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Arsenal respond as Porto boss Sergio Conceicao accuses Mikel Arteta of ‘insulting his family’

Arsenal respond as Porto boss Sergio Conceicao accuses Mikel Arteta of ‘insulting his family’ in a fiery bust up at the end of the game.

Arsenal sources refuted claims that Mikel Arteta made offensive remarks about Porto manager Sergio Conceicao’s family following the Gunners’ penalty shootout win in the Champions League last 16.

Conceicao and Arteta clashed on the pitch after the game, with Conceicao providing a brief account of what happened.


“During the game, [Arteta] turned to the bench and in Spanish – it must be a Spanish coach thing because it was the same thing with [Pep] Guardiola – he insulted my family,” he said.

“In the end I told him to pay attention because who he insulted is no longer with us, and to worry about coaching his team, because due to individual quality he has an obligation to do more and better.”

Arsenal sources have strongly denied any offensive or insulting sentence towards the Porto manager and Arteta has refuted the allegations.

“No comment. Thanks very much”, was what the Gunners boss said after being asked about Conceicao’s accusation.

The altercation came at the end of a dramatic evening at the Emirates with Arsenal beating Porto 4-2 on penalties to make the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time in 14 years.

The last-16 tie had ended 1-1 on aggregate after Leandro Trossard’s first-half strike saw the Gunners beat Porto 1-0 in return leg.

Arsenal goalkeeper David Raya, speaking to TNT Sports, says: “Obviously it’s a great feeling for me personally, first time in the Champions League and for the club to get into the quarter-finals for the first time in so many years.

“We played a really good game from the start. We dominated, created chances and it went down to penalties. We’ve worked a lot on penalties this year and all the hard work with the goalie coach and the team has paid off.

“A great moment personally and collectively. I’m over the moon to save two penalties in the Champions League to get through to the quarter-finals. They [Porto] made it so difficult over there, they played their game, but we scored the goal we needed and it went down to penalties and it was a crazy moment.

“Apart from physically from the boys, mentally it’s difficult, but especially for me to be focused every second, you can’t switch off.

“This means everything. You play football for these kind of things and I’m lucky to be playing for Arsenal, to be in the Champions League and to get through to the quarter-finals. We’re just going to enjoy the night.”

Arsenal forward Bukayo Saka speaking to TNT Sports: “I am buzzing. I am so proud of the team, we showed a lot of character.

“I prepare myself and work a lot practising penalties. I was more than ready.

“Right now we are top of the Premier League and into the quarter- finals [of the Champions League].

“That gives us a lot of belief that we can go to the Etihad and get a result. These are the games we play football for.

“Tonight was beautiful. I knew it was going to be a special night. The manager is buzzing, he is so happy for us.”

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta, speaking to TNT Sports: “So happy. It has been 14 years, which is a long time for a club like Arsenal and it shows how difficult it was. We really had to dig in to find the magic moment at the end. We’re starting to create an unbelievable energy in the stadium, we were all pushing to get it done and together we have done it.

“You’re very nervous [watching a penalty shootout], hoping for the best but you know it’s a bit of a lottery. We had prepared the day before so credit to the goalkeeping coaches and everyone that has contributed. It’s really difficult to play against Porto, they are really competitive. We didn’t get many moments where we could control the game, they’re a really good side.

“We scored a goal in a really important moment, we tried to create chances and in the end we managed to do it. There’s a lot at stake and every detail is important, you’re defending your team on every decision and it’s part of the game.”

On his message to the Arsenal supporters: “Thank you so much. We absolutely love them, the energy they gave, how positive they were, how they contributed. They made us win, it’s as simple as that.”

On being in the Champions League quarter-finals and the quality of the line-up: “Unbelievable, that’s where we want to be. We’ve been patient, worked so hard and a lot of people have made good decisions and showed courage in difficult moments and this is where you want to be.”

Arsenal now have to wait nearly three weeks for their next game after the postponement of their Premier League home fixture against Chelsea due to the Blues’ FA Cup participation at the weekend, with an international break to follow.

The Gunners will take on Man City at the Etihad Stadium on the 31st of March; kick-off 4.30pm, live on Sky Sports.

Twitter users reacted after Arsenal respond as Porto boss Sergio Conceicao accuses Mikel Arteta of ‘insulting his family’…

@akarsenalnews: No chance Arteta did that. He needs to get his 11 men behind the ball back on the plane.

@Bonzito_: He dishes it out as well as anybody in the game but can’t take it when it’s coming his way. SMH!

@ChrisHarty14: No smoke without fire…….. Arteta is a cunt!

@willhafc1886: Doesn’t Sergio Conceicao say this about everyone?

@KevinHunter2408: He has form !! This isn’t the first time he’s made these same accusations! He needs investigating!

@pcknight1968: He’s made the same allegations about other managers before, always after he’s lost. Maybe he should just go home and finish his cigar!!

@Clarkey9: Obviously Conceicao has made allegations tonight. But for me, this looks like Mikel is saying ‘that’s not what I said’. I think it’s a misunderstanding, Mikel isn’t that sort of guy

@SteveSlightly: He said the same stuff about Tuchel when they lost to Chelsea a couple of years ago. Just a sore disrespectful loser.

@MilanNaples: This guy is the definition of a sore loser. He is deflecting because his tactics failed and so did he

@DanielMorris_10: Probably telling him he’s a prick and he’s bang on

@AFCLifer: He can give it but as soon as it’s not going in his favour he can’t handle it

@mollsAFC: Man who cried wolf

@BeyondArsenal: He accused Tuchel of similar behaviour when they lost to Chelsea a couple of years ago. Just a sore disrespectful loser.

@TimD2704: I’ve said it before about Arteta. Regardless of his footballing managing ability; he simply isn’t a very nice or likeable individual.

@BassetsAFC: Have some shame. This idiot said the same thing about Pep and Tuchel after they beat him. What a nasty little man.

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