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Barrow issue ‘weak’ statement after vile chants heard in game against Walsall

Barrow had took to issue a ‘weak’ statement after vile chants were heard from the stands in the League Two game against Walsall in midweek.

An investigation has been launched after a series of derogatory remarks were made about a football fan who sadly died in June 2022.

The Cumbrian outfit say they would be working with the relevant authorities to monitor the situation.

However fans are dismayed at how poor the response was especially at how horrid the chant was and how much it marred the game.


Following last night’s Sky Bet League Two fixture against Walsall, we have been made aware of derogatory remarks from a small number of spectators that referred to a Walsall fan who tragically lost his life just two months ago.

We must emphasise and remind everyone that these remarks do not reflect the opinions, thoughts or values of Barrow AFC, and we deplore any behaviour of its kind.

As a result, we are working with the relevant authorities to monitor this situation going forward.

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After reading it, VitalWalsall wrote via their blog site: “Barrow have today released a statement condemning a small section of their fans who directed vile chants towards murdered Walsall fan Ryan Harvey.

“The club have not informed the public that an investigation will take place, they have not informed the public that they will monitor CCTV and they have not informed the public that those who are accountable for such vile chants will face punishment – it feels a very weak, rushed and forced statement from the club.

“Ryan Harvey was murdered this summer whilst on a pre-season trip with his Walsall friends – he was aged just twenty two.

“A small section of teenage Barrow fans were heard chanting about Ryan’s death during our 2-1 defeat last night.

“We call on Barrow to take tougher action against those that orchestrated such a vile tirade against a defenceless Walsall supporter. Shame on all of you.”

Social media users had their say as Barrow issue what is described as a ‘weak’ statement after vile chants were heard in the game against Walsall…

@20three__: small number of “fans” dragging the clubs name through the mud, well done addressing it though 👏👏👏

@Danielgamesyt6: Disgusting

@JamesHibbert11: These small minded individuals never and will never represent the hard working loyal fans who love our club

@jeffbarrow81: Life time bans if found.

@Leewfc09: Need to issue lifetime bans. This kind of behaviour has no place in the game. Had this type of chants happened with a larger crowd following there could have been a lot of trouble. Trouble that I don’t want my children to have to witness at a game.

@StarWarsNerd73: Pathetic behaviour! I wouldn’t call them fans, we as a club are better than that!

@RicardoGravy: Sorry Barrow but this falls way short of what you should and can do. All areas of the ground will be covered hy CCTV and the area in which this was happening will no doubt have been made clear too you. Identify them and call them in. What would you expect to be done if it were you

@ArrowsmithLiam: Mate I’m a Walsall fan but what more do you want? They’re conducting an investigation and will deal with anyone found to be guilty of the actions.

@mvpcarlos: Weak statement

@bono1712: Absolutely vile

@markwebb77: Is the cctv working now??? They must’ve paid the bill rather sharpish

@mortgagecarl: Sadly there is a minority at every club. Hope you get to the bottom of this and deal with the offender (s) in an appropriate manner.

@DaveIcke: “working with the relevant authorities to monitor this situation going forward” come on you can do better than that surely you are going to look in to this, if this was @WFCOfficial fans singing this about a football fan that has lost his life I would be disgusted ♥️💚

@ptwfc71: That statement and the inaction it propagates fall a long way short. I’d have another go if I were you.

@GWilliamsLLM: @BarrowAFC Im afraid that’s rather too weak a statement. If there is CCTV and sufficient evidence as to who was actually engaged in this I would have expected much firmer action to be taken. A family had lost a loved one and this response is frankly inadequate. May I suggest that you discuss with your police liaison officer whether or not they should be investigating whether an offence was committed under the Public Order Act?

@Javenova_: Sick of us getting a bad reputation, it’s time we actually start taking this seriously and handing out bans

@HR19WFC: It’s not enough is it absolutely no back bone as a club more has to be done

@Rob4481587: Guarantee none of those big enough to give it last night have the bollocks to travel down to Walsall for the away fixture. Vile people.

@alexsimpson04: no mention of investigations or bans- just ‘monitoring moving forward’ – fucking pathetic

@powellywolves: These barrow lot giving it the big un to Walsall am in for a shock when they go down there👍🏻

@WalsallfcN: So they aren’t going to do anything about it then cheers @BarrowAFC you have just given your fans the go ahead to make fun of any tragically in football but I wonder what the response would of been if it was the other way around

@GazPar81: When did fans stop showing respect? Bolton mocking a player being stretchered off and then you read this about Barrow fans.

@WFCJamie2: what a shite statement, ‘monitoring the situation’ in other words nothing is going to happen in terms of punishments etc. Get a grip lads and start handing some bans out to those responsible

@tinkzox: This screams ‘sorry not sorry’ what a fake ass apology.

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