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Barnsley report Reading to the EFL with threat of legal action

Barnsley have chose to report Reading to the EFL with a threat of legal action as per a report from The Athletic at the weekend.

The Tykes chief executive Khaled El-Ahmad has written to the league organisation as they feel the club’s finances have put them at a competitive disadvantage.

Barnsley ask for more clarity on Reading’s compliance with their profitability and sustainability rules, with both fighting to avoid the drop.

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The Royals have already been punished with a six-point deduction back in November for breaching rules amid major losses.

This of course could see them relegated, especially with Derby County looking to cause one of the biggest miracles in football history.

It puts pressure on Reading who have suffered consecutive recent losses against Blackpool and Millwall.

Paul Ince’s side currently sit six points above Barnsley, who suffered a big blow at the weekend after falling to a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Wayne Rooney’s side.

The Rams climb above Poya Asbaghi’s men as the survival race took another twist as we enter the final 10 games or so of the Championship campaign.

Despite losing at Pride Park, Barnsley had won three of their previous four league fixtures prior to Saturday’s game, given them a real chance of staying in the second tier.

Reading could face a further six-point deduction, one that will come into effect next term, if they can’t remain within the business plan agreed with the EFL in November.

Barnsley chief executive Khaled El-Ahmad has hinted legal action could be on the way if his side are relegated and the Berkshire outfit manage to stay afloat in the division.

This is the Middlesbrough, Wycombe, Derby scenario all over again.

According to The Athletic, he wrote: “We believe Reading are at a sporting advantage in the 2021-22 season, by continuing to operate a business model that is incompatible with P&S.

“Barnsley are at a competitive disadvantage now. We therefore find it objectionable that a breach that is occurring now would not be sanctioned until 2022-23.

“We are keen to avoid a similar situation to that which Wycombe Wanderers currently find themselves in whereby we are forced to take legal action if sanctions are applied in a non-coterminous period when the continuous and sustained breach of regulations occurred”.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Twitter users have reacted as Barnsley report Reading to the EFL with a threat of legal action…

@MozzasMoshPit: I have it on good authority that @EFL feel they have dealt with the issue of Reading being at a “competitive advantage” by advising them to appoint Paul Ince as manager

@Williamsp57Paul: Glad they’ve done this….the @efl opened the box and set precedents supporting Boro and Wycombe…..the efl are to blame for this ….and this will only be the start.

@vickydrip: The EFL allowed this when they changed the rules and let Middlesboro do what they did to us earlier this season. They reap what they sow and part of me can’t wait until they are inundated with claims like this every year.

@Dominic__96: @JimWhite @Sjopinion10 here we go… EFL have got a 💩 storm heading their way

@JamieCollis1995: Transfer embargo, 6 point deduction, terrible run and took to long to sack the manager… yeah we’ve had a massive advantage compared to Barnsley

@Williamsp57Paul: It doesn’t matter….@efl opened Pandora’s box with Boro and Wycombes claims with Derby…ridiculous claims but can cripple a club as efl class these as football debts .

@callumdcfc1: Problem being the EFL have set a precedent after entertaining claims against Derby Don’t really want football to go this way but it’s inevitable now

@KyranFlurry7: They having a laugh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Williamsp57Paul: No… blame the @efl for their actions with Boro and Wycombe against Derby…..looks like reading going to get the same claims…ridiculous claims, but can cripple a claim as efl class any claims as football debt.

@DarrenDoherty83: Awkward moment when Derby put a claim in aswell 🤣

@ManlikeMatt10: Knew this would happen, EFL only have themselves to blame after allowing the claims against, Peterborough realistically have grounds to complain as well

@MrPeteGriff: They really think the way we are run puts us at an advantage? 🤪

@callumbobdave: The EFL have investigated and have called for an immediate further 9 point deduction to derby county

@Jack_Pow: Can of worms well and truly opened now. Well played @EFL 👏🏼

@BigSi076: They’re hardly wrong. Half the league have been cheating.

@BarryGr39069259: It’s nice to See “Competitive” and Reading FC in the same sentence…. Thank you

@BenCape3: Rent free.

@scorbymurdstone: The EFL opened the can and the worms are everywhere. The season used to end with the playoffs, now it will end with the court cases. Maybe they’ll shown them live on Sky. #SaveDerbyCounty

@msgbat: And so it begins

@Ewan_Valentine: Who could have predicted this 🤦🏻‍♂️the EFL have opened the flood gates to claims like these

@joewilderr: We’ll cheat when we want

@lilraz92: Finances have put clubs at a disadvantages since the beginning of football 😂

@isaacgr33nwood: Fucking hell they’re it again…

@ibboryan: This is just embarrassing. I’m a Barnsley fan anorl and embarrassed to be that. So sorry Reading trust me the majority of our fans don’t want this.

@alwestie106: Cheating….have they seen how shit we are???

@michaelbates8: It was just a matter of time before the #dcfc /#wwfc/#mfc scenario happens again…

@ZW_bfc: We have so much banter it’s amazing

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