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Astonishing scenes as referee DOESN’T book Boreham Wood keeper for handling outside box

There were astonishing scenes at York City on Saturday as the referee DOESN’T book the Boreham Wood keeper for handling outside box.

Wood had better chances in the first half, but it was York who took theirs when Akinyemi opened the scoring for the hosts on 21 minutes.

Then on 35 minutes, Boreham Wood keeper Nathan Ashmore was oblivious to handling outside area.

Other notable moments in the first half saw a 6-minute delay after the linesman got something in eye, Marsh was denied a penalty, two York players went down injured and yellow cards were shown. So it seems more a surprise that Ashmore escaped a card for an obvious mistake.

@George_ycfc uploaded the footage, saying: “One normal day of the Vanarama National League is all I ask for”. It went on to get thousands of views.

York City tweeted via their official Twitter account: “Ashmore handles the ball outside of his area, but he’s not shown a card at all!”

In their match report, they said: “In a rather bizarre moment on the 34th minute, goalkeeper Ashmore rushed out to collect the ball which was well outside of his area. Akinyemi lined up the resulting free-kick but fired just above the woodwork.”

Boreham Wood meanwhile wrote: “On thirty-five minutes, Nathan Ashmore inexplicably handled the ball outside the area. This could have been a straight read card but, it seems the Wood keeper was confused by the clear line on the pitch in front of him, left over from York Knights Rugby League team who share the LNER Community Stadium with York City!! The referee, Michael Barlow gave him the benefit of the doubt and only awarded a free kick to the hosts.”

The game finished in a 2-2 draw, Akinyemi putting the hosts ahead after only 21 minutes following great work from Ryan Fallowfield.

Lee Ndlovu made it 1-1 on the 57th minute, but Quevin Castro put York back in front, but a 66th minute goal from Ndlovu denied the Minstermen their first National League win of the campaign.

YORK CITY: Whitley, Fallowfield, Crookes, Cordner, Dyson, Akinyemi, Castro (63’ Hurst), Kouhyar, Howe, Batty (45+9‘ McLaughlin), Kennedy (64’ Sibiza).

SUBS NOT USED: Stott, Latty-Fairweather

BOREHAM WOOD: Ashmore, Ilesanmi, Bush, Sass-Davies, Coxe, Griffiths, O’Neil (75’ Balanta), Whelan, Marsh, Abraham, Ndlovu.

SUBS NOT USED: Abayomi, Payne, Stephens, Miller.

York boss Neal Ardley said on the game, as per York Press: “For 25 minutes at the start, I think you saw some good and what we’ve been working on for two days.

“Then I think you saw a little bit of the mentality, when you’re not used to winning and being in the lead.

“Towards the end there was a little bit of naivety in our defending for the goals and in our shape for the goals.

“I didn’t expect it to be perfect from day one, but I did think we saw two teams in brutal conditions having a right good go.

“I’ve managed in some heat, but that’s as hot as I’ve ever known it.

“I don’t know if this stadium is a big cauldron but it was brutal, I feel for the lads and I’m going to have to properly recover them from this because that wasn’t too easy.

“The first 25 minutes we were really good, everything we worked on for two days was in that.

“To the fans, that that is what we’re trying to do in training and what we’re trying to achieve.

“I thought we then got pinned back in and lost our way a little bit, but even then we stayed in our shape and tried to keep it tight.

“Both of their goals were poor, ones come from good play, a good run and he’s slid him in and it’s a good opportunity to turn back.

“The next part wasn’t good enough, they went through us too easily. There’s stuff to work on, as you’d expect.

“It’s a big job, I said it the other day but it’s a big job to turn this around.”

This is what Twitter users had to say at the astonishing scenes as the referee DOESN’T book the Boreham Wood keeper for handling outside the box…

@CraigAndrew3: Harry Lewis did this last year for Bradford. Got a yellow

@kentwix12: This is sensational stuff. Not even a yellow card!

@Euan1864: Its great watching this shite from afar. Never change vanarama

@___Lonee: 😂😂 Need them rugby lines removing to be fair

@VinnyCooney1: What!!!! 🤣

@KyleJonesIV: Now way has he thought the Rugby markings were the edge of his box 💀

@BarneyLUFC21: The Boreham Woods keeper didn’t even receive a yellow for this, incredible 😂😂

@Matt_Walker96: The key is to always look really confused after you’ve done it. Will always get away with it

@_jackmufc: I didn’t see this properly at the time but WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??

@rjb_1998: Love the crowd noise in this

@ConnorMOT92: How an earth didn’t the keeper get booked for that 😂

@Gagan_gss: Wtf have I just witnessed 😂😂

@dadgamer020: And that’s where he knew, he’d f@cked up!

@zacsmidnights: The fact that he didn’t even get a yellow for this 😫😂

@jam3s_forster: Unbelievable 🤣

@KTics90: Hahaha good god 🤦🏼‍♂️

@joshparr00: Proper banter league

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