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‘Are they joking?’ – Derby County fans hit out at club announcement

‘Are they joking?’ is just one phrase used as Derby County fans hit out at their recent club announcement earlier this week.

Plenty of Rams supporters have been left angered after the club announced season tickets are currently only available to be picked up from the ticket office at Pride Park Stadium.

The Championship outfit’s official website explained that season ticket holders will be able to make their collections from Froday the 29th of October between 10 am and 4 pm on Monday to Friday over the next three weeks.

There was no news about the club posting the tickets out to holders who don’t live locally, which had a number of fans concerned about their ability to find the time to get to the stadium during open hours.


Derby County is pleased to announce that Season Ticket Cards have now been delivered and will become operational beginning with the home match against AFC Bournemouth on Sunday 21st November (12pm kick-off).

Season Ticket holders are encouraged to collect their cards (providing their FanID) from tomorrow and for the next three weeks via the Ticket Office at Pride Park Stadium, presented by SeatGeek, which will now be open from 10am to 4pm Monday-Friday and from 10am to kick-off on home matchday, but are politely requested not to leave collection to the last minute.

Although staff numbers and opening hours have recently increased, please note that the Ticket Office will undoubtedly be busy.

Additionally, the club wishes to provide an update in relation to first team matchday car parking.

In conjunction with Derby City Council, an online booking system for Pride Park Stadium matchday car parking priced £8.50 (Location No. 754606) will become operational beginning with Saturday’s home match against Blackburn Rovers (3pm kick-off).

Seasonal Parking Pass holders are not required to book online but must continue to display their car park hanger on the day to avoid incurring a fine.

Non-Seasonal Parking Pass holders are advised that parking in Car Park A or B without booking via the link provided below risk incurring a fine.

For more information and to reserve your space in advance of attending any first team match, visit https://secure.mipermit.com/derby/Account/PayAndSt….

If you have any questions regarding the matchday parking ticket, please email businessdev@derby.gov.uk.


The information was also shared via Twitter and Derby County fans couldn’t help but hit out at the club announcement…

@shifnalram: Unbelievable Jeff! As everyone lives local .. not!

@SteveyD: Just what I want after driving up from Bristol, nice one.

@sprosaaaman: WTF what a joke post them out to us

@ForeverAYellow: Fans have waited 14 games into the season to get season tickets, they’re not out, but can’t be posted out and everyone has to go collect it?! Sounds like recipe for disaster and chaos. Going to be huge queues on matchdays.

@rammieib: Just when the administrators were doing a decent job, they make a fook up by not posting these out. Typical.

@Reecedcfc: You do realise not everyone lives in derby?

@carlpynegar: Please stop making life difficult, I’d of gladly paid for postage

@Derbydad73: Shoddy

@mattharvey07: 10am until 4pm. Cheers. I’m guessing the majority of us work and like some, I work fixed hours.

@Jacob_Taylor33: So your fuck up yet we have to collect them? Joke club 🤡

@thomasutr_: 🚨 14 games into the season and Derby fans can finally… *checks notes* collect their season tickets!!

@j_palmer1992: @DCFC_SLO @dcfctickets Why is there not an option to have a virtual season ticket on our phones! Apple Wallet/ Android Pay etc. You have the tech to do it? And would of avoided the need for Plastic?

@markelse1972: Can you not post the card out to me as I don’t live local and sometimes arrive last minute for matches due to travel problems?

@Gem_Szr: Anyone that doesn’t live in Derby and wants it posting feel free to Dm me. Don’t mind helping.👌🏼

@ppounder: Is there no option for postal delivery? I don’t mind paying the postage if it’s a cost issue. Only time I can get to the ground is on match days which will be exceedingly busy @DCFC_SLO @dcfctickets

@_beccaa97: Because it’s super easy for me to make the trip up from where I live in London to go and collect my season ticket in person right!? 🥴

@MickStath: Any chance of posting them when you live 60 miles away, matchday pick-up will be a nightmare

@thomasyeowart: Collect in person….really!? We don’t all live in Derby you know.

@Joe_Jacko10: I live in south London… after journey up getting in a queue for season ticket cards really isn’t ideal, any chance can be posted to Me? Happy to pay the postage @DCFC_SLO @dcfctickets

@DWL2001: Come collect them fuck me hahhaahhaha lazy bastards

@JNCurricEdu: My beloved DCFC… surely for the £400 I’ve paid you can post it out second class signed for? Those of us, not local to the club, now have the option of joining a decent queue on a matchday do we?

@DCFClad: Shitty standard at the club starting to show and affect fans I see

@chaddram: What about sorting the road rider out for the fans who like to use it. It will give us better support away from home if that’s back on I’m guessing.

@kazvdcfc: For those of us who don’t live in Derby, posting them would be appreciated, happy to pay postage. Really don’t want to queue up on a match day to get them

@Rob_BowWow: I can understand where the administrators are coming from to be fair – it’s probably around a £10k saving to not post them out. If you live further away, it will just be a case of setting off an hour or two earlier for the game and joining the queue.

@ARThompson6: Yes I see what you are saying so give us the option to pay for the postage then – will cost me more in time and petrol to come to the ground and collect it !!

@SincePlayed: Or just send a QR / barcode out to the registered email address for every ST holder. That would take care of around 90% of the problem and eliminate the need for carrying a season card. All at zero cost. Bewildering why this even needs to be suggested.

@Gas_Panik: Great for us who are not local anymore. 🙈

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