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Balaclava wearing hooligans ‘storm Wembley pub’ ahead of England v Germany clash

Balaclava wearing hooligans took to ‘storm a Wembley pub’ ahead of the England v Germany Nations League clash on Monday night.

A large group of supporters stormed the Green Man pub, used mainly by England supporters just outside the stadium, not long before kick off.

Witnesses claim that more than 50 fans in hoods and masks forced their way into the side entrance of the popular pub that sits on top of Wembley Hill, with views overlooking the ground.

It is claimed the assailants were wearing hoods, with masks covering their faces and some wearing England scarves. A huge brawl broke out and lasted for around five minutes before police on horseback arrived, when the group of fighters fled the area.

It is claimed police were able to “grab” some of the assailants but a lot of them fled down the hill. At least two riot vans full of police arrived at the bottom of the hill to deal with the trouble.

Luke Robinson, who visits the pub before every home game, was at the venue with his son and told i he had “never seen anything like it”.

“There’s an entrance at the back of the Green Man and about 50 of them turned up wearing masks and England scarves,” Robinson, 30, said. “They stormed in, were hitting anyone and everyone. It was going on for a good five minutes before the police arrived.

“A lot of people were in a bad way. People were on the floor, unconscious, covered in blood. Even kids — one lad no older than 13 had a bleeding nose.”

After the incident people stayed drinking around the edges while paramedics treated the injured. Robinson stayed in the pub for around half an hour after the incident. “One guy was with the paramedics and still unconscious when we left,” Robinson said.

He added: “It’s the main England pub. I’ve never seen it like that before and I come to every home game. We were there when England played Germany in the Euros and when there was all the trouble around the final, but this is the first time I’ve seen it like it.”

Robinson said his son was “petrified” of the incident.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Just having a few casual pints in the green man and all of a sudden 100 German come storming in, armed with weapons, attacking kids and elderly women.”

@3LionsPodcast wrote: “Not a pretty sight at the Green Man, England fans enjoying themselves as usual, approx 100 German hooded, masked hooligans ambushed a family pub, people injured, police on horses arrive. Flags stolen. Children in the garden too frightened. Scary.”

Another added: “An experience tonight like no other, and not because of where I am.

“At The Green Man pub, a group of around 100 Germans came armed with machetes and knuckle dusters.

“Thankfully me and my friends were inside but I hope all who were outside at the time are safe now.”

A statement read: “At 5:50pm on Monday 26th of September a group of approximately 100 males, many wearing masks, approached a pub in Dagmar Avenue in Wembley through an alley leading towards the car park.

“Whilst a number of the group were wearing England hats and scarfs it’s believed they were German fans.

“The group entered the beer garden and began assaulting customers, most of whom were in the area to attend the England v Germany match.

“Punches and projectiles, including traffic cones were thrown. Officers responded and the group fled. The disorder lasted for around two minutes.

“A number of people sustained head and facial injuries. We are also aware of three people with serious leg, wrist and thumb injuries. None of those injured are believed to be in a life-threatening condition.

“There have been four arrests so far in relation to the disorder.”

Twitter users reacted after hearing balaclava wearing hooligans ‘storm a Wembley pub’ ahead of the England v Germany clash…

@josephineinnit: Massive This Country vibes.

@yourgetusetoit2: Don’t worry the Fulham got them to calm down by offering Victoria sponge.

@jaythedon007: Geezer in’s st George top, runs off… then realises he will be no where near the front and goes back in…

@tjc_1987: “we’ll fight them in the wheatsheaf, we’ll fight them in the green man…” or something like that

@dclfc77: Hahahaha fucking lovely scenes

@JSCooke70: All the brave lads running after them once they started leaving

@chubbyjambo: England battered again! European punch bags 😂

@BDELLOW: Knuckle dusters and knifes, few England fans got done on badly

@1876szn: But it’s only English fans who are hooligans, right? 🤦‍♂️

@Ben_S1990: Now let’s batter them on the pitch as usual

@dan15w: Scum. Absolute scum hitting old men and scaring women with Battons. Police letting it happen

@mickeymfc: Bastards the lot of them.

@ryanh_468: Fighting over football what a bunch of melts. Also funny how they all run forward when they’re leaving 🤣

@ScottyT9804: Grown up blokes, married etc…. fucking pathetic adults go on like this. Both sides

@BruceRioch4: Why are the ones at the back always the loudest?

@northernsoulftm: Brave fookas tooled up

@tmooresy25: Fucking into em

@TobyWoody: Enjoy your Carlsberg/Heineken lads

@maytumator: All the muppets at the back hiding until they go and then giving it the biggen as soon as they run away 🫣

@joeyhepp: Possibly the worst pub they could’ve picked 🙈

@NoMoreLaughs: 25 seconds in, bloke getting a rollicking from his Mrs for wanting to get involved 😂😂😂. Serves him right taking his Mrs to England Vs Germany tbf

@azza_leva3: Hahaha 0:30 that woman screaming at her husband to sit down 😂😂😂

@G3lly_D: Shit their pants when the Germans were actually there. Soon as they left then started giving it palms 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@DailyBlumpkin: The sweet sweet sounds of ENG ERRRR LAAAAAND

@zakbrownz: I’ll never understand how people can’t enjoy a pint without wanting or needing a fight, that’s all nation’s not just England

@samp18_: Geeza at the back shouting ‘fucking have em’ 🤣🤣🤣

@JordanB_N: Absolute scumbags. This should never be happening

@leeds_LJ91: Fucking ave em 😂

@la9boatmfc: Geezer with the goggle jacket moping around at the back. English only wanting to know when the Germans on their toes. Look at the state of our football supporters or even yonger generation nowadays. A load of harmless, football twitter, jellyfish gimps. Embarrassing.

@mark_t0898: will also note their entire tactic is to do damage before people come back at them, then run off to avoid police/being outnumbered.

@ConnorOwen2: What makes me laugh is all them young folk in the clobber, probably tweet about a scrap at the football etc are all standing back absolutely shitting themselves 😂😂

@jrb__97: Yet it’s always the English that are the trouble abroad. Get to fuck.

@Jackroper3: Typical foreigners attack family pubs after arriving in the country about 2 hours before kick off

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