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Antonio Conte storms out after one question amid VAR, red card and disallowed Tottenham goal

Antonio Conte storms out of his press conference after one question amid VAR, red card and a late disallowed Tottenham goal.

The Spurs boss had a furious rant about VAR after watching his side denied a late winner against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League on Wednesday.

He was incensed after video assistant referee officials chose to disallow Harry Kane’s goal for offside in stoppage time before the referee then sent Conte off for protesting at the final whistle, and continued his rant inside the press room after the game.

Conte was visibly angry and “very, very upset” with the late decision to rule out Kane’s goal after a three-minute delay on the pitch as Danny Makkelie spoke to VAR officials in the studio, before deciding to disallowing for offside.

However, replays have since shown the correct call was made by the officials after Kane was in an offside position when he received a knockdown from Emerson Royal’s header, which took a deflection.

Tottenham defender Eric Dier complained at the final whistle, with Makkelie, shouting: “Why?”, arguing that the ball went backwards, but this didn’t impact whether the goal was offside or not.

Conte doubled down on his comments in a rant, casting doubt over the officials’ “honesty”, which could land the outspoken coach in hot water with UEFA in addition to his sending off.

“We can take this type of decision with a top team in an important game, I’d like to see if the VAR is so brave to take this decision,” Conte said, speaking to reporters.

“I repeat, [it’s an] unfair decision because the ball is in front of Kane. Sorry, but I am really, really upset because sometimes you can have this situation and it’s not good because I don’t see honesty in this type of situation.

“And when I don’t see this, I become really, really upset. Then for the game, I think at the start we played with a low intensity and possibly deserved to stay 1-0 down. But after the second half, our game I think we deserve to get the three points.

“But now for this decision, we now have to wait until the last game and this upsets me. I repeat, this decision creates damage and I help the club to understand this.”

Conte also appeared to suggest that he wants senior officials at Spurs to complain on the club’s behalf to UEFA to demand an explanation for the incident.

“In the right situation, I hope also they [the club] speak with the people that are to speak to, otherwise it is only the manager to speak about this and the club has to be strong. This situation can create a big, big damage.

“Now, we don’t know what happens next week and if we go out, then I want to see. Thank you, thank you very much.”

Conte then got up from his seat and made his way out of the room, despite a reporter asking him a question as he left.

Antonio Conte’s post-match press conference lasted just over three minutes. Here’s every word:

“All the people came onto the pitch and then the referee decided to send me off.

“I think there are moments where you can understand you have just disallowed a regular goal because the ball is in front of Kane.

“You know that I don’t comment on the referee’s decision but the VAR this season in the Premier League and the Champions League, we are not so lucky.

“I think it creates a big damage. I’d like to see this type of decision with a top team in an important game, I’d like to see if the VAR is so brave to take this decision, I repeat an unfair decision because the ball is in front of Kane.

“Sorry but I’m really upset because sometimes you can accept this situation but sometimes I think it’s not good because I don’t see honesty in this type of situation and when I don’t see this I become really, really upset.

“For the game, I think we played the first half with low intensity and Sporting Lisbon deserved to stay 1-0 up. At the end of the game after our second half I think we deserved to get three points. But now for this decision we have to wait for the last game against Marseille.

“I repeat, this decision creates a big damage. I hope the club understands this and then in the right situation to speak with the people that they have to speak to, otherwise it’s only the manager that speaks.

“I think the club must be strong because this situation has created a big, big damage. Now we don’t know what happens next week and if we go out then I want to see.”

Fans gave their reaction as Antonio Conte storms out after one question amid VAR, a red card and that disallowed Tottenham goal…

@WelshboyMatelot: Shouldn’t have to rely on a last minute goal and VAR. If we played with that intensity from min 1 then we’d win more games instead of waiting until we’re 1-0 down.

@columnzhang: Those who said shouldn’t have relied on the last goal, just shut up. Every team goes through bad forms, but we gave everything in the second half to make it possible to come back, then the last second victory is robbed. We have every right to be upset and ask the VAR decision.

@warsawwhite: Offside is offside

@beaumont04: He’s ready to leave a club again. Same reactions over last few weeks as did at other clubs

@StevenF17066810: This manager is doing an awful lot of moaning for a manager who tells other managers to stop moaning

@1Walid1: “He complains a lot.
He has to focus more on his team.
He has to focus more on his work.
He has to continue to work.
To hear someone complain all the time is not so good.”

@STEFANCOYS: Honestly every single person that fully blames conte is part of the problem. These players got poch sacked, got mourinho sacked, and will get conte sacked. Wake up, these players don’t give a fuck

@TattedGooner: This is absolutely fantastic 😂 Even more when you’ve got in mind the “Arteta complains a lot” sentence from may… he deserves everything that’s thrown at him and I hope it’s only the start of the downfall 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

@SimonBrundish: Really doesn’t help when footballers, managers, pundits and commentators don’t know the rules

@latekickoffpod: Conte should rightly be hammered for this. You can’t say you don’t see honesty in the decision and question the referees integrity. Not least because the decision is semi-automated and correct!

@tjbrown___: Reckon some people need to learn the rules. It’s offside

@northernsoul03: “Slowly VAR is dragging out the raw emotion of the game we love.” @FA_PGMOL you are ruining the game for fans that fill the stadiums spending a lot of money and they don’t have a clue what is going on. No var.

@Jayy_dubz_: Took like 4 minutes and they still got the call wrong. Games gone

@Lane_THFC: Was clearly not offside

@DiabloGooner: Pl should introduce a trophy for moaning managers of the month. Conte will be winning it back to back.

@WogsyLad: I take it Conte is in for a world of hurt from the media and pundits after his antics on the sideline last night…..? I mean, the coaches have to set an example to the kids, right?

@Adamm_Roark: I promise you. I PROMISE YOU. Sacking Conte would be an insanely poor decision for this club in the near term and the long term. We are in a rebuild and we will have to start over completely. Conte will win us trophies but we simply have to be patient.

@HotspurEdition: Conte has to take a lot of the blame here. After seeing what happened the last two weeks it’s unacceptable that he setup the EXACT same in the first half (sit back and invite pressure). If we started the game how we started the second half we’d probably be a few goals up.

@BroncosGent: Regardless of what happened tonight, VAR is killing football. You can no longer celebrate a goal. Hate it.

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