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‘Ban them for life’ – Shrewsbury player blasts his own fans over disgusting chant sung

Shrewsbury Town player Harry Burgoyne blasts his own fans over a disgusting chant sung prior to their FA Cup tie against Liverpool.

The Salop goalkeeper has called out his own team’s supporters after a video of a section of fans mocking the Hillsborough disaster appeared on Twitter.

An under-strength Liverpool had to come from behind at Anfield against League One Shrewsbury Town to reach the fourth round of the competition.

The seven-time winners were stunned when Daniel Udoh’s opener for the visitors, but Klopp’s side made sure they wouldn’t be on the end of an upset when impressive teenager Kaide Gordon quickly levelled, before Fabinho put the Reds ahead with a penalty for handball just before the break.

Substitute Roberto Firmino extended the lead with a backheel and Fabinho’s late second wrapped up the win in front of a big crowd.

However it was what happened before the game that got plenty of talk on social media as footage shows fans singing about the 96 (now 97 victims, who were unlawfully killed in the tragedy in 1989), before the weekend’s match.

In a rare move where a footballer has taken to voice their anger at what was said in the clip, Burgoyne has since called for the culprits to get punished.

“As for these Shrewsbury fans!” wrote Burgoyne. “Should be ashamed of yourselves. Liverpool showed nothing but respect today. Shocking absolutley shocking! Out them and ban them for life!”

In a second tweet, in response to a Liverpool supporter, Burgoyne added: “Respect goes a long way in the game and theres a severe lack of it these days! All the best for rest of the season.”

It comes as throughout January, a powerful new drama about the Hillsborough disaster, running for four episodes, was aired on ITV.

Named ‘Anne’, it tells the tale of the late Anne Williams, a grieving mother who dedicated her life to getting justice for the victims of the disaster after her own son, Kevin, was among the football fans killed.

The series was written by Kevin Sampson who was at Hillsborough on the day of the disaster. An official ITV synopsis reads: “Refusing to accept the coroner’s original verdict of accidental death, Anne was determined to unearth the truth about what happened at Hillsborough.”

The activist fought back against the highly-publicised claims that supporters were to blame for the disaster, and worked tirelessly to prove that it was a result of police negligence.

Anne’s campaign work, which lasted over twenty years, sought new medical opinions, found witnesses who had tried to revive her son on the pitch, and lobbied ministers for new inquests.

Other parents and relatives of those who died in the disaster went on to join Anne in fighting for justice to prove that their loved ones had died unlawfully and as a result of police negligence.

Anne will be played by Bolton-born actress Maxine Peake, who said she hopes the new drama will showcase the power of standing up in ‘solidarity’ against the establishment.

Speaking on ITV’s show ‘This Morning’, the actress said on Anne, who died in 2013: “She never gave up. There are times you see in the drama where she maybe felt like it, but she continued on. You felt she never got bitter.

“She was angry, but she channeled her anger and that’s what drover her forward. She was very dignified with it. She famously said: ‘They’re trying to grind me down, but I’ll grind them down first.’”

You can watch it now on the ITV Hub.

Twitter users reacted as Shrewsbury player Harry Burgoyne blasts his own fans over the disgusting chant sung…

@alewis36: To right no place in the game for these bells

@BrontenanaJames: As someone who has supported Liverpool all my life, and looked after the 97th victim ( how can they not even know that number?) I want to say a big thank you to each and every Shrewsbury fan calling this out today. Putting up with this every week gets you down. Thanks. YNWA

@mtorres11: LFC fan nearly 50 years don’t live in the city or country live in Dublin but it’s pains to see this week in week out on social media… the hatefulness for our team from every other club in the league is spiteful needs explaining

@Joshpeterchrist: Got to say your fans apart from these idiots were fantastic today the banter was brilliant and friendly

@DaveJCritchley: Thankyou for calling out this vile behaviour ❤️ #JFT97

@Wardini65: absolute morons

@bloomer71: Thanks for calling this out. With the drama about Anne Williams fight for the truth having been on last week it’s probably brought a lot of emotions back to the surface for us reds so to see mindless idiots mocking the dead, it’s sickening. Kudos to @BurgoyneH1

@Oddjobbobajobb1: Can’t believe they been allowed to walk through town singing that and get away with it.. Unbelievable

@ArrowsRed9: It’s bizarre to think grown up adults, regardless of any club you support, genuinely think this is acceptable. Even if you did think it’s acceptable, just why would you do it. Why? Dangers to society with not a brain cell between them. Stuff like this is their life highlight.

@Ali_Harvey668: So so sorry – they don’t represent all Shrewsbury fans. We paid our respects at the memorial. I hope they find out who they are!

@davies_daz: Disgusting and despicable ..words fail me they ain’t Shrewsbury Fans or football fans & probs weren’t even born before 1989, We are sincerely sorry you had to witness this as the majority of us fans are respectful & would never stoop to this level

@smehans: @Sjopinion10 and his mate jimbob 2p smith will talk about this or will they bottle it like they do every time there is any mention of Hillsborough and the 96. We know it doesn’t fit @GNev2 or @GaryLineker agenda

@ActionHerbert: @shrewsweb – oh yeah? This how your fans represent you?

@EGHJustice97: Can’t believe what I’m seeing here. What’s wrong with these people. I doubt very much that anything will be done about what is a very small minority of @shrewsweb fans. Absolutely disgusting. Scum

@Mike_LFC84: Surprised they got more than 100 yards up the road in one piece if am honest

@Fabinhohmydays: Imagine how unhappy you would have to be in life to sing a song about innocent men, women & children dying at a football game when you’re on your way to a football game! So unhappy with their sad life they sing about innocent football fans dying! Karma doesn’t forget! #JFT97

@stacebrewer_: On an empty street, very brave

@Kopiteklopp: @shrewsweb embarrassing

@buzz0174: Absolutely disgusting. I’m from Shrewsbury and would like to apologise for their mindless actions. YNWA.

@slinger_LFC: @shrewsweb These are yours I believe. We don’t want them, and I’m pretty sure you don’t like them dragging your club into the gutter either.

@MayburyPaul: Hopefully they never to suffer a tragedy in their lives or there familys

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