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Arrests made after King’s Lynn and Boston fans fight with each other

Arrests have been made after King’s Lynn Town and Boston United fans took to fight with each other at the game on New Year’s Day.

Lynn News report that four people have been arrested after it all kicked off during the second half of the National League North clash at The Walks with over 2,000 supporters in attendance.

The game was described to be ill-tempered with some spectators being ejected out of the ground, before it then got rather heated on the pitch with the game coming to a halt for a number of minutes.

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A statement from Norfolk Police on the trouble said: “Four people have been arrested following disorder at a football match in Lynn today.

“It happened during the second half of the match between Lynn and Boston when rival supporters began fighting inside the stadium.

“Officers patrolling outside the ground were deployed into the stadium and arrested four men aged 18, 30, 31 and 32, all on suspicion of public order offences.

“The men have been taken to Lynn Police Investigation Centre where they remain in custody and will be questioned.”

One Twitter user wrote along with a video (below): “Clappery both on (red card for King’s Lynn) and along the field. They’ve been taunting each other for an hour and when Boston was requested to come, a few of them came. It took at least half a minute for the police to arrive, the stewards had initially run away.”

Superintendent Wes Hornigold added: “Fighting between fans has no place in football and we will deal with incidents robustly.

“We worked closely with Lynn Football Club to disrupt the violence and the vast majority of fans had a safe and enjoyable day.

“We will always seek to apply for football banning orders, where appropriate, which could see fans banned from matches.”

King’s Lynn manager Tommy Widdrington spoke after the game about what happened regarding the incident.

“It’s not something you want to see, I thought it died in the 1980s to be honest with you.

“It’s too many young people having too much to drink and not knowing what they are doing.”

Chairman Stephen Cleeve added that there had been some damage of the away section of the ground at The Walks Stadium.

He tweeted: “Very upset that some Boston United ‘fans’ have smashed up the away toilets, kicking off toilet seats, smashing mirrors, pulling heaters off the walls – we understand most of the culprits were kids – who on earth are their parents?

“Sadly no CCTV for obvious reasons to catch them.”

Following on from their 2-0 victory away to Boston United on Boxing Day, King’s Lynn started the new year as hosts to the Pilgrims.

It took just 11 minutes for King’s Lynn to take the lead, through Olly Scott getting his second goal for the Linnets, less than a week after his first goal in the away fixture against Boston.

Stephens managed to get the ball high up the pitch, and sent it in the direction of Josh Barrett, who then played it to Scott down the wing, and his effort went in off the far post.

Then on the 38th minute, Adam Crowther extended the Lynn’s lead through an excellent corner sent in, meeting Crowther who nudged the ball goalwards with his head.

Tre Mitford could only get a consolation goal for Boston as stoppage time in the second half came to an end, getting in behind the King’s Lynn defence and place the ball in the bottom right corner.

King’s Lynn Town are second in the table, with 44 points from 21 games played, and two points behind leaders Brackley who have 46 points from 24 games, and third place Darlington, who play Scarborough on the 2nd of January, have 44 points from 24 games played.

This is what Twitter users said with arrests made after King’s Lynn and Boston fans fight with each other…

@LeicsPilgrim: Ashamed of what I saw today, but to put this into some context Boston have a good away following who behave impeccably, have been to every Boston game this season and not a hint of trouble anywhere else. Today’s trouble would not have been caused by the regular travelling support

@mlparish80: Totally agree 99% very good but as we all know a few idiots can cause a lot of issues

@DStedders: Stewarding was very poor. Allowed fans from both teams to enter the field of play to go at each other. Police just looked on 🤷🏻‍♂️

@andyroseblade: More arrests than points against us 👋🤣

@JakeEglen: But it was all lynn’s fault 🤥🤥

@jb81188: At £17 a head for away fans, I reckon a toilet seat and mirror will be covered 🙈

@DannyRead1993: @StephenCleeve Saw it from where I was in the Grandstand I think it was poor stewarding should have kept the trouble out shameful behavior from some @bostonunited fans today

@jlugsden: An absolute disgrace! Can you claim the cost of repairs off Boston? These are supposed to be grown adults 🤦‍♂️

@leenewell1: Not good if true. But you really need to get a more professional setup especially with prices above avg for national north, e.g. I stood behind goal in 2nd half and there was a security steward smoking. Poor segregation lead to fans scraping.

@StatEmeritus: So your excuse for vandalism and ripping up toilets is it happens because of high prices and poor facilities. Unbelievable doesn’t come close. Let me help. This kind of behaviour is caused by people with no self control out to cause trouble. Nothing more nothing less. No excuses.

@leenewell1: No absolutely not excusing vandalism. comment’s on overall experience and setup where if there’s a minority of fans on each side up for causing agro then it’s not a setup that’s prepared for it.

@CarlNewell1: As someone who used the toilets before and after the game they weren’t in any worse condition after the match but the worst condition toilets I’ve ever seen at this level.

@linnet1976: Poor that. Should send a repair bill to Boston.

@BUSupporterpage: Stephen from me and majority of the Boston fans we apologise on behalf of the few idiots that have caused that hopefully something can get put in place to help with repairs. Best of luck for the season lads.

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