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Ben Doak collapses with Liverpool medics rushing onto pitch in worrying scenes mid-game

Ben Doak collapses with Liverpool medics rushing onto the pitch in worrying scenes mid-game of the UEFA Youth League clash on Tuesday.

Liverpool’s youngster Ben Doak sustained a serious injury when he fell to ground after a head-to-head blow with a Sporting Lisbon player.

The 17 year old, who is playing with Scotland’s under 21s squad, was seen jumping for a header on the 7th minute of the first half and initially was able to stay standing, before clutching his head after he suffered a serious knock, which led to him losing his balance and collapse to the ground.

After a lengthy stoppage, medics were able to help the teenager back up. But as he still felt groggy, the physios took no chances and replaced him with Ranel Young in light of concussion protocol.

Head injury management (via the FA)

– If a head injury occurs, the medical team will enter the field to attend to the player. The referee will signal assent in a match situation.

– The medical staff will assess the injured player. If there has been a confirmed or suspected period of loss of consciousness, the player must be removed from the field of play, and not be allowed to return. If here is any doubt as to the course of events, elucidation may be sought from officials or other players. In the event that there is video replay available pitch-side or in the players’ tunnel, this could be used to clarify the course of events.

– Where there is a head injury, but no loss of consciousness, an on-field or touchline assessment will take place using the Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool (Pocket CRT). This should be a standard part of any pitch-side medical kit. The decision whether the player is removed from the field should be made by the attending doctor.

– If there is any suspicion of the payer having sustained a concussion, the player must be removed from the field of play, and not allowed to return.

– If the player has been removed from the field of play because of a suspected or confirmed concussion, they should be monitored until deemed fit and able to leave the venue. If in doubt, further opinion from local hospital services should be sought via the accident and emergency department.

– If allowed home, the player should not be allowed to drive, and should not be left alone, but with a responsible adult who is instructed that should there be any deterioration in the players’ condition, urgent medical attention must be sought.

– The medical attendant must ensure that the responsible adult is in possession of all contact details of that medical attendant.

– If there is no medical attendant present, and if there is any suspicion of concussion, the player must be removed from the field of play and not allowed to return. In this case medical advice should be sought from the accident and emergency department.


Fans reacted wishing Ben Doak a speedy recovery after he collapses with Liverpool medics rushing onto pitch in worrying scenes mid-game…

@OilerScots: Swinging arm there really nasty imo. Don’t see how he can continue after the way he went down.

@JamesLu7980808: Hope Ben Doak is ok that looked a horrible clash of heads

@lishinnit21: I hope Ben doak is okay

@IanShakey1953: Let’s hope he makes a full and speedy recovery

@Redtom1903: Hope he’s ok. Sounds like pretty bad concussion.

@uka8: Hope Ben Doak is ok he is the only exiting young player who could possibly play and make the grade to play for Liverpool

@zwollenaar1987: I hope it isn’t anything serious and he is back on the pitch soon

In the Reds’ previous UEFA Youth League clash, Doak was left in shock following a flare up with two red cards given to Porto in this week’s UEFA Youth League game.

A 1-1 draw played out at Liverpool’s AXA Training Centre with the hosts winning 6-5 when to came down to penalties for a place in the semi final, against Sporting.

Jesus Diaz, Luis’ brother, stepped up and missed a chance to win the shootout, before a further penalty was then dispatched by Luca Stephenson after with a miss from Umaro Cande wrapping it up for the Reds.

This sparked a melee that quickly turned into something very nasty with both sets of players and staff having to get involved.

Barry Lewtas admitted he has talked to his players after the mass brawl immediately after their UEFA Youth League penalty shootout victory over FC Porto.

“Whether there was a little bit of antagonising I don’t know,” said Lewtas, as per Liverpool Echo. “It would be really unfair for me to comment. It was a shame the way it went. I could sense from the bench that a few things went against them (Porto) it could go a certain way.

“Sometimes you have 30-odd young boys there and it can spill over. It was a bit disappointing because it looked like the playground a little bit towards the end. And I don’t think our performance replicated that.

“Listen, I’ve just spoken to the players then. We spoke about the way they behave on the way across [from the pitch to the changing rooms]. I think once you do settle down and the emotion comes out, you can behave in a certain way. I think the lads have calmed down and gone in.

“Obviously, I saw what was happening and it wasn’t the best scenes but at the same time, I don’t know what happened. And I think sometimes when players do run and celebrate at the end of a penalty shootout players can come together.”

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