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Arsenal fans slam MOTD pundits’ hilarious mocking of Lacazette

Arsenal fans have taken to slam three MOTD pundits’ hilarious mocking of Alexandre Lacazette and his ‘word record’ scream.

Presenter Gary Lineker and fellow pundits Ian Wright and Dion Dublin couldn’t help but take the piss out of Lacazette making a loud scream during Arsenal’s league encounter with Burnley on Saturday.

The French forward could be heard when he went down under a challenge from Erik Pieters in the second half of the match, although he was soon able to get up and carry on with the game – which played out to a 1-1 draw.

Clarets boss Sean Dyche mocked the screams after the match, and they were also a subject of much mickey taking on BBC’s Match of the Day when Lineker introduced a ‘scream-o-meter’ to measure how loud they were.

“This season we’ve really noticed that footballers do scream a lot when they’re touched, even very mildly,” said Lineker during the programme.

“But I think we may have the scream of the season.”

Over the video of Lacazette’s tumble, his yells and their measurement on the ‘scream-o-meter’, Lineker turned to Wright and added: “It’s a world record Ian, isn’t it?”

Dublin then pointed out that Lacazette was fine to carry on in the game, Lineker added: “Yes. No Lacazette was hurt in the filming of the incident.”

Then at the very end of the programme, Lineker said: “We’re all off to practice our screaming,” prompting all three ex-players to yell out, with Lineker even falling off his chair and grabbing hold of his leg.

Burnley boss Dyche was in a sarcastic mood when discussing the screams after the match, saying: “The screaming, some real good screaming today.

“Some real good screaming today, on the scream-o-meter probably the highest I’ve heard for a long time and there’s some pretty high ones.”

Lineker also couldn’t resist a cheeky dig at Arsenal when he took to social media.

The result meant that they remain in 10th place in the Premier League table – and Lineker made reference to their disappointing season with a cheeky tweet.

“Excellent point for @Arsenal. 38 points should guarantee their safety,” he wrote.

Player Ratings

Burnley: Pope (6), Lowton (6), Tarkowski (7), Mee (7), Taylor (6), Brownhill (6), Westwood (6), Gudmundsson (6), McNeil (5), Vydra (7), Wood (6)

Subs: Pieters (7), Brady (6), Rodriguez (6)

Arsenal: Leno (7), Chambers (6), Tierney (7), Luiz (7), Mari (7), Xhaka (4), Partey (6), Saka (7), Odegaard (6), Willian (6), Aubameyang (7)

Subs: Pepe (7), Lacazette (6), Ceballos (6)

Man of the match: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

What the managers said

Burnley boss Sean Dyche said: “Overall, another good point against a good Arsenal side. We attempted to affect the game by pressing all match. We relied on the same group [as in previous games] and they were outstanding, the way they went after Arsenal for the whole 90 minutes.

“I’m a fan of VAR, we know it has to be streamlined but that is where it’s worth its weight in gold. The referee couldn’t wait to get his red card out today, although he is a very fine referee. That is what VAR is for. There wasn’t a lot in it in the first half, but our defending was exceptional and we probably made the chance of the game, but their ‘keeper made a good save.”

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta said: “I’m disappointed with the result, but the reality is when you come here, which is a tough place to play, and you generate the chances that we created, don’t score enough, give a goal to the opponent and then don’t get the decisions that you should get, it becomes difficult to win a game in the league.”

On the no handball penalty decision that was not overturned by VAR, was it a penalty? “Absolutely I think it’s obvious and clear I think there is no debate about that. If that’s not a penalty I think somebody has to explain what is a penalty in this league.”

As mentioned, Arsenal fans slam MOTD pundits’ hilarious mocking of Lacazette, whilst others couldn’t help but laugh…

@RB_London_RB: Mo Salah? Harry Kane? Nah… didn’t think so. Pathetic.

@Gooner942: You should all be embarrassed

@mattpend85: So should lacazzette

@ConorMallon10: as a ex Arsenal player I’d expect better from Ian Wright

@MoonlightStarOo: Maybe he can laugh at himself? Something arsenal fans apparently can’t do?

@DunnyAFC49: Not gonna tag Lacazette, lads?

@AFC_Brown: Cringe af

@1983blt: @IanWright0 poor this I think. Making an example out of @LacazetteAlex when lots of players do this. Looking forward to seeing this weekly.

@Martial80484554: is that your club legends taking the piss out of your player who got fouled?

@SK_arsenal; Looking forward to seeing your impressions of Kane, Salah and Bruno tonight then lads. Especially you, Wrighty.

@JoshJohnOBrien1: Find this reaction… interesting, to say the least, if it were certain other players…would they have done this?

@DylanAhmed09: RIP Lacazette 🤣

@Mr_SAhmed: Loool this has triggered many Arsenal fans 😂😂

@NormingAbout: Grown men

@TheFlyingGooner : Embarrassing from 50 year old men, most foreign commentators were concerned. Typical British scum. Colonisers

@awab_nawari: When you boys doing this for Harry Kane then??

@OzilThings: I’m a bit confused here, are they referring to the incident when Lacazette was kicked in the achilles? How is this something to mock?

@AFCarter_: Even worse that Wrighty joined in

@Northeastred: At the same time, I assume @GaryLineker and “the boys” will be ready to re-enact this the next time an English player does this in the same manner…and it will happen, the screaming English player that is, not as sure about the next re-enactment!

@chiddyafc: You guys are all 50+??

@jackb1248: Wrighty…..

@AFCarter_: Shame really, he should do better than this

@ddogbraham: Look forward to you doing this tomorrow when Kane and Sarah do it like they do every week

@Ooust: Very glad to see that the quality of screaming in the Premier League has been highlighted. Do these players have any idea how embarrassing their behaviour is?

@JoshChew96: Absolutely rate @BBCMOTD taking the piss out of @Arsenal and their theatrics! About time we get more coverage on pathetic simulation that’s ruining the game. MOTD weekly edition of let’s all laugh at diving like they have on @SoccerAM? #PremierLeague #BURARS #MOTD #cheat

@LukiWords: Players have been doing this since rams were out the stadium to “gain an advantage” or make the refs mind up. The. Minute arsenal do it it’s a thing to make a joke off.

@Marmite2: The whole screaming thing is pathetic, they are right to ridicule it.

@FOMEECH: It was brilliant

@Rynne2103: Same energy when windowlicker falls over to win a penalty in the NLD next week lads

@4r5ty69: Harry Kane? Mo Salah? Not a fucking word and the two would give Tom Daly a run for a gold medal in diving!

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