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Barnet FC to leave The Hive and build a brand new stadium back in Barnet

Barnet FC chairman Anthony Kleanthous has announced plans for the club to leave The Hive and build a brand new stadium back in Barnet.

The Bees, who sit 3rd in the National League table with 59 points from 32 games played, has recently announced their intention to depart from their current home and moved back to where they should be.

For over a century, Underhill Stadium served as Barnet’s cherished home until the club faced lease disputes with the council, leading to their relocation in 2013.

But since then, The Bees have been playing their matches at The Hive Stadium, but Kleanthous has consistently expressed his aspiration to eventually bring the club back to its original grounds.

Although Underhill Stadium has been demolished, the process of returning the club to Barnet is about to commence, with plans underway for a new stadium boasting a potential capacity of 8,000.

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I am delighted to announce our exciting plans to end our ten-year exile in Harrow and bring Barnet FC back to Barnet.

Our initial three-year tenure at The Hive was extended indefinitely by Harrow Council but I always felt that if it were possible, then Barnet FC should return to the home from where it took its identity.

During the long months of Covid, I busied myself with trying to find a way to bring the Club back home and met with Barnet Council to ask for their support in locating a suitable site on which I could build a new stadium.

I undertook to fund the full cost of construction so that we could progress without any funding delays.

After months of searching, it became clear that the best site was the one we originally identified at South Underhill and so we asked our architect to revisit these proposals.

This new scheme is a redesigned slimmed down version of our original planning application at the South Underhill site and accounts for the existing layouts and usages in place with the new school and their needs at the forefront of the project.

Along with the smaller 6,000 – 8,000 capacity stadium, there are two Multi Use Games Areas, a circulation and recreational zone for pupils, a formal pitch for training and playing purposes on Barnet Playing Fields, and a school drop-off zone for pupils which will help alleviate the morning rush hour traffic problems in the area.

We have instructed WSP Planning Consultancy to commence the pre-application process. Sean McGrath from WSP will be heading the project and engaging directly with Barnet Council and their Planning Officers in the pre-planning process in order to finalise an application.

We will be providing a progress update at the end of the month.

We hope that we will receive the full support of Barnet FC fans, local residents and the Council so that we can bring our incredible Club back to where it belongs.


This is how fans reacted with Barnet FC to leave The Hive and build a brand new new stadium back in Barnet…

@MikeyBoy17: You see, this is why some things are best kept underwraps until they’re ready to be announced. Stops all the rumour and Chinese whispers from happening. The upshot is that we could sell The Hive to Wealdstone at an 85% markup!

@Pennybee85: OMG I’m in shock this is the greatest news ever. WE’RE COMING HOME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🐝 🐝 🐝

@Gary29530714: This is absolutely brilliant news. Well done TK. Hopefully look forward to watching us back in Barnet.

@Harry27Brown: I cant believe it!! TK you are forgiven, I fuckin Love you!!!!

@duncanyoung68: As a 56 year old this probably won’t happen in my lifetime but thrilled for future generations 🥰 🐝

@HGEN5B: It might be TK in???????

@da33a7: Goosebumps moment!!

@tomslevin2: This is the greatest news I’ve ever heard

@RDCEames: Well done Mr Chairman, great to see. Home is home. Get Villages hut back up and running too!

@rickard_louie: @WealdstoneFC need a ground lads?

@MattLR28: Great news! Will be great to be back at Underhill and hopefully there arent any more delays or issues like there was originally.

@Djeffs1980: Sadly I can’t see it, I think it helps pile the pressure on Harrow Council. It also buys years of time of not having to redevelope the Terrace/stand as we won’t care about the hive. I really hope I am wrong but not a bit of it makes sense

@kiely_mal: It’s coming home, it’s coming home, Barnet’s coming home 👊

@PagalPhil: Wow, amazing news!

@Romanprot: Oh. My. Fucking. Days. 🥹

@Barnet_Gooner: Let’s hope Barnet Council behave this time and not waste all the clubs money in stupid red tape as they constantly done throughout the last 30 years. Come on Barnet time to come home 👏👏

@Tommy_Oldham1: I wont lie I only ever saw Underhill from the outside I’ve yet to visit the Hive which isn’t popular for home or away fans looks a decent ground to be fair this design. #groundhopping

@ChristinaZandes: This is honestly such beautiful news to see for my hometown, FA cup games only 10mins away 🤣🧡


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