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Aston Villa make a plea to the Premier League for a proposed change to spending rules

Aston Villa make a plea to the Premier League for a proposed change to spending rules in an attempt to ‘protect competitive balance’.

The club, who qualified for the 2024/25 Champions League after finishing the 2023/24 season finishing 4th with 68 points, have called for maximum losses to be increased by £30million in an attempt to ‘protect competitive balance’.

Aston Villa wants to see a change to the regulations that limit the spending of Premier League clubs before the official opening of the summer transfer window on the 14th of June.

As can be seen in the tweets below, Gabby Agbonlahor already voices his approval of this proposal…

As per Mail Sport, Aston Villa want an increase in the allowable amount of financial loss for Premier League clubs under the current financial framework.

This could be something to vote on at the shareholders’ meeting on the 6th of June.

According to the current Profitability and Sustainability Regulations (PSR), top flight clubs can incur a maximum loss of £105million over a three-year period.

In the 2023/24 season, Everton and Nottingham Forest were penalised for breaching this rule breach.

Everton were deducted eight points for breaching P&S rules. They were originally deducted 10 points but this was reduced to six after an appeal. The club were then deducted an additional two points for further PSR breaches. They were to appeal that, but at the end of the season, and with safety confirmed, they withdrew the appeal.

Nottingham Forest were deducted four points for breaching profitability and sustainability rules. The club appealed the decision but were unsuccessful.

Sky Sports News’ chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol said: “These rules are designed to deal with these cases very, very quickly. They are fast-track, new, streamlined rules.

“These accounts went in on December 31, two weeks later we’re hearing Everton and Nottingham Forest are in breach of the rules. The clubs have two weeks to respond to these charges and pretty quickly two separate independent commissions are going to be set up. And within 12 weeks these independent commissions will have finished their hearings – which last between one and five days – and a week after that we will get the decision.

“By April 12 we will have the decision in these cases. Then the clubs will have seven days to decide whether they want to appeal.

“If they do want to appeal the final verdict must be in by May 24 – five days after the end of the season.”

Newly-promoted Leicester City also face charges and are looking set to potentially begin the new season with a penalty, with The Telegraph’s John Percy writing: “They are facing a difficult summer with the prospect of a points deduction for breaching financial rules. Sources have estimated that the punishment could be anything between six to 15 points.”

A document was put to league members with Mail Sport revealing that Aston Villa are requesting an increase in the threshold from £105m over three years to £135m.

The document is as follows: “We believe that increasing the current level of the allowable losses would go some way to accounting for the inflationary pressures that Premier League clubs are facing, would aid the competitive balance of the Premier League, and not damage clubs’ financial sustainability.

“The Premier League’s current PSR regulations allow clubs to incur a maximum of £105m losses over three years. While this regulation aims to maintain financial stability and fair competition, it has become increasingly clear that this limit is too low given the current economic landscape in football.

“Another key aim for the financial regulation is to protect the competitive balance of a league. The current allowable losses limits teams with lower revenue to compete with those who generate higher income.

“This demonstrates the difficulty for teams to close the gap financially and therefore struggle to close the gap on the pitch. Our proposed increase to allowed losses would enable ambitious clubs to challenge those above them in the table and improve the overall competitive balance of the Premier League.’

Just like with the plea put forward by Wolves for a vote on whether to keep or remove VAR, any vote on proposed changes needs 14 of the 20 clubs to pass.

Daily Mail write that despite being under the ownership of billionaires Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens, Aston Villa are subject to market restrictions and could have to offload players before making new signings, as they also prepare for the Champions League.

There is a widespread feeling across the league that PSR protects the ‘Big Six’ from long-term competition. Just how strong is that feeling though? Enough for at least 14 clubs to be in favour of the change? A new financial framework could potentially put in place from the 2025-26 campaign if so.

This is how fans reacted as Aston Villa make a plea to the Premier League for a proposed change to spending rules…

@markcee1500: Agree and back dated to last year to allow correct prize money for placings to be provided

@SweeneySean_: I agree with this! But they’ll whack us with a big point deduction and then change the rules! 😂 The extra 30m doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the sky 6, but it helps out the smaller clubs no end #LCFC 🦊🏆

@SweezzyAV: If this means we can spend without having to sell our big boys, then I’m all for it #AVFC

@Samohsaavfc: 100% agree with this. Teams like United, Chelsea, Arsenal, City can spend whatever they want and not get punished but other clubs aren’t?

@FornalsFluency: I wonder if that’s because… they’ve breached?

@Lea_EFC: Good luck with that.

@michael54625373: Needs to be closer to 300 million, football can’t survive on such limits the game is limitless the funds need to be limitless

@GetAHurrCutMan_: I can’t for the life of me believe it has taken THIS long for a club to suggest this. There was never a problem with the rule until the money got stupid. None of the teams facing deductions gained an advantage. Just victims of a ridiculous market. £135m still low. #NUFC

@andrewstone85: £105m today is worth about £77m when FFP was first introduced. Allowable losses really do need increasing

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