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Ashley Barnes: Referees want Burnley relegated | Leeds fans criticise Radrizzani’s tweet

Ashley Barnes claims referees want Burnley relegated while Leeds see their fans criticise Andrea Radrizzani’s tweet ahead of the final day.

The Clarets are effectively certain of avoiding relegation if they beat Newcastle at home on Sunday with kick off at 4pm.

They currently sit level on points with Leeds, who are 18th, however Burnley’s goal difference is 20 better.

“In recent seasons people look at us and think we’re a hard team, being ugly,” Barnes, 32, said.

“No disrespect, I think people, even referees, want us gone from the league.”

Looks at the stats though, Burnley have had 67 yellow cards in the Premier League this season, the 7th most, plus two red cards.

Barnes also says that referees “buy into” the reputation Burnley may have and referred to their last two games against Tottenham on Sunday, where they were defeated 1-0, and the 1-1 draw at Aston Villa on Thursday.

At Tottenham, a penalty was given against Barnes for handball after a video assistant review.

He added: “The whole situation when [Kevin Friend] goes to the screen at the weekend, Tottenham played on, they missed a great opportunity and everyone goes to set up for a goal-kick, but then there’s VAR, it’s like, ‘What?’

“Then he’s smiling when he comes away and no one can speak to him. Even at Villa Park we can’t speak to Paul Tierney. Go and check the screen, that’s what it’s for. We just need consistency throughout the decisions.”

His side face Newcastle on Sunday, while Leeds are at Brentford and Barnes said his team “just have to stay calm, stay positive and concentrate on ourselves”.

“We’ve got it in our hands to win it at the weekend,” he added.

“We’ve got a good group, an experienced group who know how everything works in terms of game management in these situations and hopefully we can get it over the line.”

Meanwhile, Leeds majority owner Andrea Radrizzani has been criticised for a tweet he put out in response to a Twitter users.

Leeds United takeover plans could be placed on hold if the club are relegated to the Championship on the final weekend of the Premier League, according to the Daily Mail.

The 49ers Enterprises have an option to buy the club from Andrea Radrizzani, however the Italian would not be able to command the same price in the second tier.

It is also reported that relegation would pause any stadium expansion plans at Elland Road, making this weekend one of the biggest in the Whites’ recent history.

“Longer-term projects, such as the expansion of the stadium, may have to be put on the back burner,” Mike Keegan wrote for the Daily Mail.

“And plans to sell the club will also take a back seat. Having done the hard work in lifting them out of decades of Football League gloom, Andrea Radrizzani would not be able to command anywhere near the price he would be looking for with the club in the second tier.”

Amid reports, one fan said:@andrearadri we go down tomorrow I can see a selling up to the 49ers and ditch us to the championship. Hope I’m wrong but can feel it. Tomorrow is another massive turning point in our history again.”

@andrearadri replied back: “Unfortunately you are wrong on both. After 5 years you should know me better 😉”

Ashley Barnes: Referees want Burnley relegated – Leeds fans criticise Radrizzani’s tweet

This caused quite a big of anger with fans baffled by the wink face emoji yet the club are potentially about to go down.

Twitter users reacted as Ashley Barnes claims referees want Burnley relegated and Leeds fans criticise Radrizzani’s tweet…


@Cocoadaddyy: Not just the refs, everyone in the league who isnt associated with Burnley want you gone mate

@KevHughesie: The Ashley Barnes who got away with an elbow into Mings’ face on Thursday? And later scored a penalty? That Ashley Barnes, complaining about refereeing decisions? 🤔

@DarrenASurridge: Most fouls per yellow and red card in the league

@Samtoon15: Says the bloke lucky not to be sent off for elbowing Mings 🤣

@xABS18: I think he would be more happier with the championship refs 👍

@MartynHadADream: That doesn’t add up with their fouls to cards ratio at all though. It’d be pretty obvious if the refs didn’t want them there.

@rosspb: Well if they didnt handball, elbows & so forth maybe they wouldn’t

@evansylufc: He literally should have been sent off the other night…

@elliotbaytowerz: Lots of people would be happy to see them relegated. They’re horrible to watch. And Barnes epitomises that.

@casper197635: Apart from the ref who didn’t send him off Thursday

@Ryanc10efc: Make that the whole of the premier league would be glad to see the back of these yard dogs

@doownopaew: Ashley Barnes has some audacity – referees want us gone. Whilst avoiding a red card the other night for an elbow. Genuinely hope Leeds stay up over them.

@shez_dictates: He literally had onfield ref and VAR let him off with a certain red for an obvious elbow into Mings face 2 days ago. He also got away with a whole host of dirty tackles vs Leeds earlier in season. Moans about a penalty against him when his arms outstretched like an aeroplane 🤣


@lufcluca: rat

@luke_hill: Why is it that the board haven’t said a word through this entire shitshow. You’re all first to jump up for media when the going is good but as soon as its tough you all disappear and leave the coach to be the spokesman for the club. You, as the board, have let us down this season

@bielsaball28: @andrearadri the fans deserves some explanations here. How have you & your men gotten us into this mess. Why has the recruitment been so poor. Why did we not bring in players in jan when we were utterly desperate. This all could have been avoided.

@BarneyLUFC21: Please just stop replying to people on here. Did you not learn anything last week at Elland Road fans are not happy with the board and using an emoji like that is only goading fans even more, show some respect to us it’s embarrassing

@LufcAlaw: One signing we needed. Something to get us that extra point. To turn draws into wins. We’d still be in the PL. You’re accountable for not spending a penny. The fans have turned on you regardless if we stay in the league or not. It’s on you and the board.

@Ryannn211: @andrearadri why cant you just answer 1 simple question what the lads want? why didn’t you invest in January when the whole workd could see we was in trouble.

@DanLUFC_: You aren’t funny do one 🖕

@LewisDeighton17: Of all the emoji’s you could’ve chosen, that’s easily in the top 3 worst ones

@connorpratchett: The wink face changes the tone of this tweet completely and not in a good way

@robmulholland: You’ve totally fucked it 😉

@leelangford66: Another godawful tweet, at just the wrong time, but If you are listening, ditch JM and VO tomorrow evening and let’s have a fresh start please.

@LUFCBrad4124: Spend some money

@kennybrown1964: We go down tomorrow this is on you

@louis_dw30: Oh my god, you just never learn ????

@Gary_Roberts88: How is he wrong on both? Seems relegation is happening tomorrow. So he’s definitely right on one front! Also when are you going to answer questions about lack of investment this year? This season’s failure on the board!

@AshJohnson20: Winky face emoji. Don’t do yourself any favours lad 😂

@CraigBoot85: Should of spent some money in January you wanker!!!

@JohnMcG47701711: Doesn’t seem to bother you. Having a laugh. The greatest thing about Bielsa was his genuine respect for the fans. It’s rare commodity.

@richie1979: Yup you have been found out that is what we have learned im sure the 49ers won’t touch us after the season we have had .will await in the wings antil the playing team is of a standerd to sustain the prem your lack of playing first team staff have cost you on all fronts #raddz out

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