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Bath City boss tweets post in anger at offside decision in defeat against St Albans

Bath City boss tweets post in anger at offside decision in his side’s 3-1 defeat against St Albans on Saturday afternoon.

Within the first 30 minutes, St Albans found themselves in a two goal lead. Banton found space to the right of Bath with a long ball forward on the 8th minutes, and Cooper was n hand to score from a low cross.

In the 27th minute Max Harris with an attempt to claim a high ball in the box, allowing Banton and the Saints to make it 2-0.

Scott Wilson looked extremely unlucky to not give the hosts a goal back four minutes later, when his low shot struck the inside of the post.

After the break, Bath fought on and Sonny Cox’s 64-minute finish from Elliott Frear’s corner reduced the deficit.

Cody Cooke saw his 75th minute header come back of the post, with Cox being denied by a great block from Adebiyi shortly after.

City thought they got an leveller with four minutes left on the clock when Danny Greenslade scored from Opi Edwards’ free kick. However, a tight offside decision was made to disallow the goal.

In stoppage time, St Albans sealed the win when Moore crossed for Weiss to volley past Harris.

On the offside decision, Gill tweeted alongside a photo: “Shocker of a decision to give Danny offside. This was a really good equaliser that got chalked off because of a guess. As discussed Mr Linesman my phone is on I’m waiting for your call 📞 😡”

In his post-match interview: “I thought we were excellent second half credit to St Albans sometimes. And I said, at some point we are going to have a moment in a game when it doesn’t quite happen for us physically because we’ve been embroiled in so many tough battles, so many games Saturday, Tuesday, and with a small group, it’s really challenging.

“I’ve said that week in, week out. So today first half combination, really, of some really good movement from St Albans, some excellent play, possession based football.

“We were sort of getting there just as the ball’s gone, couldn’t quite get up to the ball and they caused us loads of problems with that. So they were the better side.

“They went in 2-0. I’m not sure whether it should have been 2-0. It’s tight affair, but we never really got anything going. We’ve hit the bottom of the post, obviously.

“First half and a few half chances. I felt as if we were a little bit negative in our play. We were playing backwards a lot. The pitch had changed from Tuesday night to being really zippy to being really bobbly and quite dry, actually, and difficult to play on.

“So we sort of recognised at halftime we probably had to be a bit more direct and go into the front, but the two goals are soft as well.

“There wasn’t great defending from us. Obviously one of our centre backs let him come inside for the first one and then obviously there’s a little bit of a collision for the second one, which shouldn’t happen anyway.

“I thought we were the better side second half, I thought. Last 35 minutes, put on loads of pressure, score a really goal, good goal from a set piece. I thought we were a threat from set pieces all day.

“And then some dubious decisions obviously go against us as well. When we’re trying to get some ascendancy and some momentum in the game and it’s difficult, then I get booked for a nonsense really, because it’s our ball. The ball comes when he stops play. It should be our ball. We’ve regained it in the middle of the pitch. We’ve got everyone in the box, so that’s us. We have to regain that.

“So, listen, some funny decisions went against us. Nothing less than what we thought was a really good legitimate equaliser, excellent free kick from Danny Greenslade. It looks level to me where I am, but the linesman made the decision, I think if he’s going to make a decision. He has to be 100% sure. Don’t think he was. So that went against us a little bit, but we’ll be back again. It’s not for the want to try and lack of effort. There was some real good effort, just a little bit of fatigue had set in today. But really pleasing. They show an attitude to try and get back in the game.”

This is what fans said as the  Bath City boss tweets a post in anger at the offside decision in the National League South defeat against St Albans…

@LeakeyKeith: Leaving the game I was fuming at the decision, linesman cost us the game etc. But watching a slow motion on someone’s phone who was bang in line the freeze frame showed it to be off by the slightest margin, hate to say it but I think linesman got it right unfortunately

@PaulRog21526508: That looks onside from that video,I go to Premiership games regularly and thought refs were bad there but that ref on Saturday was shocking, never seen a ref so worried about someone taking a free kick in their own half and the ball being in the exact spot!

@alex27park: Was behind the goal. Looked perfectly good from where I was. Could easily have gone on to win that match. Saying that St. Albans were terrific in the first half.

@stu24jones: Let me know how that goes for you!!!

@IanHedges7: @JerryGill_2 is a very respected and indeed respectable manager. At times I’ve wondered if we’re on the right lines, but ultimately Bath are playing fabulous football! He’s very respectful of officials but this mistake wrecked the match! The officials need to learn too!

@ChisieWeirdo: The liner most probably got it right & regardless, for a coach to take to social media like this is not respectful to officials. So many incidents of abuse of officials every weekend now, at all levels. Needs to be cut out at pro & semi pro level, as hugely negative examples

@Duncan11012023: So it appears that it actually was NOT a “shocker of a decision” at all!! Wonder if this tweet will be deleted or at least another tweet to apologise? I’ll not hold my breath….

@DillonGascoigne: Hardly a shocker. Looks like a close but in the end, a brilliant call. Well done that Assistant! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

@Bookster77: Unbelievable Jeff.. Not even close … wankers

@therealcjhill: What’s all this, not a 100% certain garbage. Or AR was guessing. Are you lot for real. The AR who will have been in the perfect position, who has trained the most on these decisions, will have been a 100% certain in his mind, if not he wouldnt have lifted flag.

@AdamMatravers4: Hardly slagging off just a ridiculous call to stick your flag up when you could not have been 100% certain it was offside so therefore how can you give it 🤷‍♂️ One angle I have seen is offside but that was with the ball off the ground, this one shows as the kick is taken he’s onside

@Spike_City: Shock horror, Jerry Gill slagging of the officials! 🙄

@StuartLock: You want the games re-refereed by social media? No wonder no-one wants to take up the whistle,

@MMAShane: “Shocker” implies it was a clear error. It isn’t. It seems the assistant was more likely correct. You have passively aggressively come to social media to abuse an official. You should be ashamed of yourself. Focus on your own shortcomings & your players. Get better. Be better.

@adamhembrow1: This picture does nothing to support you or the linesman.

@JayneSm36480118: As I said disgraceful decision 🤬

@Mlabus5: Never off-side. Awful decision.

@lloydey_01: It was offside. Delete and apologise.

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