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Anthony Taylor confronted by angry Roma fans at Budapest airport while with family

Referee Anthony Taylor was confronted by angry Roma fans at Budapest airport while with family a day after the Europa League Final.

The Englishman’s performance in the showpiece between Sevilla and Roma, on Wednesday night, attracted negative criticism.

The LaLiga outfit went on to win on penalties, much to the dismay of the Italian giants, who were not happy with Taylor after he had issued 14 yellow cards.

Roma fans, still angry about the result, turned up at the airport to goad him. A video has since been issued…

Supporters can be seen hurling abuse at the 44 year old as he was quickly led by police and security through a secure door with his family, who clerly look distressed.

Jose Mourinho was also furious with him after the match, with the Portuguese boss waiting for Taylor at the Puskas Arena by the Roma team’s bus and launched into a rant.

“F****** disgrace man, it’s a f****** disgrace,” Mourinho said, before switching to swear at the official but in Italian. “F*** off,” he continued.

Mourinho then got closer to the officials and added: “Congratulations, you f****** disgrace.”

Explaining his frustration in his post-match press conference, Mourinho said: “Next year we won’t be playing the Champions League and that’s a good thing because we’re not made for it.

“And let’s hope that Taylor only officiates games in the Champions League and does the same bull**** there that he did tonight, and not in the Europa League.”

He continued: “It was an intense, vibrant game with a referee who seemed Spanish.

“It was yellow, yellow, yellow all the time.

“The injustice is shown by the fact Lamela should’ve had a second yellow, he didn’t, and he converted a penalty in the shootout.”

The PGMOL said in a statement: “PGMOL is aware of videos circulating on social media showing Anthony Taylor and his family being harassed and abused at Budapest Airport.

“We are appalled at the unjustified and abhorrent abuse directed at Anthony and his family as he tries to make his way home from refereeing the UEFA Europa League final. We will continue to provide our full support to Anthony and his family.”

Jose Mourinho confronts referee with swears in car park after Europa League final defeat

Rio Ferdinand tweeted: “Wow… I hope Anthony Taylor and his family are ok after that bull****. How has he been left to walk without security – all of the authorities have to start thinking worst case scenarios the way things are. These thugs should be held accountable asap 😱🙏🏽”

This is what Twitter users said after seeing Anthony Taylor confronted by angry Roma fans at Budapest airport while with family…

@drh1971: This is horrific and @UEFA have some serious questions to answer.

@FosterAdrian: Penalty aside he had a good game. Mourinho has a lot to answer for!

@RichETLFC: Appalling. Clueless armchair supporters now progressing to throwing chairs at officials 🤦🏻The moronic drivel and bile from crybaby losers like Mourinho only fuels this abuse. Bench behaviour last night was truly appalling and nothing ever gets done. Will only get worse.

@wayneg1974: Problem is they have all saw Mourinho last night and now it’s ok. It’s not ok and never will be. Talk this week of deducting points at grass roots for abusing ref’s it needs to start at the top. Rugby has no issues because of respect. Football unfortunately has no respect.

@sirbritpop_mark: Solidarity with Anthony.we all can get frustrated with referees but it is without doubt going way too far now! a local ref near me recently beaten up by a player and then u see this in the pro game. Certain managers display terrible touchline behaviour rather than set an example

@stewartvernon1: That’s shocking it was a horrific game of football to officiate!!! Players diving, hand gestures, the commentary was all about how the 4th official was being hounded at every call. Bless his family absolutely no need for that!!!

@RedDogGary: This is shocking, although I didn’t watch the whole game from what I did see he got all the big decisions spot on, or wasn’t afraid to change his mind after checking VAR. Can’t help but feel Mourinho is mainly to blame for this

@craigskin: Awful to witness, needs to be a serious wake up call to the people in charge and Roma should be kicked out of next year’s competition

@TonyInsall12: Absolutely disgraceful behaviour. Jose Mourinho’s behaviour towards Antony Taylor during and after the match was awful. Sadly he will get away with it. @UEFA need to lead the way with punishments. Tbf both teams last night and their benches showed a total disrespect to the game

@georgerobbo55: It is worrying one hard game to ref both team’s cheating and then pleading there innocent

@KitmanPat: It’s actually stressful to watch and you wouldn’t blame the lad if he packed it in altogether

@PatemanBilly: Absolutely awful behaviour, hope they are all ok

@madforitowl: Shocking totally shocking. As I’ve said before yea it’s great them suspended parents managers what ever at grassroots but they need to get hold of this at the very top level of the game. All this starts from how managers and players in the pro game talk to them

@gretton123: Anthony Taylor doesn’t deserve all that shit. Dick head fans trying to attack him and his wife. Well and truly disgusting! He’s only Human after all people.

@MitPat_: Completely instigated by Mourinho… Genuinely felt worrying as his family was there as well and you can see how scared they are by the looks on their faces… @UEFA this is outrageous and disgusting 🤢

@phillyrussell: How the fuck have @UEFA left him to run that gauntlet? Surely arrangements could have been made to get him through the airport more discreetly than that? Absolutely shocking.

@SmithyWFC85: He did nothing wrong to excuse such behaviour and threats. Roma lost the game themselves.

@Macca3lions: English fans in the 70’s and 80’s were slaughtered for our behaviour yet 40 years later we pretty much have our house in order while the rest of European fans run riot and nothing is done about it

@ltarsenal: This is absolutely disgusting. Football is never that deep. Really feel for Anthony Taylor and his family.

@LeeCotton1: As if harassing the ref at the airport is going to change anything. After this and Jose’s outburst a European ban for Roma is in order.

@kevhamilton1987: I thought Anthony Taylor handled the game last night very well. He was faced by ridiculous gamesmanship from Mourinho and his outfit. Setting that aside though, you just can’t treat folk like this. Especially when they are with their family.

@BigBriFFC: Firstly and most importantly that’s disgusting and unacceptable… secondly in premier league, they were happy to scapegoat Mitrovic, but prior and subsequently let both physical and relentless verbal abuse of officials continue, generally, unabated.

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