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Banbury United speak out on racist incident during FA Cup clash at Bracknell Town

Banbury United speak out on a racist incident during the FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round clash at Bracknell Town on Saturday.

The Puritans’s board of directors have issued an apology following allegations of racism with a statement saying anyone identified as having made racist comments will be banned by the club.

The statement says: “We await official correspondence from our opponents and the FA to help us investigate allegations of racism.

“As a club we will not tolerate racism, it has no place in society and we apologise to Bracknell and Anthony Cheshire for any racist comments that were made, individuals should not be subjected to this.

“Anyone identified as having made such comments will be banned by the club.”

Banbury are urging anyone with evidence to contact info@banburyunitedfc.co.uk

The 20-year-old defender, tweeted: “Confused, angry and upset are just a few words to describe how I felt yesterday and how I feel right now, but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that consoled and supported me yesterday.

“Football is an inclusive game, and everyone should feel safe playing it.”

Berkshire side Bracknell issued a statement, confirming they would seek to identify those responsible.

The statement read: “Unfortunately a small number of Banbury United fans deemed it acceptable to hurl racial slurs at our players and staff, which we find extremely disturbing and offensive.

“This language and conduct has no place in our sport or society, and must be eliminated.

“We will coordinate with the police and the FA to identify each individual supporter behind the goal.”

Banbury missed the chance to make the first round of the FA Cup for the third year in a row, having fallen to a 2-1 defeat at Bracknell.

The hosts went ahead just seven minutes in when Max Herbert scored directly from a corner, only for Puritans debutant Slavi Spasov to equalise with a header.

The young Oxford United striker joined Banbury on loan for a month, on Friday.

Bracknell made it 2-1 early in the second half, Dan Bayliss heading home from a Max Herbet corner, with the away side unable to find an equaliser.

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This is what fans had to say as Banbury United speak out on racist incident during FA Cup clash at Bracknell Town…

@hardyad_tony: Absolutely agree with everything you say there sir! Sincerely hope the perpetrators are caught and rightly punished. I trust @BanburyUnitedFC will co-operate!

@PeterTustain: This is not good. Bad day for genuine Banbury people.

@PuritanTrevor: Sadly they have let this go on far too long without doing anything. The reason I don’t go to as many away games as they are an embarrassment to the club and the town. There is absolutely no excuse for the behaviour and also no excuse not to sort it out

@Josh_U_19: It’s a massive shame that there are fans that do this but fair play to you for calling it out, clearly there are also genuine Banbury fans but its hard to recognise them when the loud minority are so appalling

@ChrisCooper_22: Really sorry to hear this, i hope that @BanburyUnitedFC conduct an investigation and hold those to account.

@PocoScum: @FCUnitedMcr never play Banbury in a friendly again!!!

@GWP84: Can only apologise. We’re not all like it. Sadly the club is only concerned by smoke bombs , hopefully the board and these people have a long hard think about it.

@MarkRadders: I’d love to pass on my feelings directly to Banbury but I’m still blocked by them from when they got our game abandoned years ago by hurling a bottle at the referee at half time. Club should be shut down. Congrats on your fa cup win though, delighted for @inspectormcluso and all.

@HicksDanny: Hey @BanburyUnitedFC you really do have a massive problem right now with a minority of kids that are an absolute disgrace to the club and the town. This needs dealing with. Urgently.

@clbiggsy: They also caused chaos in The White Swan afterwards. Throwing punches and glass bottles at the landlady and staff when asked to leave for insulting women and being aggressive..

@Clayts_77: What is wrong with people!!! #noplace

@bennzane: Fucking hell, every week @BanburyUnitedFC get a grip of your fans!

@PTFCDrummerJosh: An absolute disaster!

@SpencerReds: I wasn’t at the game yesterday sadly, so to hear one of our fans has went this low, I’m disgusted. I hope they can do the decent thing & come forward. Shame this can ruin the outlook on our amazing fanbase what on a whole behave very well. Good luck, hope you get a big tie.

@MarkNealOx: Classy Banbury…

@_bxnnett: Absolute scum. Hope those responsible are identified and punished heavily.

@TheBoroWalk: Well who’d have thought it.

@TownendReds: Can’t comment on the alleged incident as i didnt hear it. However, it goes without saying that racism in any form is pathetic and has absolutely no place in football or anywhere else. if you do have any information then please contact the relevant people.

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