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Ben Foster insists Everton fans are ‘horrible’ to their players which helps opposition

Ben Foster insists Everton fans are ‘horrible’ to their players which helps opposition teams when turning up at Goodison Park.

The Toffees are struggling in the Premier League and currently sit 16th, just two points above the relegation zone in one of their worst seasons in their recent history.

The Goodison Park faithful have expressed their unhappiness in many ways this term, mainly due to the ownership, poor performances and managerial merry-go-round.

We make a point of saying it' - Ben Foster reveals what Watford players  think of 'horrible' Everton atmosphere - Liverpool Echo

And Foster reckon the home support turning on their own players is ‘massive’ and is something opposition teams take advantage of when playing at home.

“If you can get on top of Everton early doors, the Everton fans are horrible to the Everton players,” Foster said on his ‘The Fozcast’ podcast.

“They are horrible, they get right on top of them. They get in their players’ heads, for sure.”

When asked what it’s like to be an opposition player in that scenario, Foster said: “That’s massive, we always say before the game that we need to start fast, we need to get on top of them.

“We said that before our game away at Goodison Park [earlier this season], they scored after two minutes! We won 5-2, in the end.

“But, yeah, we do make a point of saying it: the Everton fans are horrible.

“If it looks like we’re overrunning them or something, they get on the Everton players.”

Everton supporters’ groups meanwhile are urging their own to bring banners, flags and their best singing voices with them to Saturday’s huge Premier League fixture.

A statement from the groups involved in the movement read: “Evertonians have always been there for our club and always will be.

“There’s been lots of off-field distractions in recent weeks, but there’s one thing that unites all Evertionians – and that’s getting behind the team. There’s never been a more important time for us to do so in our club’s recent history.

“Every Blue has their own memories of how special Goodison can be and how intimidating it can be for opposition teams.

“We need to recreate that and show how we back the team as soon as we step foot into the ground and from the first whistle to the last.

“A number of us [including The Originals, Everton Fans’ Forum, View From The Bullens and the County Road Bobblers] have come together in the last few days to think about every possible way Goodison can be the fortress we know it can.

“We’ve shared a few ideas with the club and are encouraging Blues to bring their flags, banners, rattles and voices on Saturday. It’s not about telling anyone how to support their team, but finding ways to make Goodison the best it can be.”

Barry Williams, a member of the Fans Forum, spoke about his hopes for the atmosphere not just this weekend, but going forward.

He said: “Everyone always says that Everton are a reactive club.

“But a few of us have got together and said instead of being reactive, why not be proactive?

“People saw on Tuesday when we played Newcastle the atmosphere was fantastic, even when we went 1-0 up they never lost the fans.

“Lampard said when he was appointed that Goodison is one of the hardest places to come, Declan Rice said it as well. But recently we’ve lost it.

“If we can just get a positive feel in the club, encourage people to shout up tomorrow, it might be the difference.”

Twitter users reacted as Ben Foster insists Everton fans are ‘horrible’ to their players which helps the opposition…

@johnocallagha11: Rightly so been left down all season

@kevjomeara1: Ben foster with 2 wins in 16 at goodison must be really easy

@jaydorrian1: Everton fans bringing up Foster has won twice at Goodison is exactly their problem. Always blaming/looking at someone else. You’re a bang average club, with fans who think you deserve the world. Smallest club in the city and biggest failure and embarrassment in the league

@AJ3: Been saying this for years. When you go you sit there for 90 minutes listening to idiots shouting “fuck off Coleman” over and over

@Rebeccawal77: Shocking by our fans

@sisyphusisbusy: How should we react when our players are not and I quote “looking like they want to push for a goal, dominating or trying to get ontop of them”?

@NmageeNeilmagee: He’s absolutely right, especially over the past few years as expectations have been raised. Been going for 50yrs through some great; but mostly mediocre/shit times. The last few years our fans have become toxic & certainly part of the problem. Just a fact.

@alandavies1985: Spot on point, some of our fanbase are toxic

@efc1978: He’s not wrong

@cj_lawlor: Spot on, I’ve been to grounds all over the world and always maintain that ours are the most miserable, entitled fanbase I’ve ever encountered. It’s not something to be proud of and it’s hugely detrimental to the team… that said, we have some shite in our squad

@MattH1878: An ex Liverpool player told me this only last year, that was literally the team talk for every club he played for & he played for a few other PL teams too

@gagsy1978: Keep seeing this, explain why we had our worst home form in the prem when no fans where in, if ot wasn’t for our home form over the year’s we’d have gone down because again apart from when no fans were in grounds our away form has always been shite

@JohnnoUK: When will people realise when you slag off our players it doesn’t fire them up it demoralises them ..Your helping the opposition every time

@kristianooo1: He’s absolutely spot on! I’m certain some of our fans just go the game to target certain players and give them shit.

@AvidEggnogger: We get on top of our own players when they keep passing the ball to the opposition or making unforced errors, it just happens that we are the best in the league at those two things

@Jeffers1878: I love how people think we berate our players because we think it will make them play better, no, we are just sick to fuck of watching them put no effort in.

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