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BBC Radio Wales commentator makes on-air blunder mishearing ‘Antony is the greatest’ chant

A BBC Radio Wales Sport commentator makes an on-air blunder when mishearing ‘Antony is the greatest’ chant from the FA Cup clash on Sunday.

The commentator was left feeling rather awkward after thinking the chant was in praise of the Man Utd player, only to realise they were actually singing something more X-rated.

Antony scored in the Fourth Round tie at Newport with it his first goal in all competitions this season, but this then saw much of the home crowd mocking him.

BBC Radio Wales Sport’s Rob Phillips said: “Antony’s the greatest, is the latest chant from the…” and it was at this point he realised what they were actually saying.

His co-commentator can be heard groaning having and Rob Phillips then corrects himself: “Oh no, it’s not greatest.

“Sorry. Apologies if you understand that.”

This chant comes amid domestic assault allegations Antony has faced, having missed a number of matches due to spending time away from the squad.

Antony only returned to the Man Utd team towards the end of September, after being in Brazil of when he had been with the national team, but was subsequently withdrawn as allegations arose.

He was allowed a leave of absence so that he could deal with the allegations he faced from ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin and two other women.

Cavallin accused him on four occasions with police investigating the matter in both Sao Paulo and Manchester. Antony has always denied any wrongdoing. Police haven’t arrested or charged him.

In a statement in September 2023, Manchester United said: “Since allegations were first made in June, Antony has cooperated with police inquiries in both Brazil and the UK, and he continues to do so.

“As Antony’s employer, Manchester United has decided that he will resume training at Carrington, and be available for selection, while police inquiries proceed. This will be kept under review pending further developments in the case.

“As a club we condemn acts of violence and abuse. We recognise the importance of safeguarding all those involved in this situation, and acknowledge the impact these allegations have on survivors of abuse.”

Meanwhile, another allegation came in, with Ingrid Lana saying in an interview with Record TV in Brazil that Antony had been aggressive towards her back in October 2022, saying that he could have killed her.

A third allegation was made against him in which it involved an incident in a car in May last year, before the case was withdrawn at the request of the alleged victim.

Rayssa de Freitas said she needed hospital treatment in May 2022 when she was attacked by Antony and Dudu’s former wife Mallu Ohana with it happening inside Antony’s Land Rover after they all left a nightclub in Sao Paulo.

Antony has so far made 23 appearances for the Premier League giants for the 2023/24 season, but it was at League Two Newport when he scored his first goal with his celebration seeing his fall to his knees and point at the sky.

Twitter users reacted after the BBC Radio Wales commentator makes an on-air blunder mishearing the ‘Antony is the greatest’ chant…

@HamImages: lolololololol, that’s hilarious!

@MrSammyJames: actual gasp of air when I heard this

@_shelbie97: How did they not piss themselves laughing when they realised 😭😭

@GemmaAiston: Absolutely superb work from Radio Wales. Take a bow lads 👏👏👏

@SteWinny: Hahaha that groan when they realise

@throrgon: Only just seen this. What happens when the presenter mixes up the words ‘greatest’ and ‘rapist’

@WitlessWolrab: The cherry on the icing on the cake…what a weekend for english football

@ChrisTheLewis: Impossible to state just how funny this is

@drumflip: Yet some will say that the license fee isn’t value for money.

@maxcpfc21: Might be the best thing I’ve seen this year and it’s still January

@BigTallTweets1: Thanks BBC Wales. Just spat coffee all down my shirt.

@JH____16: Sensational, some weekend of football

@DanielJMoffat13: The magic of the FA Cup, unbeatable 😎

@cookieclose: That’s amazing.

@ryanward1976: I can’t stop listening to this 😂

@xfootballia: Has to go down as one of the best moments in BBC Radio History!

@Alfiecollinson1: Ahahahahah fuckin hell that’s class

@Tom_Rhodes: That’s it for 2024 lads, might as well pack up now. Won’t be topped.

@_lufcsam: UK football fans done themselves proud this weekend

@NCSL1892: …meanwhile in a press box where commentators realised words that rhymed with “greatest” 🙈🙈 #NUFC

@GrantR_1867: Fucking ‘ell 😂😂😂😂

@ggh1992: Fucking folded at that hahahaha

@Alex_B29: Radio heritage from Rob Phillips 😆

@iamadamsykes: The greatest piece of radio of all time.

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