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Bergkamp, Kuyt and Larsson ‘in process’ of takeover at EFL club and one will become manager

Dennis Bergkamp, Dirk Kuyt and Henrik Larsson ‘in process’ of takeover at EFL club and one of the trio will become manager.

They have long been considering acquiring a team in either League One or League Two, says football agent Rob Jansen, with Bergkamp previously expressing his interest in purchasing a club at League One level.

The Arsenal legend is now closer to making this ambition a reality, alongside Kuyt and Larsson with Jansen disclosing that the trio will be actively involved in the club if their bid is successful.

Larsson is expected to be appointed as the team’s manager as part of their plans while Bergkamp will be in charge of the academy, leveraging his experience from working in the Ajax youth system post-retirement. Jansen has also confirmed that Ronald Koeman will also be involved.

He told the KieftJansenEgmondGijp podcast: “We are in the process of buying a club in England. I’m not allowed to say which club yet.

“I can say which group we will do it with. Ronald Koeman, Dennis Bergkamp, ​​Henrik Larsson and Dirk Kuyt.

“We are now looking at League Two or League One. We do this with some people around us and we also have the financiers. It doesn’t have to be in London.

“The plan is to manage the football club in the broadest sense of the word. So, the way we think it should be. Training, hospitality, merchandising, marketing, everything. We have a group, and maybe one or two more will join.

“The names I mention will also do a certain job within the club. Henrik Larsson would like to become a head coach. Bergkamp will set up the academy. And Koeman also comes over to do his things.

“The names I mention will also do a certain job within the club. Henrik Larsson would like to become a head coach. Bergkamp will set up the academy. And Koeman also comes over to do his things.”

According to Jansen, Koeman’s national coaching position with the Dutch national team does not have to hinder his participation in the project.

“It is being checked whether it is allowed according to regulations, but in principle it is allowed. The purchase price per club varies very much in England. In addition to purchasing, you also have a complete financing plan surrounding it. Just hold on to ten million.”

Jansen emphasises that the company is deliberately focusing on the English market.

“The experience is enormous there. When you visit those clubs there. The experience cannot be compared to other clubs in Europe. It is not yet entirely clear when it will all finally happen. We do take the time to select the club. We are now looking in the Manchester and Birmingham area. It is being taken very seriously now.”

Jansen, also spoke of his interest in taking over at a Football League club back in 2019, saying on Dutch TV: “It is a long-held wish to buy a club together with the number of players and former players for whom I am doing business.

“I and the players have a Utopian image of how that club should be led and what it takes to achieve the highest level. I am really looking forward to this adventure.

“I think it is very likely that it will succeed.”

At the time, Dutch media believed it was likely to be Bolton although this never materialised with Football Ventures Limited completing a late deal to save the club a day after the EFL pulled the plug on Bury’s league membership.

Henrik Larsson was also linked with potentially becoming manager of Southend that same year, with plans to have Dirk Kuyt as his assistant.

Also in 2019, they were in advanced talks with Wycombe owner and American businessman Rob Couhig about a proposed takeover.

The group planned to be involved with the day-to-day operations inside the club with Kuyt committed to making regular visits to help with training.

Also part of their vision, there would be the possibility of a documentary on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Twitter users reacted with reports that Bergkamp, Kuyt and Larsson are ‘in process’ of a takeover at an EFL club and one of them will become manager…

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@ShamanGriff: Dennis Bergkamp, Dirk Kuyt, Henrik Larsson, Ronald Koeman Reading FC need your help please 🙏🏻

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