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Barnsley’s Luca Connell ‘tells Bolton’s Ian Evatt to meet him outside’ at full time

Barnsley’s Luca Connell ‘tells Bolton’s Ian Evatt to meet him outside’ at the full time whistle with jeers aimed at the player.

The Trotters extended their unbeaten run against the Tykes to 14 games but a stalemate left the hosts rather frustrated and it showed in Evatt’s post-match reaction.

This was Bolton’s first point in three league matches but the side, who boast the division’s tightest defence, again failed to score.

The home team, last beaten by their Yorkshire visitors in 1998, bossed possession but chances for both of these play-off contenders were limited.

In the 2nd minute, Dion Charles saw his effort beaten away by Barnsley goalkeeper Brad Collins and Dapo Afolayan, back in the starting line-up for the first time since August, fired a free-kick over the crossbar.

Barnsley – who remain in sixth, one place above Bolton – did have the ball in the net in the first half but James Norwood was flagged offside.

Ex-Bolton midfielder Luca Connell tried an audacious long-range chip in the second half but on hand was keeper James Trafford who remained as untroubled as his opposite number.

Barnsley might have snatched the points, but Norwood’s header from Nicky Cadden’s cross went over the bar while Cadden’s stoppage-time free-kick was kept out by Trafford.

Footage has emerged with after the game, with @JackHall7362 writing along with a clip: “Big fan of Luca Connell telling the Bolton manager to meet him outside… great point #barnsleyfc”

Wanderers boss Ian Evatt spoke to the press and this is what he had to say as per Manchester Evening News his immediate reaction to the League One draw.

Is there frustration?

“I was frustrated. There are so many things to be positive about with that performance. We have to remember they’re a team that have just come down from the Championship, almost made the Premier League 18 months ago, and basically they’ve come and paid us the utmost respect, sacrificed everything what they’ve been doing and kept men behind the ball and tried to frustrate and disrupt and we have to take lots of positives and compliments from that.

“Against that type of low block and so many men behind the ball, it’s difficult to create really clear cut opportunities and chances but we did have probably two really good ones that we didn’t take, but that’s just the way things are going at the minute. I think we’re all frustrated with the lack of goals and it’s only been this last week.

“I’ve just said that to the players it feels like a long time and a week in football sometimes is, but there’s so many positives to come from the way we’ve just dominated that game.

“That team beat Sheffield Wednesday comfortably at Hillsborough and we’ve completely dominated the game today. No real ambition from them to win the game and that speaks volumes for how we’ve been doing.”

Is there a simple way to restore confidence or do you just have to keep working at it?

“I’ve just said to them it’s frustrating because it’s almost the chicken and the egg scenario. From their perspective, they’re probably saying we need a run of games, but if we don’t score in two or three games, then I’ve got three or four of them sat on the bench that are waiting for an opportunity and want one.

“Also you don’t want to make too much of an issue out of it because it is only a week, it is only three games, and I don’t want them to become desperate or panicky or overthink things. I think we’re doing so much right, so much of our game against the ball is excellent and our record speaks volumes for that.

“Our build phase and how we’re getting it into the final third and the amount of final third entries is excellent, it’s just that last bit of detail, the last pass, the last decision, the last finish that’s been lacking this past week.”

There’s a strange irony you’ve got the best defensive record in the division?

“Yeah and normally when you see that, it’s teams that sacrifice, stay behind the ball, stay compact, but we’re the complete opposite. We attack, we’re expansive, but we control games with possession. I think we had 60 odd today, so the opposition obviously can’t score if we’ve got the ball and then the way we press from front to back is brilliant.

“Our couterpress is excellent, and that’s a team thing, it’s not just the back four or five that should celebrate clean sheets and our defensive record, it is a team game and the way press against the ball high up the pitch is excellent.”

Do you need a break in front of goal?

“Even at the end and the one right at the back post a yard or two out, we just want it to hit Dion in the b******k and go in! It’s just one of those things we just need to happen at the moment just to break the cycle!

“There’s so many things that we’re doing right and it’s easy to point the blame at the things we’re doing wrong but everything we’ve done has given us a base and a foundation to add that little bit of magic on the end and once we do that and click at the top end of the pitch, we’re going to be a really good team.”

Fans reacted as Barnsley’s Luca Connell ‘tells Bolton’s Ian Evatt to meet him outside’ at full time…

@markyatesbwfc: Hahaha easy to act ten men as he was walking away

@jobo901: Can’t see Luca winning that battle – he was a little scrote today – good to see the Bolton lads making sure he went off

@_ChrisSeddon: Only one winner in that fight. Pipe down Luca

@James84Dean: He’d last 2 seconds

@bmorris6868: 🤣🤣🤣 don’t know where I found that lad.

@Sophthecatsmum: You wouldn’t have seen him run faster if our gaffer had turned up outside & waited for him. 🫣🤣

@Charlie2249: Would get battered

@harveybwfc: Evatt would clatter the melt

@andyroodaddyo: What a bell end

@APeet9: He’d get absolutely bullied

@JoshHodginsNew: Guys a little rat 😂

@bwfc_archie5: Absolute weapon

@thomasgbwfc91: Connell would get twatted

@Barnettjack17: Gu on son

@jkecrx: was inevitable, kid was a little shithouse against the club that made him, fair play played well imo

@LeahFortx: Hahahaha why the fuck is he acting like he wouldn’t get absolutely dropped, embarrassing behaviour

@gazguest_93: What a little prick he is, Evatt would fucking murder him. Not many times I can remember booing an ex player off but Luca Connell is a wanker. We always say once in never out but Luca Connell has fucked that up. At least the nob has got a haircut since Bolton days.

@BWFCL8N: For a start, Evatt would murder this gimp. & he was a horrible dirty bastard all game. Can’t blame him for leaving when he did, but he can scran shit for all I care. Fuck you Luca.

@number1wanderer: Little mouthy shit couldn’t knock a wank out

@Matthewridley10: Hes turned into a prat

@__Matty10: Gonna hazard a guess that Connell didn’t meet him outside

@Connor_bwfc98: Barnsley fans serenading him after doing absolutely fuck all, all game 😂

@CurttBWFC: HAHAH defo didnt tell him come outside evatt would kill him 😭😭 #bwfc

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