gets criticised after shoving the young ball boy before the referee and stewards step in…

@azatampswfc: If I’m the ball boy I’m diving to the ground and getting him sent off 😂

@stanleygunn123: Ball boy should just do his job then instead of walking like a sloth to hand him the ball just throw it to him ffs that’s what he’s there to do

@SeanHalloran15: That kid gonna end up being a vodka billionaire aswell

@SusieCrime: Unacceptable behavior from a grown man. This is a booking all day long no?

@MatthewCoutts6: No way did Leno just push a ball boy 💀😂😂😂 #BOUFUL

@DanRear1984: Leno you total cockwomble!! No need to shove the ball boy!! #BOUFUL

@rachel_whu: Grow up Leno. So unnecessary, bless that ball boy, no need at all

@pillsnthrills_: Wtf does Leno think he is shoving that ball boy? #BOUFUL #idiot

@DeborahSkroch: Truly embarrassing behavior.

@TobyWhiteMusic: @Bernd_Leno abusive cock pushing a ballboy! Disgusting behaviour

@Keifski: I hope the PL can review this and retrospectively award a red card as there is no excuse for Bernd Leno to touch a ball-boy let alone push him!

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