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Ben Tozer and Phil Parkinson slams Billy Sharp over ‘disrespectful’ interview

Ben Tozer and Phil Parkinson slams Billy Sharp over the ‘disrespectful’ interview after Sheffield United’s FA Cup win against Wrexham.

The Blades defeated Hollywood-owned Wrexham to set up a tie with Tottenham, winning their fourth round replay 3-1 with two of the goals coming deep into extra time.

The National League side has been a success under the leadership of A-list actors Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney. Most neutrals would loved to have seen them to host a glamour showdown featuring Harry Kane, Antonio Conte and others.

It was evident however just how much Sheffield United were the stronger side, but yet could have gone either way when Anel Ahmedhodzic’s opener was cancelled by Paul Mullin’s controversial penalty.

Mullin failed to score a second penalty, superbly saved.

The Blades were able to play the villain role as they scored injury-time goals by Sander Berge and Billy Sharp, meaning that they will be playing Spurs on the 1st of March.

“It was a great cup tie over the two games. They played excellently,” Sharp told ITV Sport.

“I think they’ve been disrespectful, though. A few things before the game, thinking they were already through; I’m glad we’ve beaten them.

“They’re doing well in their league, we’re doing well in ours. I wasn’t happy with a few of their players tonight but that’s it now, we’ve got one over on them, Good luck to them for promotion but hopefully we’ll put that one to bed because I wasn’t happy with a few of their players.

“I was a bit frustrated at the end, I probably should’ve put the game to bed before I did but it’s one of those things, I want to win and I want to get through to the next round.

“I wasn’t happy with the way they’ve been as a club before the game, eyeing up Spurs,” Sharp added. “They’ve not even beaten us.

“We’re an honest set of lads and we want to go as far as we can in this competition. If we get beaten in the next round, so be it. We’ll give it a right go.

“I think they thought we were just going to roll over when we get back in it. I think the referee was helping them all night as well, I don’t think he gave me one foul all night.

“It’s one of those things, I probably lost my head a little bit but I’ve got a smile on my face because we’ve got through to the next round of the Cup and the boys deserve it.”

These claims were furiously denied by Tozer, who accused the Sheffield United players of lacking humility.

Tozer added that Blades players told his teammates to ‘shove the documentary’, in reference to the Welcome to Wrexham series on Disney+ looking at the club after Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney completed their takeover.

“I feel like a bit of a dampener has been put on the game with the way they’ve acted in the tunnel. They showed a real lack of humility,” Tozer said.

“But that’s the way they want to be and I feel like if we won that game we would’ve shown a lot more humility and respect.

“They should show more respect to us. They were telling us to ‘shove it on the documentary’.

“I feel like he’s [Sharp] fabricated stuff in his head to make that acceptable for himself if I’m honest.

“I said to him face-to-face, ‘show a bit more humility’. We’ve congratulated them on the win, we haven’t sulked, we’ve walked down the tunnel as normal and it’s just a shame that that’s the way it’s ended.”

When asked if there was anything disrespectful at the end of Wrexham, Tozer said: “Not at all, not from our part.

“Apparently they were tweeting Tottenham tickets before this game was played.

“And you had people like Oli McBurnie saying stuff in the press; I don’t think any of our lads said anything disrespectful. We certainly approached the game properly.

“If that’s the way they want to be that’s the way they want to be.”

Parkinson was unhappy with Sharp’s conduct, saying: “I am a bit disappointed with Billy to be honest with you, some of the things he was shouting down the tunnel at the end.

“Well done Bill, you’re a fantastic player but I thought he was disrespectful after the game. I think the way the players celebrated and the crowd and staff was just a mark of how tough we made for them and they were relieved to get through.

“The message to Billy is: You’re better than that, you really are. My players are humble people and a great credit to the football club.”

When questioned on Wrexham’s criticism of Sharp, United boss Paul Heckingbottom said: “There is a way to win and there is a way to lose.”

“We have taken a very, very good team right to the wire. We missed a penalty and I think if that had gone in we would have gone on to win the game,” said Parkinson.

“Over this cup run we have showed everyone what we are all about as a football club and the spirit of Wrexham and how strong it is. We said we wanted the cup run to enhance the league campaign and I really feel it has.”

This is how fans reacted as Ben Tozer and Phil Parkinson slams Billy Sharp over the ‘disrespectful’ interview…

@The1884Rams: @billysharp10 doing Billy Sharp things. When a national league side is making you that upset, think it’s time to hang up those boots Billy.

@RowleyOnARiver: #wxhamafc deserved to be humbled last night. Calling us Sheffield. Acting as though they already had Spurs to plan for. Was hilarious to watch them left with nothing last night. It’s not the Hollywood underdog story they want you to believe. #SUFC

@Jordansufc: Funny that. A few words in a tunnel and he’s crying. Wasn’t crying every time they had a throw in etc and they were chatting shit to our fans laughing at them, only one club got the last laugh, hope u enjoy next round against spurs mate.

@1984_mjb: Nothing shows humility as much as throwing coins, smoke bombs and bottles at the GK before jumping stadium hoardings to try and fight him. Stay humble Wrexham

@Danny42215339: @billysharp10 1 of the most respected people in all of football, legend of the game and you get a donut like this thinking he’s saying the thing he did out of “lack of respect & humility”. Get a grip you 🔔 Oh and GL in next round agaisnt Spurs 😏⚔️ #twitterblades #sufc

@TBlade1889: What an absolute clown you reap what you sow, all this Hollywood bollocks has gone to some of their players heads they needed taking down a peg or two.

@GinnerWina: My word, the thing is, you have to earn respect. Ben Tozer was quite happy to chat away at the ref in both games, but is complaining about some hurty hurty words in the tunnel? Want to see humility from opponents? Don’t be a shithouse. #twitterblades

@bladepicker: Best thing about the Billy interview is seeing football neutral twitter implode. Wrexham were cheating horrible twats managed by Phil Parkinson to be like that. Forgive us for not joining in with the spaff fest. Up the Blades.

@ctsmclovinya: Spot on though, love the honesty. VAR or not, that first pen was awful. Even the red in the first game. Like the Wrexham story, but glad it’s Sheff United through tbh.

@Jamie_LEC: Spot on! Refs did everything over both legs to get Wrexham through! That sending off in first leg is NUTS hasn’t happened… even VAR miss stuff like that!

@Shauno34080948: It’s reyt , both the BBC and ITV gushing over Wrexham, sickly 🤮

@daveyell82: 37 year old striker 3 leagues higher thinking our players expected to roll them over… what a whopper Billy Sharp is. Rattled much? 😂

@DannyWhitefoot: Crying at a national league side potentially eyeing up playing spurs at home, what a 🛎 end

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