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Argument between Sean Dyche and John McGinn is the best thing you’ll hear today

Audio has gone viral at the weekend on an argument between Sean Dyche and John McGinn and it is the best thing you’ll hear today.

A few weeks back, John McGinn was caught putting in a late challenge on one of Burnley’s players and understandably the Clarets manager Dyche wasn’t best pleased.

He began barking complaints from the touchline, in only that deep gravelly voice can, and McGinn sharply dismissed Dyche’s protests.

McGinn told him (Dyche) to: “Shut up.”

Dyche said: “You’ve been in the Prem one year and you think your big time now telling me to shut up?”

McGinn hit back superbly, simply saying: “You’ve been in the prem for 6 years and you’re still wearing that shit coat, you big prick.”

In that fixture, Jack Grealish scored for the first time in eight Premier League games; Burnley mounted second-half comeback to register a third successive victory in all competitions; Chris Wood scored his fourth goal in five league starts against Aston Villa.

Have a listen for yourself by clicking play below, you definitely won’t regret it…

Player ratings

Burnley: Pope (7), Lowton (7), Tarkowski (7), Mee (7), Pieters (7), Brady (7), Westwood (7), Brownhill (6), McNeil (7), Rodriguez (6), Wood (7).

Subs used: Cork (6), Gundmundsson (6), Vydra (5).

Aston Villa: Martinez (7), Cash (7), Konsa (7), Mings (7), Targett (7), Luiz (7), McGinn (7), Traore (7), Barkley (6), Grealish (8), Watkins (7).

Subs used: Trezeguet (6), El Ghazi (6), Davis (n/a).

Man of the match: Jack Grealish.


Burnley manager Sean Dyche said: “Aston Villa were excellent in the first half, by far the better team. I know they’ve had a trickier run than they did earlier in the season, they looked more confident with the ball and had a good shape without it. We didn’t really ask too many questions and they did.

“But our diligence saw us through the half well, although it was a soft goal from our point of view. Pope made a couple of big saves and we stayed in it. At half-time, I said to the players that I didn’t think they could be as strong in the second half and we could be miles better. There was no shouting or screaming, just pointing out what I thought was the obvious.

“The second half had a completely different feel to it. We got on the front foot without possession and then playing when we could with possession. The mentality to see a game through and do what you need to do to win, we’ve never been short of that.

“We had to get back to the defending and attacking balance. Our defending came back to us and we started doing better without defensive shape and now we’re beginning to find that balance again which we’ve found many times. It’s not a given for us, we have to continue to work hard at it… I felt if we could do the diligent things often enough, these guys [the centre forwards] have done a good job for us statistically over the years and will score again. I’m pleased to see they are and now we’re getting goals from elsewhere.”

Aston Villa manager Dean Smith said: “The word I’ve used is ‘disbelief’. By half-time, we should have won the game, it should have out of sight with the chances we created. We should have been at least three goals up at half-time and it would’ve been game over.

“I’ve said to the players that it’s a difficult league to win in, but we’ve thrown three points away today with really poor defending and basic errors.

“They hit diagonals, they put balls in behind us and we coped with it but then they get a set-piece. We spoke about it before, it’s one of the main ways they’re going to try and score goals. Burnley showed more desire. Zonal markers never attacked it as well as they did and then they get back into the game.

“We then show our quality to get the second and put ourselves into the lead but then we don’t defend again – there’s a bit of fortune because it’s a cross – and we don’t defend a hopeful cross into the box and it goes in. That can happen if you’re not on it all the time.

“I can’t say I’ve been disappointed with these players this season too often, but certainly disappointed today because we didn’t do our job to keep three points and we certainly should be going back to Birmingham with a win.”

Fans reacted at the argument between Sean Dyche and John McGinn…

@GW_94: You’ve wore the same shit coat for 6 seasons 😂😂😂😂😂 fucking class if true

@slunt702: I don’t care if it’s actually true or not. I’m going to retell it like it’s stone cold fact. Just too good not to.

@OgeeDj68: Class response to dyche from McGinn, can’t stand him

@SirBluck: Hahahaa fucking love John

@beds_villafan: Actually made me do a big belly laugh, that

@TonysaurusRox: Oh my days, you dinna mess with the Meatball!

@DavoBen: That is exceptional

@MikeShepherd91: I’m not having that hahahahahahahahaha quality

@matt14UK: That’s amazing

@Jd3s2: McGinn ffs, what a comeback. Left Dyche speechless

@JayWHEWELL: Sorry but this is funny as fuck

@jack_currie: Fuckin comical that yeno

@_jo_hendry: This is top level “you’re shit, well you’re shitter” patter. McGinn wins

@jamesscott24797: John McGinn is quick on the trigger

@JensBlamesman: This is one of the funniest things I’ve heard

@dunta90: Aaaaaaaaahhhh this hurt my sides. “Ye big prick”. Simple, but effective.

@AzariaJohnson14: Klopp runs away from dyche mcginn does this

@jaycee123: This is the type of content I think we all need right now

@CurvyNisbet: Outfuckingstanding, John McGinn. Outfuckingstanding.

@AdjustRanking10: John McGinn, OBE immediately

@jords_i4: Ahahahaa really lovely stuff

@daveychorr: Just in case John McGinn wisnae already yer favourite player

@scullionoflarne: Hahahahaha hope this is true.

@LKemp28: Made my day this has!

@tyrese_reynolds: That is fuckin tremendous hahahaha

@JamieKeith27: The most Scottish reply you’ll ever hear.

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