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Belgium fans make drinking game out of Neymar’s diving

Belgium fans created a Facebook event that’s basically a drinking game, in which one drinks each time Brazil’s Neymar falls on the ground.

Supporters Stanley Vleminckx and Matthew De Ridder perhaps thought the best way to deal the Brazilians diving antics was to come up with a game called ‘Drink every time Neymar falls.’ More than 10,000 people registered as “participants” in the game on Facebook, with another 27,000 people said to be “interested.”

The event at Rock Werchter festival in Werchter, a village north of Brussels, and people were invited to take part in the event all over the world.

These were just one of the many dives during tonight’s game…

On July 3, former goalkeeper of Denmark’s national team Peter Schmeichel criticized Neymar for acting on the pitch, calling his behavior unworthy and saying that this should be punished. However, Ronaldo and Rivaldo, Neymar’s compatriots, spoke in defense of the player and suggested that Neymar keep falling for as long as is needed.

“Keep playing like you always did, and don’t mind criticism of players from other countries,” Rivaldo wrote in an Instagram post on July 4.

“If you have to evade, evade. If you have to score a goal, do it. If you have to fall after foul, then fall. If you have to spend time laying on the lawn, do it and win. Because everybody does the same,” he wrote.

Ronaldo also spoke in defense of Neymar, calling criticism aimed at him a “stupid thing.”

“Neymar does a lot of good for Brazil team, despite he have not yet shown his best play in this tournament. Neymar uses his mobility wisely, in order to evade foul play from his adversaries,” he said.

“At the same time, the referees do nothing to protect him, they allow the adversaries to break rules one time after another without punishment,” Ronaldo added.

Neymar has already been roasted on Twitter for some of the dives he has taken during Brazil surprising defeat to Belgium this evening, so it’s no surprise the Belgian fans got in on the fun.


Take a look at the many people who have took part in the game and the social media reaction to Neymar’s diving on the next page.

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