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BBC Sport quickly delete Twitter post about Wayne Rooney after being told to by Gary Lineker

BBC Sport quickly delete a Twitter post they had published about Wayne Rooney after being told to by presenter Gary Lineker.

In a rare case of mocking, BBC Sport uploaded a photo of Rooney, and made reference to the Peaky Blinders, only to be told to take it down, to which they listened.

Rooney was sacked from his role as manager of Birmingham City, having suffered nine defeats from his 15 games in charge of the Blues.

It has seen the fall down from 6th to 20th in the Championship table, after after the club’s announcement, BBC Sport then posted the following tweet on Twitter: ‘By order of the Peaky Blinders, Wayne Rooney has been sacked by Birmingham City.’


The BBC subsequently removed the post shortly after his blunt message got traction.

Gary Lineker gave his thoughts on the club’s decision to sack Rooney when recording his The Rest is Football podcast with Micah Richards.

Lineker said: “You have principles of play and a way of playing, but it’s probably made it more difficult for him that he’s come in to the club a couple of months after the start of the the season.

“You come in and you want to play in that manor of building from the back, but perhaps the players hadn’t been accustomed to it previously. It would be easier if you had a pre-season to convince the players of your ideas. At least you then have a month to work with them, but if you come in two or three months into the start of the season and trying to change it [style of play] – there are so many games in the Championship, and you don’t really have a week or two weeks to work on the training field to put your ethos, plan and style of football across.”

He added: “I’m not making excuses for him, the results speak for themsleves, but perhaps under those circumstances you have to think of playing in a different way, but then you give up on what you believe and he’s probably been fighting himslf in his own mind in how to get the best out of his team in those circumstances – so I do have a lot of sympathy for Wayne Rooney. I really like him as a guy.”

This isn’t not the first time that Lineker has got his freelance employers to make some sort of U-turn as earlier in 2023, he came out on the top that rather high profile spat he had with them.

He was told to step back from Match of the Day presenting duties having given a damning assessment when turning his attentions to the Conservative government’s immigration policy.

This led to huge anger from his colleagues, including the likes ofIan Wright and Shearer, who chose not to co-host Match of the Day in support of Gary Lineker.

A mass walkout from other presenters saw the show having to be aired with no pundits, so the BBC was forced to issue an apology and then brought back Gary Lineker.

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This is what other Twitter users had to say as the BBC Sport quickly take to delete their Twitter post about Wayne Rooney after being told to by Gary Lineker…

Quick lads, how can we link Peaky blinders to the Rooney sacking?
How about

@slyce_jumbo: Let’s say it was even possible that the order was given by the peaky blinders to sack Wayne Rooney, why have you then depicted Mr Rooney as a peaky blinder lol

@PeterJSmith1988: Why did the @BBCSport delete a tweet about Wayne Rooney on the say so of @GaryLineker

@jabberwocky43: Bit crass isn’t it..

@sonysteve1: It’s a bit of fun

@the_real_ivo: What a strange post from them

@1PeteAFC: Whoever made this post should also be sacked! The disrespect towards Rooney is disgraceful.

@peterdavid1953: Brilliant 😂😂 Hopefully Rooney will now get the message that he’s a terrible manager!

@cartesr: WTF is this? I can’t stand Rooney but this is pathetic

@80scorpio80: The fucking deleted it because Gary fucking Lineker said so! 😂

@NeilBarker72: Top banter

@NeilBarker72: You tell em Gary. Hahahaha. This is the tweet of the day

@Robbeddall141: Why ? You can tweet rubbish and get away with it. One rule for everyone else jugs?

@RobN1992: Get off your high horse lineker he was as bad a manager as you are a TV presenter

@stephenflynn123: Classy (not)

@jjskeffington: Dear lord, grow up ffs

@DavyW14: Dry your eyes ffs, you’ve posted worse

@goonertom18: Cringing ‘ell

@nogurultd: You are talking about someone losing their job. As you should do for this pathetic post.

@lucas_allen07: wtf is this 🤣🤣 Clowns.

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