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Barnet and Newport see bizarre own goal and ‘Hand of God’ moment in FA Cup replay

Barnet and Newport see a bizarre own goal and a ‘Hand of God’ moment which stood in the FA Cup Second Round replay on Tuesday night.

It was overall a comfortable night for the League Two outfit, who made the 5 hour round trip for the game at The Hive Stadium, coming away with a 4-1 victory.

Newport were already 3-0 up by the 25th minute through Lewis Payne, Omar Bogle and a Collinge own goal, before Harry Pritchard pulled one back before the break.

But it was two goals in particular that got plenty of talk. with the scoreline already at 2-0 on 24 minutes, a huge mix-up at the back led to Collinge nodding into his own net.

Barnet got one back on the verge of half time, with thanks to Harry Pritchard’s hand. Have a watch of it below…

Seb Palmer-Houlden’s strike sealed the 4-1 win, and a place into the Third Round, where they will face Eastleigh at home, with the Spitfires sitting seven places below Barnet in the National League.

Newport boss Graham Coughlan said after the game, as per the club website: “The objective was to get through,” said Coughlan.

“It was a real tough encounter for us tonight and I think we learned a lot from the last game. We carried out a lot of tactics and had a game plan in place and the lads were spot on.

“Dean [Brennan] has got his team playing really well at the moment, they are playing with a load of confidence and have some really good players so we knew it was going to be tough.

“I don’t want to single Seb out but I thought the team as a whole were superb tonight. I thought Scot Bennett and Bryn in the middle were solid, and Aaron Wildig and Omar too. Everyone put a shift in, to be honest.

“It was a very strong performance all-round and very positive from our point of view. For me, you know, I’m not going to rest on my morals, I ask for consistency from the lads and even more each week. I don’t want to take anything away from the lads tonight but we can have more days like tonight, I know we’re capable of it.

“In all fairness, performance levels have been really strong this season and it’s only the odd occasion where I will have a go at the lads for their performance levels.

“I just want to win all the time so emotions can be high on the touchline but fair play to the boys that was emphatic tonight. The whole team were spot on.”

Barnet manager Dean Brennan said: “Our defending was kamikaze losing control when we’re in control of possession and the goals we give away are uh are just criminal to give away three goals in in the manner we did in the first 25 minutes was was really poor I felt that first goal was a really good counter-attack it was actually a good goal, the second goal’s rubbish and the third goal is just school boy. 

On if his side lost togetherness: “No, we kept going, 3-0 down we got one back 3-1, we never lost that a supporters got behind us banging the drum second half we kept going and we caught on the break at the end, little bit naive from young Brunty cross them from deep areas and when you cross them deep team can counter attack on you. I’ve got a rule at the football club you have to cross them the touch line so people can’t counter attack so just lost our way a little bit our discipline in our performance in possession it’s so important when you play against teams like Newport that that you don’t give them opportunities to make entries and we did that really um but full credit to Newport, got give them a lot a lot of credit, um they were really good to be fair in the counter attack and they mored us on it let’s be honest. But the third goal’s a real killer cuz at 2-0 the next goal is so important and the third goal just you know you wouldn’t see that in the park in Hackney Marshes on a Sunday.

On what specifically do you think his side needed to do to get another goal back, he replied: “End product, final third, end product, got some good airs, I thought Nikki might had a penalty we were a bit lucky but I told it’s a hand ball I’ve seen it back it’s a clear hand ball by Pritch, so with a little bit of luck, what I thought was a penalty on Nikki when it was 3-1, Idris hit the crossbar when it’s 3-1, not enough cutting edge, not enough penetration to a play in the final third and in the end we’ve shown all our attacking players on and um look listen we just got a lick our wounds and move on first we’re never going to win the FA Cup it would have been lovely financially to do well in it and it would have been lovely to have a run in it but you’ve got to give Newport credit they were a better team on the night and football is about both boxes so you can have all the possession you want which is the way I want to play but if you don’t do the business in both boxes keep it out your goal and and then score in the opposition’s end you lose football matches.”

This is how social media users reacted as Barnet and Newport see a rather bizarre own goal and that ‘Hand of God’ moment in Tuesday night’s FA Cup replay…


@akamarky_: Embarrassing…

@Gary29530714: Speechless. What is Walker doing. Complete mess.

@islingtonlloyd: Stupid 3rd goal to give away, total mix up between Collinge & Walker. IMHO Walker should have stayed in his area, there was no way he was ever reaching that ball. #BarnetFC

@MBGBFC: How have we gone from that excellent performance at their place to this?

@TWS_001: Get some people in off the astro pitches at the back to defend. Can’t be any worse than this. Absolutely embarrassing.

@916connor_: not being funny but last man could’ve easily got that…

@XTPer90: Probably the worst I’ve seen Barnet all season. They look bereft of confidence and slow to react. Looks like game over already. #FACup

@PatrickJoh21665: Have this #BarnetFC team played together before tonight? Seem totally at odds with each other. Newport 3-0…. #BNTNPC #FACup

@Jackgri27362810: Not @lauriewalker89 😂 what are you doing there you melt

@LRSF10399: Love seeing Walker cry like the little bitch he is

@RAStap01: That was probably the best own goal I’ve ever seen! #FACup #BNTNPC #Barnet #NewportCounty


@RhysLock: Dermot Gallagher, probably: “At first glance it looks like a handball, but if you look closely the opposing team appears to be Welsh, correct decision from the referee and well spotted by the linesman for me”

@gingelawrence: Call it what it is. Blatant cheating

@euniesufc: Cheating bastard.

@g2mcc: He’s a cheat. Why not call it as it is. Can the FA ban him?

@aw7794: Interested to know why this is being labelled as sneaky and not blatant cheating 🤔

@OnlyMatkinson: Always knew Barnet would be the team to bring back the “hand of god” goal 😂

@WalkernBoro: Barnet there, being classy on national TV.

@Saves1990: And by ‘sneaky’ you mean, he’s a cheat. 🤷‍♂️ That desperate to score at 3-0 down as well. 😂

@msth_19: Adam Virgo somehow can’t see the most obvious handball you’ll ever see

@CountyKev82: Diego would have been proud!

@mattyedwards92: Would be Adam Virgo that can’t tell the difference between a head and a hand

@Love_non_league: Maradona alive and well and living in Barnet 👀

@garydunion: Diego is smiling down from heaven. Not because of the handball though, he’s just extremely high so he always looks like that.

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