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Ant and Dec waste no time in making a joke at Sunderland on return of I’m A Celebrity

Presenters Ant and Dec decided to waste no time in making a joke at Sunderland on the return of I’m A Celebrity on Sunday night.

As risky as ever, the Newcastle United supporting duo took to make a cheeky dig at Sunderland just five minutes into the new series of the show.

They always make the most of every opportunity to take a swipe at their rivals, and they did so again this time around, and it’s seemingly rattled a few.

Ant said: “In case you’re not familiar with the Australian outback, it’s a barren, deeply hostile environment, that’s barely fir for human habitation.”

This led to Dec delivering the punchline: “Imagine Sunderland, but hotter” as laughter sounded out from the crew in the studio.

It caught the attention of Kevin Maguire, who tweeted: “The Australian outback is a barren, deeply hostile environment that’s barely fit for human habituation.”

“Imagine Sunderland but only hotter.”

“Ho-Ho-Ho Ant & Dec. PS Newcastle will shortly be knocked out of Europe. #ImACeleb”

There was plenty of reaction as Ant and Dec waste no time in making a joke at Sunderland on the return of I’m A Celebrity…

@KevinThorold: Just lost the Wearside audience.

@abswithluv: oh how i missed you ant & dec i’m so happy you’re back on my tv every night <3 7 mins in and they’ve already made a sunderland joke #ImACeleb

@Cfcsophx: Ant & dec already cracking out the Sunderland jokes hahahaha #ImACeleb

@minkymagic101: Ant & Dec are going to cop some shit for that Sunderland crack 😆😆 @imacelebrity

@andyb2630: At least we are in Europe tho Kevin 🤣

@liamtweetsavfc: How are you getting triggered by Ant and Dec??? 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

@NE1Geordies: Look at you, absolutely triggered 🫠

@Scottyburnham: Fucking brilliant seeing all the melts on here with ne sense of humour 😂😂

@MiggyWorld: Imagine getting this rattled over a joke. Pathetic 😂😂😂😂

@RobM_07_78: Have you ever seen a Mackem…….

@bigdogush: The entire population of Sunlun writing letters of complaint. Not a crayon left within a 10 mile radius! 🖍️🖍️

@agbnufc_: Most teams get knocked out of Europe but the key component is being in Europe to begin with. It’s a tough concept obviously.

@SaizydNUFC: Imagine being this upset over a joke? Would you say you wouldn’t laugh if it was the other way around? Chill 😎

@SavMondo: At least we got to Europe in the first place though ay? ☺️

@Nufc2Everything: Got to be in Europe to be knocked out of it 🤡

@LaneHusband1: Mackems are so easy rattled. They easily bite 😂😂 Also, a Mackem talking about Europe. You lot think you need a passport for away days at Cardiff and Swansea 😂💀

@rpatz9: Sunderland think playing in Europe is a pre season training camp on the Isle of Wight 🤡

@Alex_andCrypto: Rattled? 😂

@mrgeordie: Rather be knocked out of UCL than being stuck in championships or League 1 for best part of a decade. What was the quote “rather be losing games in premier league than winning games in the Championship” 😕

@groves13_joey: 😂😂😂😂😂😂 you mean the CL, the best club football tournament on the planet? That one? How’s Sunderland European campaign going?

@russ1459: Pint of bitter on its way!

In previous years, Ant and Dec have mocked rivals Sunderland, introducing one challenge, Ant said: “This challenge saw Jill and Sean heading to outer space – a place that has no intelligent life and very little atmosphere” to which Dec replied: “Shouldn’t phase Jill, you know, coming from Sunderland.”

On Saturday Night Takeaway in 2023, Ant and Dec announced Jill as the guest speaker, and when referencing her appearance on I’m A Celeb, Ant said: “Jill it’s great to see you looking well, because the last time we saw you, you were in a really dark place.”

Dec then added: “What, Sunderland?” The pair then laughed before Ant said: “No, a coffin full of rats!” Dec then replied with yet another quip, saying: “Yeah, better than Sunderland!”

From the guest speaker box, Jill replied: “Is the only reason you two invited me on this show, is so that you could have a go at Sunderland?” Dec replied: “No, it’s not the only reason, it’s the main reason but it’s not the only reason.”

Sunderland weren’t the only one who were on the end of the jokes on launch night, with Ant and Dec also talking about Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s sister), JLS, Nigel Farage and GB News.

Take a look via the videos below…

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